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unironic 90s thread

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Are our favorite 90s anime actually any good? Or do they evoke a small spark of something we once felt, which we refuse to let go of? Is that what this feeling in my stomach is?

What have you been watching? I've been watching CCS, but I saw someone post some Slayers BD screenshots the other day and they made my dick diamonds. Really considering rewatching it all.

>we will never see the last 8 novels animated fully
>we will never see the last 8 novels animated fully
As someone who got into Slayers during the 90's this fact makes me sad.
>TRY comes out
>Some cool stuff, great Xellos scenes, terrible filler
>It's okay guys, Lost Universe sucked so next season will be great!

>decade later

Jesus christ. why didn't they DO anything for Revolution and Evolution-R? The latter was pretty cool, Xellos kicking everyone's ass was great and all but...why did they even bother?
That's what I honestly wondered back then.
I know they started printing the original novels into a more child friendly format (all in furigana) but I seriously hope Kadokawa didnt push those two out just for recap sake
In the new Slayers book "SLAYERS READING", Kanzaka explains:
In Kōma War, Lei Magnus was fighting against MAZOKU as human, but his lover was killed by human, and his Ruby Eye awoke by despair.
And in the same book Kanzaka says: Lord of Nightmares (Sea of Chaos) doesn't have a decided appearance or a decided personality. In postscript theater, She takes personality of Lei Magnus's lover.

All my uguus
That's exactly why they did it.
Why even live in this world.
It really bothered me how they picked side stories and characters from the earlier novels and got "creative" with them such as the furry centaur guy.
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>mfw Megumi Hayashibara will never voice a heroine again
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I've spent a lot of time watching older shows as of late (because I only watch a few new shows every season) and I can safely say, yes a lot of the 90's anime I watched as a kid were legit decent and had good characters. Slayers in particular is one of the better ones.

I mean, if you're comparing 90's stuff to the majority of what we get today then there's really no comparison. Otaku pandering was virtually non-existent, so there was a lot more variety in pretty much every possible way.
Just useless side-character that get killed off or discarded after their respective episode
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>Luke and Mileena will never be animated
Also dont mind me just posting my favourite 90s OVA that isn't Golden Boy
Ok, i know it's late 80s but i wish new shows would have as good dynamic between characters as in Patlabor. And overreacting characters are way better that introvert ones (autistic in some cases)
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mah nigga
TV aired into the 90's and OVA2 ended in '92, plus movie 2 was '92 or '93. It counts as both.
And you're right, the dynamic between Noa and Asuma is one of the best out there. Even if you strip out the ever-increasing sexual tension you're left with a fantastically portrayed tight as fuck friendship.
Would something like Slayers sell good if it was made today?
probably not. It's popularity is tied with the boom of DnD and fantasy books
Who is the woman with gold hair in the bottom right? The cast looks like Next, so it is not Fillia and I don't remember anyone else who looks like that.
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Their relationship felt so damn natural. Any forced romance, any love at first sign. Just characters building up mutual understanding then slowly falling in love.
But not only interactions between those two was great. Each character have something likable. And pic related is just glorious motherfucker.
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Bottom left you mean? That's Lord of Nightmares
You see her and Lei Magnus for a brief moment in one of the Slayers Try eye catchers.
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>Any forced romance, any love at first sign
Well, TV did go with vaseline on the lens and less than subtle music when they first bump into each other.
Anyway, that's not the point. Like you said, it was a brilliant cast all round. And yes, Goto is a glorious son of a bitch.
It's sight. Love at first sight.
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I ended up liking TV series the most, because it gave a lot of screen-time to various characters.
Another thing it's only Mecha anime i watched where authors tried to add logic to giant robots. No transformations, no flying, software being as important as pilot skills. Minipato takes the cake in explain even budget issues and types of ammunition.
Sorry, it was typing mistake.
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I agree. Everybody had an arc and some time to shine, including some surprisingly complex personal development for Noa. It was also full of the moments that make Patlabor for me, both loud and quiet.
I don't know, I just can't think of any franchise as consistently excellent as Patlabor. Even WXIII, easily the weakest link, is above average as what it is. The issue comes from what it isn't. I have similar complaints about Patlabor 2 but it carries itself a lot better. Movie 1 is out-fucking-standing though, easily my favorite animated film eastern or western and well in my top 5 for cinema in general.
What was so great about Slayers? I watched the first season and didn't find it as good as people were saying. Not about the animation, some part of it were really neat, but the story and characters felt not so great.
Third movie still makes great detective story with lots of details put into it. Maybe it isn't what we used to love in Patlabor, but still manages to be good in it's own way.
Man, this series has been bothering me for ages. I remember watching it a long time ago but I for the life of me cannot remember where I got up to.

The only thing I remember about Slayers aside from Gourry, Lina Inverse, Ra Tilt pacifist chick and that Chimera dude is that the Author likes to walk around his town in the wee hours of the morning and I don't know why that is the one thing I remember.
First seasons is the weakest.

That said, after a rewatch. Slayers is not very good and it's similar case with most old anime.
>the Author likes to walk around his town in the wee hours of the morning and I don't know why that is the one thing I remember.
Been watching Rurouni Kenshin, finding it pretty solid so far.

Also, are there people who watch 90s anime ironically? Is /a/ really that young?
Just got my girlfriend to start watching Yu Yu Hakusho. I'm only 20, but it definitely holds up to when I was like 7 watching it on cartoon network
>someone post some Slayers BD screenshots the other day

Slayers have Blu-ray release? Someone please post some screens, I'm very interested. Would love to re-watch it after years.
Kenshin is great when it's doing source material but after mummy-man fight when fillers starts you can stop watching.
The movies/OVAs got a Blu-ray release recently.
90's was the last good decade for anime. when the century turned it all became shit
So any chance for the new blu-ray releases to be licensed outside of japan?
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Don't forget this cutie.

I'd like to add Pollyanna since I recently rewatched it, but it's from the 80s.
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Thread images: 17

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