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july 11 2016.jpg
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229 days to go
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Nozomu Stitch 5.png
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Good evening, Zetsubou.
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I can't wait. It's gonna be incredible.
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Chiri tied up.jpg
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I want to properly tie up Chiri and do lewd things to her.
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>less than a year left
This is cause for deposits
God I wish I had mod powers. I'd perma-ban your ass so hard for spamming this shit.
What ep was this from again?
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Excellent bump, my shitposting friend.
>autocorrect typo
This, too, is cause for despair
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These three pages were at the start of v29 which is ch282
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What chapter are you all on? This it?
don't remember the chapter number but
yesterday was the chirstmas curse one
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>Despair is finding your new hard drive & thumb drives in a rain puddle because the asshole UPS guy doesn't even bother giving a courtesy ring.
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Every day until you turn pure.

This is the correct one. Was waiting for dump anon or enough concern. Thanks, anon.
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Praise be to Chiri, forgive me for I have sinned.
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fujiyoshi with hair tied up is beautiful
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That's all for today

Please look forward to the next chapter where someone remembers to link the pages together

You're smart though anon. I have faith you can count to 17.
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Nami in despair.png
629KB, 848x480px
>Salt flavored Ramen
I feel like that's punishment, rather than reward.

Thanks for that, mate.
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Sorry if this sounds pushy, but at what rate are the paper blogs being translated? I've followed this series long enough to be paranoid about it being dropped if there's nothing new for 2 days.
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Really. How much salt can one cup of ramen have?
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does this really happen?!
The only people that come to my house uninvited try to steal shit.
Thread posts: 42
Thread images: 36

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