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234 days to go
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Pardon me for doing this before the chapter dump.
Kumeta's Paper Blogs, from SZS Volume 15

I Am a Manga Artist

I am
A manga artist
Or something like that.
Stuff like this has become pretty popular recently. By the time this is

published, things might have changed, though. I'm sorry.

You know, I have to write almost 4,000 characters a day for these Paper

Blogs. But if I were to make use of this newly invented literary medium, I

could probably finish things off in about seven minutes. Even in manga, don't

you sometimes see two-page spreads where only one half is printed? And two-

page spreads that are nothing but text. These are inventions to rival the

cell phone novel.

But I'm nowhere near brave enough.
I can't
Do that
Or whatever.

Alas! Human beings will always tend towards degeneration, once you show them

that there's an easy way out.
My readers are especially unforgiving about taking the easy route. They will

never forgive me. In interviews, if someone asks me a question I've been

asked before, and I give the same answer as I did the last time, they scream

that I'm taking an easy out by repeating myself. But if I give a different

answer, they'll say that I'm lying.

I can't
Take it anymore
I just want
To leave

In this strict, unforgiving country, you can't help but want to escape to a

place where the people are kinder. It makes you want to go have a new

passport photo taken at Princess Studio and flee, doesn't it?
Such a country exists. It is paradise on Earth.
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Kiri a cute with her hair back like that.
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The People in This Country Are So Nice

So, I went. To Taiwan. With the worst possible timing.
The day before the signing was Retrocession Day. That is, the day Taiwan was liberated from Imperial Japanese rule. It was also the day of Taiwan's Olympic baseball match against Japan. Which was a crushing Japanese victory. It was exactly the kind of situation that leads to rotten tofu being hurled at you. And yet, they were very nice to me, as a Japanese person.
If it had been a certain other Asian country instead, I probably would have had kimchi rubbed into my eyeballs.

—Anyway, you can't expect to go overseas and not have a single bad thing happen at all. A long time ago, I asked a certain well-known manga artist (my assitant at the time) if he would like to come along with me to Greece. His answer was "Eh? No, it's fine. You can just give me money instead." I remember having incredibly negative thoughts before the trip had even started.
Voice Actors Named Shiraishi Kyōko > Voice Actors Not Named Shiraishi Kyōko > People on the Internet > Akamatsu Ken > Money > Your Boss, is how it works, I guess.

So the fact that nothing bad happened to me on this trip was a miracle. The miracle of Asia. That is Taiwan.
On the other hand, since nothing bad happened, I couldn't use it as material for jokes. In an interview, they asked me, "Has anything left you in despair since you arrived in Taiwan?" In desperation, I answered, "The fact that nothing has left me in despair has left me in despair."

That's why writing about my Taiwan trip has turned into a normal travel essay. Something like Tawawa Taiwan.

Nagura Marina (Dogura Magura) is going to get mad at me for slandering her beloved Hata.
She'll definitely serve me enchanted sweets and tell me to dream forever.
But I think Magura is right. It was all just a dream. I was dreaming of the Palace of the Dragon King, with a tube coming out the back of my neck.

>I left word wrap on
kill me
The Princess Who Became a Witch

The Palace of the Dragon King was full of very kind fish.
But one of those kind fish came up to me carrying a single sheet of colored paper.
"A scary witch is threatening to turn us into Acqua Pazza if we don't get your autograph for her," she said. (This was all happening in a dream, of course.) What a wicked witch.
"If I sign this for you you won't get turned into Acqua Pazza, right? She won't have to fry you in hot olive oil and roll you in rock salt? Then, if my autograph is what she wants, I'll sign it. Even if she tells everyone about it on her blog, I'll sign it."
Just as I was wondering what this wicked witch was doing in the Dragon King's Palace, I remembered. I had seen her before, at a ball in the Shogakukan Palace. Together with Kazuhiro the Pumpkin and Glass Shiina Takashi, from a distance.

I thought about going up to say hello, but the huge panniers spreading the hem of her dress meant that no one could come closer to her than two meters. (I don't think the part about the dress was a dream.) I could feel our difference in standing quite distinctly.

To think that coming to the Palace could turn a princess like that into a witch... (I'm still speaking about a dream.)

Thankfully, I was able to avoid having to meet her.
—Wait, could it be? Could that have been the wicked witch's own doing!?
Making them sing Happy Birthday on the radio, letting me hear a full-chorus version of Kaneshiro Takeshi's song, that part-timer wearing a Lucky Star shirt at the signing, the fact that no one was selling black Oolong tea, the sweet soy milk, the delicious mangos, the cute girls, how beautiful Jiufeng was... Was that all her doing?

It seems that not even the wicked witch could destroy the tranquility of the Palace of the Dragon King.
She had a change of heart and went home to her own country. All's well that ends well.
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Kiri a cute always and in every way
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I want to properly tie up Chiri and do lewd things to her.
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That's where I woke up. I'm not sure how, but there are other people who know the story of my dream as well. That should be impossible, without Psycho Diving into it themselves.
That's why I think it was really a dream-within-a-dream. I'm still dreaming now. A recurring nightmare, where every week a new deadline looms.
But if I wake up from this dream, another nightmare about being unemployed is waiting for me.
Beyond the dream is only more dream. Just like Nagura Magura said.
An Announcement and an Apology

To all of you who so graciously bought the OAD, I'm sorry about the worthless tankobon that was bundled with it.

And now, I'd like to tell you a story.
One of the reasons Taiwan is pro-Japanese today, is this:
During Japanese rule of the island, when local merchants were of course overcharging for everything, the Japanese in Taipei did not attempt to haggle with them.
Because of this the Taiwanese prospered, and development of the city prospered. Because the Japanese did not try to argue over prices, the Taiwanese stopped charging so much.

... What a good story! Isn't it?

Now if only the noble Japanese people did not think that ¥3470 was too much, and try to have the price lowered, this industry would prosper. From there, we would begin charging less for manga out of respect to our readers. Seller and buyer would both benefit, a win-win business scenario.

And now, dear readers, I must tell you something.
Starting from the next volume, Kodansha will be raising prices by ¥20. My story is ruined. But, with the increasing price of paper, it can't be helped.
I've started cutting back on Maeda's food, doing my manuscripts on the backs of old flyers, and begun working by moonlight at night, all in an attempt to cooperate with the company, but that can only achieve so much. But if I can get you to accept the ¥20 price hike, I think I'd like to do even more.
And so here is a survey for my readers:
What part of this manga's content would you like the equivalent of ¥20 more of?

1. ¥20 worth of gags
2. ¥20 worth of fan service
3. ¥20 worth of moe
4. ¥20 worth of female characters
5. ¥20 worth of male characters
6. ¥20 worth of badmouthing other manga artists
7. ¥20 worth of jealousy towards Hata-Sensei
8. ¥20 worth of gold powder added to the the paper
9. ¥20 worth of prayer

Wait a second
That first one
I just
Or something

You're my favorite anon.

Since you're already dumping something, I'll dump the chapter after I get back from the store.
Well never mind looks like you're done.
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Good evening, Zetsubou.
>Nami eating
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I should have paid more attention!

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Fuck mahjong, yesterday someone ruined my closed Daisangen with a No Honor Tiles hand

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Ohkusa Stitch 2.png
3MB, 847x1308px
Thanks as always for the chapter!

We're close to the end.
>making the unattractive girls attractive
>making the attractive girls unattractive
>Kafuka remains the same
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>unattractive girls
>in SZS
Meru and the fujoshi
Net-idoru anon.
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fujiyoshi isn't unatractive

I can agree with this
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Corpses aren't attractive.
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Matoi distance.webm
2MB, 848x480px
The only things really off about that image are Rin & Kaere missing, and Matoi wearing a normal uniform.

That one sure has a nice voice though! ;-;
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I beg to differ
>No SZS necro porn
It's like they don't even care.
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Every day until you turn pure.

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Page 13.

>It's not a smartphone.


>She really is
>From the future!
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wait uh

what happens when we reach day 0...
mass suicide

but i wanna live anon maybe shaft will make another szs ova after they done with the monogataris...
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Maid Maria Stitch.png
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Thanks for the page!

I don't think that's quite right. But who knows.
I'm hoping for this >>133783649 as well, but I only expect despair. Especially since it's SHAFT.
Someone care to share that pic were /a/ makes his own SZS chapter?
>I left word wrap on
I dumped Kumeta's blogs one too, and this happened to me as well. Thank you so much by the way. I really thought these would never be translated. You really save these threads.
thanks for the chapter and thanks for the blog posts above
Interesting picture, one of the few times Kiri has been with 'most' of the class ( I think Kafuka was Kaede that day myself - Rin at the estate that day perhaps) and standing up ( a rarity mostly)
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it was in yesterday's thread, check the in-site archive I think it should still be there.
Thanks anon.
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