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Gakkou Gurashi! 42

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Dumping images.
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That's a pretty nice butt.
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The End
>all these characters I dont recognize

Ive missed a few chapters
It's okay, they'll all be dead by the next chapter.
so this is mega dead after the show ended huh
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It's sad. I liked the threads.
They still havnt revealed the little girl to be the bear yet?
>The outside world
>Those four came from the outside world

>So there are survivors other than us.
>But isn’t that something expected?

>That’s not important.
Are you okay, Anon-san?
>What is our goal? Takaue?

>”We all wait here for the help safely.”
>Isn’t it?

>That’s right but we can’t just sit here and wait.
>The foods are limited.

>We can just go for it directly.

>We need a destination to go.
>We don’t have enough supplies to do “oh we arrived and nothing here~”

>We need information.
>We’ll investigate where the four came from and what they saw.
>If only Takaue-kun hadn’t missed it…


>We don’t have time to play with the moderates.
>We are going to need them to become our supplies too.
So is it anyone we know?
>Chapter 42. Crack
Sorry I got confused with the arrow sign.
It's been a while
>The outside world!

>We are going out
>to the outside world!
>Are we going on a picnic?

>Isn’t picnic too old for college students?

>Right then it’s…
>a training camp!!

>Camping is good…

>You haven’t…
>gone outside until now?

>We were busy cleaning up the inside of the Campus

>We were scared actually
>If we stay in the college…
>You begin to think the help would come…
>And there’s nobody even if we had gone out…

>It’s okay


>There wasn’t any rescue team but
>You guys are here
>Then there are survivors too.

>You’re right
>Don’t move
>I have something to tell you

>Who are you?
>Are you in there?

>Don’t open it!


>I don’t want anyone to find out that I’m here.

>…Then why did you speak to me?

>…Why is it
>Since that day
>I’ve been researching “them” here

>Are they in there?

>You can’t start a research if you don’t have a sample, right?

>Are you from the outside?


>The survivors around here are too strict about the safety management.
>So if they find out that “them” being kept here then a panic will occur.
>…That only applies to the Melee Fight Crew.
>I think other people would be fine.

>Yeah but still, don’t talk about me please.

>Okay so uh…
>Did find anything from the research?

>There are few things.
>Do you really want to know?
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thank you, anon-san
>끽 is the sound that the marker is making on the board.

>Mi-kun? Are you okay?

>I, I’m fine.


>board sign: Circle Training Camp Plan!
>bottom sign: St. Ishidore University
>sign: Randall Corporation

>First, we go to Randall Corporation.
>We prepare ourselves and gather some information.
>Any question?


>How many people are going for the expedition?
>If all of us are going then we are going to need a bigger car.


>We all have to go since this is a training camp!

>This is not a school event so I don’t have to go, right?


>Isn’t it better for some of us to stay here?
>We have to guard this place too…

>Then I guess we have to separate…

>Then I’ll stay here.

>Ri,, Rii-san, but why?

>It could be dangerous.
Dat reflection
>I can’t
>take this child .
>gasp gasp gasp gasp
>You can do it! Only one lap left!

>Yay! You made it!
>Rii-san, you are amazing! You made a new record!

>gasp gasp


>Thank you, Miki
>Was she being a good girl?
>I think I will go to the training camp.
>I’m worried about the university students because they haven’t fought with them before.


>Are you really going to stay here?

>Even if the training camp is important
>I can’t take this child.

>Is that so?
>She’s right.

>I… have never imagined that School-living club would get separated.

>Well, it can’t be helped

>What is?
>If there is a meeting
>then there is also a farewell, you know?

>Even you are saying that too?

>Not really.
>I mean it’s not like we are getting separated right now, right?

>When we are getting ready,
>Who knows that Rii-san would change her mind?
>>I… have never imagined that School-living club would get separated.
So this is it. Eveyone staying behind is going to die.
>I hope so...
>Keep staying here might be a good thing too.
>I mean all of us.

>You are right

>The outside world is…
File: 1440401253503.png (148KB, 787x796px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
148KB, 787x796px

>There is…
>… no outside world anymore.
>If the country is still alive, they could at least make a contact call if rescuing is can’t be done.
>But from the radio to satellite, any communication devices are not working.

>Japan and its neighboring countries… It’s possible that
>The whole world and its organizations are already gone.
Wait, what?
Man, I really need to memorize their name.
>Ren-kun, Are you sleeping?

I'm going to be so mad and cry if this is true.
>Good night…

>The outside world, huh…
you forgot

End of chapter 42.

It was an interesting chapter.
If that fact is true, then Shino is probably similar to Kurumi.
Anyway, it came out earlier than I expected.
Now, we will wait for the scan anon.
Happy Thanksgiving and
See you all in next month, which is Christmas!
>Inb4 Gakkou Gurashi ruins Christmas
>Inb4 AgK all over again
Thanks, TLAnon
>>133918889 is for >>133916653
Sorry for the confusion.
So the girl in glasses and beanie on the top left of the pic is the one who is infected and likely to cull the cast?
Read the lines between the stars on that last page mate. See you next year TLAnon, and thanks!

May I ask what fact? I'm retarded. Why is she holding her stomach like that?
Why is she holding her stomach like that?
I think you know the answer
>That teddy paw
>yfw Ruu is real and all these hints were gigantic red herrings to make you doubt
>Delicious sweaty Rii
I wonder who the father is?
File: 53615174_p0.png (318KB, 700x833px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
318KB, 700x833px
Why must this be a monthly?
Are they going to go for edge with a zombie baby crawling out of her stomach or will she live?
Yeah it's the guy with the glasses who shot at Kurumi. The interesting thing is, assuming that girl is pregnant, is he the father? And did they do it while he was infected?

Guess we'll see.

Thanks anon.
The fact that she and the glasses boy fucked each other.
So she's pregnant and the glasses boy is turning into one of them.
Because maybe she was infected before and got cured just like Kurumi.
When the glasses boy fucked her, her blood contacted his "thing" and that's one way to spread the virus so he's sick now and her baby is not 100% human.
Damn. Zombie AIDs. What a way to go.
Well it might be like Ebola. You are cured but your body has the virus in your semen and eyeballs.
The fetishes gets even more sicker and sicker
>Are they going to go for edge with a zombie baby crawling out of her stomach or will she live?
Or they can go for the "the baby is the key to the cure!" angle.
I always thought that glasses was a girl.
I guess this is gonna happen some time in the future then.
Is this why nobody likes to put cgdct past high school into the college setting? Because high schools are the best days of our lives, and after that it becomes violence, factions, ideological disagreements, and pregnancy?

I have to admit I like the detail that since this college arc started the girls have been essentially attending "seminars", whereas before in high school they operated like an after-school club.
>I guess this is gonna happen some time in the future then.
It is MONTHS away. She is a Carrier so the baby can't do anything as a fetus. Assuming she survived she would become a plot device and not die in the short term. Her boyfriend is going to kill all the unneeded people but she would definitely be around.
I'm not implying the zombie babys gonna get any of them. More like when the guy turns the pregnant girls gonna be one of his victims. Then when the rest of them gather around to mourn her, the fetus will crawl out of her vag for the shock value.
>I'm not implying the zombie babys gonna get any of them. More like when the guy turns the pregnant girls gonna be one of his victims. Then when the rest of them gather around to mourn her, the fetus will crawl out of her vag for the shock value.
Quite unlikely she could actually be infected again if she was a carrier. More likely she would actually be a survivor and either stay around or get captured by the medical facility.
What were the threads like, aniki?
>It's sad. I liked the threads.
We are in the setup stage, there isn't much to talk about really.
File: 52882314_p0.png (319KB, 768x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
319KB, 768x768px
I'm sure next month will have a lot more to discuss.

Like how shit Yuuri was and how glad everyone is that she's dead
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>pretty much 0 focus on Yuki in the recent chapters

Being a Yukifag is suffering.
Bretty good, celty gonna shank shovel next?
The manga threads were dead as fuck before the anime so we went full circle.
Bad. I prefer the current situation.

Anyhow, while Kurumi was saying that won't necessarily be the case, it would be really interesting for the main group to get separated and potentially have things happening on both fronts. The alternative is for complications to arise with (or within, seeing that last page) the melee group before they leave, which could be interesting in its own but not as much as only having half the group there to deal with that.
>Rii is practicing running
>doesn't consult with the running expert of their club but rather trains with Yuki

What the fuck is this shit.
She's cured of her retardation, it's time for someone else to be the mental defect now
That girl has shit taste in picking which male to impregnate her.

Also, no nurse or doctor nearby not even a fucking midwife yet she thinks it is a good idea to get pregnant when neither food or water supplies are stable.

Are we really sure she is pregnant?

She doesn't even sleep in the same room as the male you guys are claiming, got her pregnant.

They don't act like a real couple, either
Reproductive instincts. Answers everything
Maybe it was just a wild drunk night and then mistakes into miracles.
So I guess this is no longer a CGDCT now.

Someone needs to take responsibility over that miracle.
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>No enjoying little girls suffering
Oh on I enjoy that, I don't give a shit about old hags or boys though.
We're not so different, you and I.
File: v6.jpg (2MB, 3299x1406px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 3299x1406px
Finally got around to scanning this
File: CKjy67LUwAALGQd.jpg (91KB, 740x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I somehow keep forgetting that Shovel has quite the chest on her.
>scans never
File: m0043-copy2.jpg (210KB, 734x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
210KB, 734x1080px
>They don't act like a real couple, either
But anon, they care about each other.
Yea but Yuki is the only one getting a figure.
Well at least he seems to be sleeping alone and inside a closed room. With any luck there won't be that much of a mass murder the Mall got.

What's the one for this season?
The fuck is that
That's how your polynesian canoe art emporium works, anon
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