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Nejimaki Kagyuu Chap. 33

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Life is full of surprises edition
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BTW, you know the drill, ifyou see any newfaggy mistakes report them at once.
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Well that scalated quikly
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Dayum, Kagyuu is stacked as hell
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Oh yes, based anon!
These scanlations makes me happy!
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Well done, Yoh.
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Liking this Yoh girl so far?
She' cute, right?
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Well guess what?
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Dat Kagyu TMI face
Yeah Yoh, thanks for letting me know you had a dick
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Aw shit forgot to dodge that bubble
Is it just me or does she seem bigger?
Thanks OP
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She's a growing girl, here's from chapter 1
The translation sounds kinda stiff at times, could use a proofreader
I meant bigger in relation to the same chapter.

Does she compress that much when not fighting?

(Also if you are OP: Just use a Name when dumping, (does not even have to be a Tripcode), as rudimentary identification)
Thanks, OP, doing god's work.

It's not his own translation if I remember well.
If you give me any sugestion I'd happy to correct it, anon. I'm not even english native speaker so I try not to change anything because it could end even worse.
It's strange but when I try to use a name and upload a file I get errors from 4chan, like upload failed.
I have no idea why I find this so funny.

What the hell.
I never got those.
Now regarding:
>I meant bigger in relation to the same chapter.
>Does she compress that much when not fighting?

Is it just stylisation on steroids, or does she actually compress?
She uses restrictive clothes because they're the only ones that do not get ripped when she uses nejimaki seiken. But they do rip if she uses a strong move.
But yeah it seems like the author likes exaggeating it.
Foggy memories. I guess I should reread it.

>the author likes exaggerating it
One of us? One of us? One of us? Slightly?

I wish it were licensed. I wonder how much Shueisha would want for the worldwide English-Ebook-License?

Probably too much. Perhaps the license to sell English print Volumes in a single Country would be cheaper? (Liechtenstein? Hehe.)
Yeah me too. But also this manga finished like what, 4 years ago?
Who knows if the rights are still on sale.
If someone ask for buying them, they'll sell them, there are a lot of series who get licensed years after ending.
>Still no money to buy them
Such is the life of a poorfag
Is not like I didnt read the manga,he gets to tap kagyuus friend after all and have a child.
It's not get friend, it's her sister
And I'm claiming her as my waifu Now, be advised.
already beat you anon
Can anyone who read the raws give me a brief summary of what was going on with the chairman during the last few chapters?
Danke for the dump anon.
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Damn it, why do the cute ones always tend to be traps?!
Thread posts: 43
Thread images: 21

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