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Scanlation Thread

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Hi everybody, I need a cleaner for Those Who Hunt Elves asap. Anyone willing to help, I can't do the entire thing on my own.
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is this bait?
Nope, I need help.
Anyone want to help translate Detatoko Princess‏?
if you want something done you have to do it your self.

CASH for anyone who wants to translate a dickload of chapters
Desert Punk - basically dropped from scanlation team. need like 3 volumes translated from Japanense will pay $$$

I am a Hero.- Japan or china bros that wanna translate this for money. got like 35 chapters that need doing
Well I'm a translator, I translated the entire volume I just don't want to have to clean the entire thing just after I scanned and translated it.

I mean nobody wants to help anyone unless bloody money is thrown at them for crying out loud.
No one wants it as bad as you obviously. Thats why just take matters into your own hands. I didnt like how the last like 25 chapters of Desert Punk were handled, so I just started cleaning all the new ones on my own

Trade you,
cleaning for translating
I don't remember the public raws for that being bad enough to warrant a re-scans.
Volume 11 scans are terrible, I had to order it and scan it myself.

I'm not too sure since I've got other crap to do, but hey I might help out if I'm interested. What is it?
>I've got other crap to do

we all do homie, this is real life so unless you
a. do it your self
b. someone wants it as much as you do
c. money

compromise is the essence of diplomacy. I would do my best cleaning, but not because I like elves, I also dont expect you to be interested in desert punk because Im not even sure if i like these new chapters.

after cleaning hundreds of pages, I can like 90% figure out whats going on in the story, but words and sfx would be nice, i just want it to look nice, unlike the last chapters they put out
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Guys, help!

Is RHS really over?

What the fuck? It was so sudden.

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Ain't that the truth, I was planning on doing it myself anyway, just thought I'd ask. Though honestly I know nothing of Desert Punk other than the dude wears a big hat.

Yes, it's over.
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Whoops, wrong one. Here's the right one.
yeah, he doesnt even wear a hat anymore

fucking page bleed I should also just scan my own. I could make this one a bit better though
To me it seems like the groups that quit after the arrest only cared about being first to release
I mean, how hard is it to just import the magazine and release a few days later?
They don't care about being first, they care about having their IP addresses all over the guy's raw server.
Others will be first and nobody will read your stuff meaning you've done it for nothing.
forgot pic
Terrible. You didn't even fix it.
Old members seem to have started a new group: https://mangaconda.wordpress.com/

>A lot has happened the past few weeks, and I wasn’t just going to sit around and let some good weekly series vanish. So here I am, and I’m going to make sure that everyone can still read their favorite series in peace. For now, I’ll probably do Hayate, Nanatsu no Taizai, Nisekoi, and Fuuka.
at what point does cleaning stop and redrawing begin?
How much shit do i take out?
Seems they released Nisekoi just now.

So it all meant shit in the end.
>So it all meant shit in the end.
Just like how it's always been like in the history of digital piracy. People never fucking learn.
Redrawing starts when you replace pattern or lines.
Like the out of bubble text in panels 4 and 5.
ok, so cleaning is like taking out page bleed/shitty colours and removing all in bubble txt

at what point to I stop cleaning a page?
this page I managed to remove the page bleed but I lost a little detail in the mix.
do i strive to make all pages look most uniform? or am i going for cleanest page reguardless of uniformity? or is it a combination of both and using my best judgment?

files are only jpg so they meet the size limit
and do i have to add shit in like the borders around panels where they are cut off?

also, all pages should i probably straighten/center them?

This page was for the cleaning question, the other was for the boarder question
elaborate please
everything depends on how much work you're willing to put into a chapter or a single page.
In my opinion, you should make the pages look uniform. If the quality of the raws is consistent, you pick a page from the first chapter you're going to work on, then build a workflow that would work on every page. Write it down or make actions.
When cropping, try to crop, so the page doesn't have any left-over white border. This way you, or the redrawer, won't have to bother with redrawing stuff like that.
hmm probably should have cleaned everything first THEN redrawn

aside from a few outlier pages, they are pretty good

ok, so
clean up image
then make everything consistent and centered page,
then i should recrop again to make them all the same dimensions page-to-page and re-add white boarder?
This is volume 14?
Don't re-add borders. pages usually have white borders where they're glued to the other pages.
Use that border as some kind of buffer.
I do it this way:
- rotate
- rough crop without ratio
- redraw tear marks
- upscale and filtering
- level and clean up
- crop to release dimensions using a fixed ratio. that's when that buffer comes in handy.
- downscale and filter again
- over- and underexpose specific color ranges
- clean bubbles
- mark redraws
- redraws
second half of v13. gantz(?) only did pages 1-102 of v13 so i started off with second half of v13. I have the bulk of it done on every, so 100 pages down, 600 (v14,v15,v16) to go.
my brain/eyes feels wierd after a while
fuuuuuck thats a lotta shit to do

do you do like
page one rotate
page 2 rotate, ect
page 1 rough crop
page 2 rough crop
that seems like a consistent way

tear marks, meaning like tears in the physical page that was scanned? I would notice a tear mark right?

K just as long as i have potential and im not super shit.
this page, i think is the only time desert punk was in the whole volume
I think its him, at least. they all are short and wear fucking helmets all damn day so i have no clue, but the 4 eyes guy is his master i think
forgot pic
Tear marks like this.

I do one step for all of the pages.
So rotate every page, then crop every page etc.
And I have a copy for each step.
Forgot to mention that up- and downscaling is done in two or three steps each.
ok, so real tears. Ok, ive been kinda doing that, one step at a time per image, save as at every step.
fuck, well at least im on my way with this shit and as long as im not the worst at this
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this one is gonna be a lot of work still. i should probably just leave it
Oh right, there were some chapters left.

Doing good there, don't rush.
Thread posts: 40
Thread images: 16

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