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Baki Son of Ogre

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I do not quite understand this ending. Why is Baki stronger? Was Yuujiro implying that he Baki could have hit him while he was tricked by the illusion? Did they continue fighting after the final page?

It simply seems unsatisfactory; both are declared the winner, yet Baki doesn't believe he won. His entire goal was to be just slightly stronger than Yuujiro. In that, he failed, and yet in the first chapter of Baki Dou he is seen to be once again peerless.

Does anyone have a decent explanation or reasoning for this?
Yujiro accepts him as an equal, even if he won the fight, because even half dead Baki was able to counter him with his imagination.

Also 19 years old Baki would utterly destroy a 19 years old Yujiro, and he knows it, so he just accepts that fact, and that Baki even if he is not stronger than him right now, will surpass him eventually, as he surpassed Yuichiro.

Baki accepts that Yujiro didn't wen't 100% on him and admits that he could have been killed several times during the fight, so even if Yujiro says that he lost, the fact is that Baki is really damaged and Yujiro haven't even broken a sweat, so he recognizes that and accepts that he lost.
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>mfw Baki will ever be a manlet even if Yujiro is really tall for a japanese.

Fuck you too Emi.
Alright, fair enough. That's not really satisfying though, is it?
It doesn't quite meet the logic of the next series (as far as I've gotten into it) in that Baki shouldn't be bored - he should still be trying to surpass Yujiro, right?
I've just re-read the last 4 chapters of Son of Ogre, besides of what I said, what ultimately made Yujiro accept baki as an equal was that even if his body was broken, his fighting spirit was not, so Yujiro recognizes that even if Baki's body isn't up to it, he has the same fighting spirit as him, so they are equals in that, the only differnece being their bodies and experience, this is why he says he can no longer claim tob e the strongest on the planet, because even killing Baki, that won't defeat his fighting spirit (and this is why Yuichiro was shown earlier int eh fight, so show that Hanmna people doesn't die when they are killed, their fighting spirit remains).

The start of Baki Dou is really stupid though, Baki should have been trying to surpass Kaku Kaio, pickle, get a body on par with his father, and so on, but the excuse to resurrect Musashi was good enough for me.

i'm hyped as fuck for the next raws.
I liked the detail that the table was baki's one, the same that Yujiro ripped earlier, but in the imagination was event he same, with the fix that baki did afterwards.
>The start of Baki Dou is really stupid though, Baki should have been trying to surpass Kaku Kaio, pickle, get a body on par with his father, and so on, but the excuse to resurrect Musashi was good enough for me.

Agreed. So two more things though - is there really only one small group willing to translate the current series? Reading through this was hell because of all the garbage spelling/grammar; I'd be willing to edit/typeset/whatever in order to get better text. Oh- and where are the raws available?
>Invite your dad to your house for a casual dinner
>He doenst like the coffee
>He picks up your table and rips you apart
What the hell dad.
Reminds me of the time dad killed mom because I didnt hit him back hard enough while he tried to kill me.
Let me give you an advice, you really shouldn't try to understand this manga
But I did understand it, for the most part. I don't quite understand why Kozue warps out of reality for large periods of time, but pretty much everything but that and this made sense.
Ok so you are relativity new to baki, I'll explain the situation then.

There is only one scanlation group that, I think at the moment it's just one person, and he manages http://spinybackwebdesign.com/, he only releases one chapter each week of the series he translate, but only if someone has donated $5 for that chapter, so if a series has no donation, there is no release.

Also, I don't get to see the raws directly often, just Korean scanlations in here http://marumaru.in/?c=1/40&sort=subject&where=subject%7Ctag&keyword=%EB%B0%94%ED%82%A4&uid=32256, also check the Baki thread in these forums http://www.dynamiteglove.org/forum/34, usually it has spoilers / images before the korean scanlation is released, and sometimes even the japanese raw and some members post translations on the thread.

Or that spaghetti moment when you where about to fuck your GF for the first time and he appeared and said that you should provide him with a strong grandson.
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Oh and the jew at spinyblack is looking for help constantly, so he'd be glad for some extra hand in anything I guess.
Not sure I *want* to help someone so incredibly jewish. Oh well, it is what it is. Thanks for the links, the former I don't think I would have found anywhere.
heh, at least he makes public releases, before him there was the Wild Fang Project, that charged people to access their manga reader so only the people who paid could read Baki, Garouden, Shamo, etc...

And if someone released any of their scanlations for the public they'd flip their shit out until that got taken out of the net and stopped their scanlations until that happened.
the Wild Fang scans were god-awful, dunno how they managed to get away with it for so long. I can't remember - which one of the two was the one that has yet to spell the word "strength" correctly?

I might go on a quest to find another scanlation group willing to work on Baki Dou. I can think of a few that might be interested, but I can only imagine that the Baki community has already asked everybody imaginable as an alternative to this shit.
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we've been years with this shit because nobody translated fighting seinen, and the only way to get it was to put up with WFP and now with this guy, if any other group translated it, I and many people would be really happy.

Also someone should pick up the first part of Tough and finish the scanlation, I want to know what they say in the Oton vs kiryu fight, as I have all the raws but I can't into moonrunes so...

If you find some group willing to translate those instead of spinyblack, you will be doing god's work anon.

I wish you luck anon, you have the mind of a winner!
One last question before I get my hands dirty: are the Japanese raws consistently released, or is it random whether or not they appear?
bumping so I can get an answer. If yes, there's a 50/50 probability I can get this to happen.
This comes out in Shonen Champion right? I would really like early scans for that magazine ut no one fucking buys it.
If you can find someone to buy/scan it, I may have a translator. I can do editing/typesetting myself, not too sure about cleaning though. I know there's a lot of cleaners on /a/, so I don't think it'd be hard to get one.

I want to get this off the ground: I deeply enjoyed this series, but a lot of moments were ruined by incoherent text and/or just garbage cleaning. If we can make this happen... we can make this happen.
> someone should pick up the first part of Tough
Is Illuminati dead?
Yup. Destroyed along with a few other groups a couple days ago.
Source? No one mentioned them in any of those threads, and they aren't really connected to the stuff that was being cracked down on, anyway.
Oh, sorry, I misread it as Imperial. I have no clue about Illuminati, but they're always really quiet. They're probably still fine.
>someone else is gonna finally pick up this series and not be slow as shit or terrible as fuck about it
holy hell i've been waiting for years on this.
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Thread images: 4

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