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Delinquent Manga Thread

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Daily dose of KKOW.
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I haven't been following your dumps but the first few made me pick this up and read at my own pace. Have a bump and thanks for opening my eyes
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Good to know, I hope you try out some more delinquent manga because of it.
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>Hmm the safety of our students is threatened
>I know, let's do nothing about it!
This is comedy, but still. Fuck Japan.
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And that's all for today, thanks for reading.
Reminder that you'll never pet Riko's fluffy hair.
I am thankful for Itou's spiky hair.
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Is TL anon here? Care with these moon runes or anyone know what pic related is?
Shame there are no color scans of KKOW.
Take on Akehisa tomorrow, get hyped.
One more bump.
Why the hell not, downloading it now.
See you in a week or so when I finish it.
Have fun.
What's difficult to understand?
I'm downloading it now, see you in a week when I finish it.
Watcha' downloading?
We're in a thread dumping KKOW, what do you think he's downloading?
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Is BR 14 almost done? Shit's getting real.
You know what I hate about these KKOW threads? Dumps end at awkward places. There are like a chapter or two until the ned of teh arc, and yet you have to wait until morrow. Fuck that, I usually say, and open the files on my hard drive.

Don't be such a San-chan, anon. KKOW arc are usually just a couple of chapters long, dump them whole.
>KKOW arc are usually just a couple of chapters long
There's a bunch of serious arcs that are like 15 chapters long.
You can always dump the missing chapters to end the arc yourself, doubt there would be much of an issue.
I want to jam my penis in that cute mouth off his.
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Anyone read GTO, I'm wondering it it should be considering a delinquent manga or not? I ended up dropping it so not sure how much of the manga deal with delinquents, I know it's mostly in the beginning but how much does this cover for the manga as a whole?

Also, if anyone likes GTO be sure to check out Shibatora, it's extremely similar.
Other than the first arc it isn't really, there's a few arcs at the end with Mayu and some principal chick that are too, but mostly it's just included because Onizuka's the MC.
I swear if I see those legs one more time...
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GTO v25 068-069.jpg
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>Dropping GTO

Oh my god nigga what the fuck are you doing GTO was great.

As for answering your question, it only has brief references to delinquent stuff. The majority of the story is Onizuka being a teacher and doing teacher related stuff. Yakuza and gangs do turn up occasionally though, though obviously not nearly as much as in SJG. It probably features bosozoku more than delinquency.

As for whether it should go on the chart, it's kind of hard to say. It's excellent, and it's the only fully translated thing involving Onizuka that non-French readers will have (again, why does France get all the good delqineunt manga) so that is something. But really, it's not a 'proper' delinquent manga.

We'd be okay leaving it off really because everyone has read it already as well.
>h my god nigga what the fuck are you doing GTO was great.

I used to like the anime, then tried reading the manga a year later and couldn't put up with it, the writing is just unbearable and childish, like fanfic level, Fujisawa Tohru can't write worth shit. I have yet to read SJG but hopefully since it was his first manga he put way more effort into that or something, but I doubt it. Have you read Bad Company or Kamen Teacher? Save yourself the trouble of reading them if you haven't.
That's crazy, the manga is better than the anime in every way. I wouldn't say the writing is bad, it works well for what it is (shounen comedy manga).

SJG is much more infantile and crudely written than GTO. I like it but there's nothing in it which isn't done better in GTO.
I'm not saying the anime is better, just that by the time I tried reading GTO I had watched much more anime and read more manga to realize how bad it was, it's a gateway anime basically.

> it works well for what it is
I just could never agree with that sort of mentality people have about certain genre, like how you shouldn't expect anything "good" from battle shounens, that it's alright for them to be shit and badly written. I just don't get why does the standard needs to be set so low? Just comes off as an excuse to justify people liking something that's simply not that good, saying that it's not supposed to be good in the first place.

A good majority of delinquent manga are Shounen comedy and are very good. You should really consider checking out Shibatora since you like GTO so much, the art and scans are pretty good, plus I can't decide if it's a delinquent or not at this point so need more people to read it. But anyways, this thread's deader than usual.
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Gateway or entry level anime are not necessarily bad things, just want to point that out. And in terms of it being good for what it is, I mean that it is at the end of the day a shounen comedy manga. I wsouldn't think people who go into reading it would expect a really solid piece of writing the whole way through because that wouldn't keep in with the tone of the series. Like, there is no point in something like say Otokojuku having a plot because that's not what people read it for.

But that aside, there are some very good, genuinely moving and well characterised parts in GTO. I don't know how far in you read it but characters are developed fully and a lot of interesting, albeit not delinquent related, stuff happens throughout the manga.

It's childish and extreme because it's a shounen comedy manga, which is to be expected, but it has it's fair share of moments.
>like how you shouldn't expect anything "good" from battle shounens
It's not that you shouldn't expect anything good, it's that for the most part you shouldn't expect them not to be juvenile and over the top. Those things aren't automatically bad. Plot wise GTO can be pretty retarded, but the characters are written and developed well despite that, and while a lot of the comedy is pretty lowbrow there's a lot of genuinely funny shit in it too.
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