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forgive the chink scans
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Nevermind that it's chink. What we need is a translator.
Finally raws?
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>Is that a snake in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
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So volume 3 comes out next month, and I buy the magazine runs in. Would anyone have any desire to get translations from new magazine chapters that come out after the volume if it meant there being a temporary gap in translated chapters and possibly pissing off the group working on it if they want it to themselves?
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>tfw can read chink
>tfw enjoying dump
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Thanks anon.
I just hope we can get a TL now ;_;
I wouldn't read them as long as there's a gap but I obviously wouldn't mind having them ready for when volume 3 is translated.
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Thanks for the post, but I don't read moon runes.
Oh god it's been so long.
Thanks anon, I feel a lot better now.
They are too cute
Chinese manga?
After such a long time, i'm happy to see this again
It's so adorable
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When will they become a couple?
By the time the manga ends, I guess.

I speak both languages but am bad at translation so some of this stuff will sound a bit awkward.

If she suddenly sees this

Even if it's Takagi-san she will definitely be scared...!!

Once you suddenly scream out during class

You will be yelled at by the teacher

Today I will definitely win against Takagi-san

Good morning Nishikata

G-Good morning Takagi-san

Did you know? Nishikata


I heard we were changing seats today
Oh cool, there's more. I've read this before, whatever I could find translated anyway. Find it rather... Safe to say "cute" I guess?



Home room

How could it be...I was intending to realize my act of war (that sound really odd in English not sure how to say it better)

I can only do this if I'm sitting next to her

No, wait wait... if I did it during homeroom it's still fine.

Afterwards I can take advantage of the seat change to escape, leaving only Takagi-san compromised


So it's like that! How timely!


....That is, because we haven't changed seats in a long time

So it's like that


Even though it's timely in some respects

But I still wanted to be together with Nishikata

She must want to tease me again....!

Crafty, crafty

Everyone's drawn lots right

Then let's change seats

Nishikata what's your number?

Number 35

So that's it, it's the back row again

What about Takagi-san?

I'm at the front of the middle column

Is that so...

So far away


Then let's start moving

Oh Nishikata you're here?

No, on the other side

Ah, I'm over here

Would've been nice to be a bit closer

Lately my eyesight's been getting worse so I'm not sure if I'll be able to see the board

I see...


Now that I think about it....

I'm forgotten the snake toy...
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Sometime after high school

Ah, so Nishikata's next to me

Ah, so it's like that

Whoa, why this kind of reaction?

Don't worry about it...

It's because I'm too far away from [boyfriend-kun whose Japanese name I forgot] so I'm a bit down...


Who want to change with me....!!
Stop pretending this is a sequel.

If I sit at the front of the class...!!

I won't be able to eat during class...!!

If you don't have a good reason then you can't change with another student

Also come to my office after class

The front of the class...is that next to Takagi-san...

No no no what am I thinking
>this faggot always posting okusan in these threads
I want you to leave
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there we go. TL'd

I wanted to be with Nishikata a bit more...

I must scare her with my snake... [kuk]

Wo...WoodenVillage-kun! [Don't know how to say in Japanese] My eyesight's really bad can we switch!!

Ah too late!

Someone already changed with me!


Even if Takagi-san doesn't make the teacher mad

As long as she's scared by the snake it'll be my victory...



My seat's changed to here

Oh!? Why!?

Because he couldn't see the board Boyfriend-kun and WoodenVillage-kun changed seats

Because Boyfriend-kun was in front Girlfriend-chan switched seats with me

Is...is that so

Nishikata did you decide to sit next to me

N-no...it's because I can't see the board

Mm --- I see

I see ----

I...it's really like that

Take care of me in the future too


Ah right. I wouldn't be scared of a toy snake

Huh!? How did you know!
you know the truth anon, don't deny it
>She's like the batman of sol romance
how did she becomes such an airhead?
Thanks for translating!

I think there's one more chapter that hasn't been translated on senmanga.
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She's going to date someone cool and assertive who doesn't let himself get teased by her like a little bitch. She likes him as a friend.
It should be "I'll be in your care"
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EZ fix
Wait, so it wasn't the manga being cut.. we just didn't get any translators / scantlators, or did this start up again in a new mag?
The guys translating it are waiting for volume 3 of the tank to come out.
Someone claimed vol 3 is supposed to come out next month. Read it in the archive.
Not sure if that's actually happening, but I hope so. I need more Takagi.
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Stop with this bullshit she looks nothing like Takagi

If anything she looks like Orihime
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