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Delinquent Manga Thread

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Daily dose of KKOW.
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I rike you
Bokura wa famiri
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And that's all for today, thanks for reading.
No one will be seated for Tanaka from Kendo Club
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How can one man be so awesome? How could I possibly aspire to be such a man myself.
Start by running away.
How many chapters does the Akehisa arc take? Will it be over by tomorrow's thread?
Nah, it'll take at least 2 more.
shits gonna go dooooown.
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Reminder for ya'll to read Fly, Daddy, Fly. It's pretty good and only 17 chapters long, and I'm having a hard time deciding where to place it on the chart so I need some input on that. Same for pick related I just caught up with but that one's longer.
I'd say it's a 7.5/10, not quite sure how to classify it, fighting and maybe SOL? Also definitely put it under modern, if you're still thinking of using eras as tags.
Idk I don't like the era classification but noy mant anons have spoken up. Have you read other delinquent manga? according to those more or less, do you think it's better than X or worse than Y? I'd be more specific but its tough since I have no idea what you've read.
>skipping panels
I'd say it's not as good as like Rokublues or KKOW but probably above like Kongou Banchou. Are you still doing the 4 tier thing? Because I'd put it on tier 4.
>I don't like the era classification but noy mant anons have spoken up.

Personally, I think just listing the year of publication for each work ought to be enough in most cases.
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Yeah I'm working on a chart to compile a ton of delinquent manga to help people get into this subgenre. Check out this bad boy (pic related), a work in progress of course so don't mind the font choice and colors.

I'm neither gonna deny or confirm whether this is the actual placing of the manga on the chart. But seriously, have you read some of the ones on this pic? If you have, do you think FDF is placed ok?
All the years are listed, part of the reason the era tags don't seem that useful for me, since most manga feature the same time era they were created on.
> Shit Tier
> Bakuon Rettou

Hey, that's rude.
Yeah it's probably just above Densetsu and Saru Lock-
>Bakuon Rettou
>shit tier
What the fuck?
Oh nice
maybe I'd be more than happy to help with a nicer format once you hammer out the details
File: Itou Josuke.png (6KB, 55x58px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Itou Josuke.png
6KB, 55x58px
>with a nicer format
What are you implying? But if you really want to help best thing you can do is read a bunch of delinquent manga I'd either don't want to read but need to place in the list or read the more obscure ones so you can help me place them more accurately on the list.
He's right about the nicer format though.
>no sjg
Get out
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Huh I thought it was more than obvious that this is not the actual chart.

Haven't read it yet, going in order from shortest to longest. And SJG is pretty damn long so still gonna be a while to get done with it.
I thought so, but I always second guess myself at the last minute because I can never be sure who is serious and who isn't on this site.

I'd pitch in more on the reading front, but as it is I am already reading and watching too much shit all at once.
Why am I even reading this? I'd just get angrier and angrier every time
The scans cut out in the middle of the best arc, no one wants to deal with that.
I'm gonna cave eventually and buy the Vertical releases so I get closure, as I can't just pick up halfway in the middle of some other arc.
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Convince me to read Worst guys. In a delinquent manga slump and I'll be staying up all night for a night shift over the weekend and I usually like to read manga to keep me awake.

It's either Worst or Hareluya II Boy. I almost don't want to read either but at least they are both finished.

>Rokudenashi Blues in top tier.
I'm glad you came around to your sense aniki.
Watch the Crows OVAs.
Didn't even know there were OVAs.

Why does delinquent manga get more OVAs and live action adaptations than anime adaptations? It makes no sense given how popular some of them are.
Angel Densetsu may be a low-tier delinquent manga, but it's a top-tier gag manga. right?
Damn man, I need you to read both Worst and Crows because I don't want to read either myself so you can tell me where to place it. But nah, read Worst, I'm already up to ch. 48 of Hareluya II.

Those are not the actual tier of the chart.
If it were up to me, I'd put Crows in top tier along with the established classics. It drags once the new generation turns up but the fight just before that (Parko & The Dangerers vs Snakeheads) was great and one of my favourite things to read. The art is alright, it does what it needs to, and I think the manga handles gang warfare very well. Not only that, the gag bits in it are pretty funny and it's a huge inspiration to more modern delinquent manga (I'm looking at you A-Bout!).

Also are we putting Diamond Is Unbreakable on the chart? Because if we are can we put it in mid tier.
>no QP
>Rookies in low
>BR in shit

Fuck off, San-chan
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Damn just looking through the covers of Naniwa Tomoare really makes me wish it was scanlated at all. It looks really good, and it's about cars and shit.

If you liked Rookies read Angel Voice, exact same thing but with soccer, it's pretty good as well.

I might just buy it for someone on here to scan, I can't take it much longer.
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Anybody read this? Does it get any better? The scans and art are great but the writing is pretty sub-par and shallow, kinda reminds me of GTO.
MC looks beta and generic as fuck.
He's actually not that but considering he's actually a 20 something year old policeman that looks 15 years old and not a 15 year old high schooler that looks generic as fuck and also plays the part, if you get what I'm saying.
So it's 21 Jump Street basically?
Pretty much, but with worse writing and no obscene jokes. Reading 130 chapters of this is gonna take me an eternity. Help me out man >>133980370
I might be able to marathon it next week. You sure this one's actually a delinquent manga?
Yeah pretty sure, it's definitely very much like GTO, police officer in the youth department trying to help delinquents improve their life around. Unlike GTO he doesn't have "stundents" to ran out off so I'm guessing it's a delinquent manga all the way to the end unlike GTO.
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This looks badass
>all the guys in Cromartie
>Knuckle Bine
>Metal Bat
>Nakane from Kurosawa
More noteworthy delinquents to add?
File: Slam Dunk (2).jpg (170KB, 1219x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Slam Dunk (2).jpg
170KB, 1219x1000px
When you say noteworthy you mean delinquent characters in non-delinquent manga right? Sakuragi Hanamichi?
Well yeah of course, if I list all noteworthy delinquent characters it's only natural to omit series that are full of em
But Cromartie is full of badasses.
File: MNO20.jpg (144KB, 699x1004px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
144KB, 699x1004px
That's not what noteworthy means so doesn't really make sense to just call it that. Maezawa from Makai no Ossan.
So what does yanki actually mean?
Boss from Mazinger Z is one, isn't he?
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