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I AM A HERO 226-227

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226 is a Takashi-kurusu chapter

i wonder what they are saying
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This is the safehouse in (Tokyo?) who, I think Nakata is/was with, but Idk
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Takashi Kurusu ma nigga

Drawings are getting so sloppy/lazy, do they like redo this shit for volume release?
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recapp on the kurusu group

First kurusu is dead, long live takashi kurusu

Glasses raido guy, aunti, the teenage girl/guy and i think takashi are whos left from the earlier chapters. the head guy with glasses is dead , IDK how
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<< glasses and teenagerboy
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Based Kurusu

easier to piss
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XSo, kurusu group is taking over the "skull mask" teams hideout. for what might be retribution from an earlier chapter.
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Poor "skull mask" team! What did they do to deserve such a pitiful fate?
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90% sure its because this fat dirtbag from skull group tried to rape teenage girl from Kurusu group

Aunti (from Kurusu group)for some reason is not with them rigth now , it looks like she is with Nakata (skull group, Mangaka from volume one, Heidos girlfrien's exBF) and his group somewhere else
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Idk why they killed some and not others, and I dont think think this longhair from this page >>133854720 is nakata-san

But either way
Kurusu best
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Bottom left
Old "leader" of kurusu group
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<<< Old leader of Kurusu group.

Doesnt show how he got infected. In the chapter where the scanlation leaves off, it shows Nakata-san leading zombfag guy into a maze/trap, where they cut his head off. the head rolls away. The other zombies rip the head off another zombie and put (the old"leader" of kurusu group)'s head onto another zombie body so he will live again. So, he lives again, and is seeking revenge on Skullmask? Kurusu? i have no idea
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End of chapter 226
Chapter 227 starts where we left off with the Heros
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fuck forgot pic
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So, Hiedo/Hiro recapp

Heido pops Hiros cherry
Giant monster
They jump off the pier onto a boat
They are now on a boat with some hick ass fisherman
They now have time to reflect on how awkward things will be between them.
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This chapter is a word fest. I dont know If Kurusu is talking Hiro telepathicly or if its internal monolog or what
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First shot of Kurusu from the live action adapation
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Unless someone speaks chinese......
The fuck
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that looks scary as fuck
are there any camrips of the live action?
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I wonder what they are saying......
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ahhh dammit you mother fucker

Shes really a boy.
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I am a Hero Osaka is starting off pretty good. action starting from chapter 1
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What is this fisherman faggot up to...
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When was the last time Hiedo danced? or sung the pussy song? When is translation of Uncut Penis vol.3 comming out?
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Fucking slack-jawed idiot fisherman.
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gotta be the fishermans wife or Daughter
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end of chapter 227,

osaka seems kinda sexier drawn than tokyo
I wonder what this guy is like. he better be a hero
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you're gonna fool a lot of newfags with this
Announcement about the manga next week.
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New volume comes out aswell I think
>226 is a Takashi-kurusu chapter

Hell yes.
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When will we see an actual hive cum queen?
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I think nakata san is Korori and in the new chapters, but i have no idea so many fucking jap names
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i hope osaka guy is a loser too, but idk....
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Thread images: 42

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