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Daily Dose of Power-Fantasy: Rain Gaiden

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They may be off the boat but this guy never even needed a boat trip to save his girlfriend
because she dead

Same as yesterday we going to wank off and self-insert so literary critics gtfo
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Does the main series have as many vampire lolis as the prequel?
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wrong page
there is a mage brocon loli that Rain has to fight and she starts sobbing in the middle of battle
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CH 3 /end
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>last chapter 6 months ago

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Reminder that Rain is just a fake.
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he keeps saying this but it makes no sense
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he only "killed" a dragon
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that seems like a pretty hard thing to do
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>because she dead
what's the point of reading this then ?
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> Last chapter : 6/5/2015
At least there are a decent amount of chapters to re read every year.
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quest to become STRONG so he doesn't let a waifu die again
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I'm translating volume 11 as of yesterday but I'm pretty slow
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Knowing it will come out one day is enough comfort for me. I love you for it.
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Sylvia is literally the only decent thing about his series. Silver twintails and petite vampire Goddess deserves an entire spin-off for herself.
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Thanks for your hard work.
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I loved Gaiden so much , I hope there will be some more adventures.
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Okay that's the end of chapter 4 I'll finish Gaiden tomorrow
>implying thirsty tsun demon isn't best girl
this is cringe-inducingly generic
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Read the OP you're like when your mom talks to you when you're jacking off
How old is Rain? All the translations are inconsistent
>he's 16 in this
>ralphus says he's 26 (same age)
>some mob general says he hasn't aged in 15 years
>Folnier says he's 23 but looks 28
>Joe remarks "how many decades has it been since our fight?"
I'm guessing decades was a tl error for "long time", and the 15 years bit was actually 5 but they mistook a hyphen for the character for "one"

He's probably 26 and killed the dragon at 21
Wasn't it implied that a ton of information about him was just plain wrong to begin with? It's not surprising that a lot of people have bad information because he's such an enigma. Even Ralphus might have bad information, since it said Rain only joined the country some years back.
the thing that really stands out about this series is that it's almost like what the MC of an rpg would be like after his adventure was finally over.
Like he has all this weird shit that has no explanation of where it came from
>a "pegasus"
>a overpowered sword
>an anti-magic shield from slaying a dragon
>that one magician retainer he has that is insanely loyal and subservient
>he's been to the demon world
>he has knowledge of parallel (real) earth
>friends with vampires

I can almost imagine all the different boiler-plate quests that he probably did to get all this shit. Like it's a final fantasy epilogue or something
>that one magician retainer he has that is insanely loyal and subservient
I actually thought he would betray him but instead he pretty much did the opposite at every opportunity and turned out to be the most loyal.
There are some theories about him being a demon or something close to it. But honestly Rain musta done something really crazy to make him ride his dick as hard as he does.
He's the real waifu material here.
he a fucboi
Just keep at it.
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