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Hayate no Gotoku Ch. 511

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Hello /a/, I happen to have some free time so I thought I'll do a CN>EN TL of HnG. You know, in light of current events.

Do note that it's just for this week. I can't guarantee that I'll be available to do this in the foreseeable future. And of course, that's also hoping future releases will be by a more competent translator using proper JP source. Anyway, here we go.

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Oujou-sama, how much is this T-shirt?

Let's see

20 USD, so about 2200 Yen, I guess?

What?! For real, 2 grand for a T-shirt?!

Does it really warrant such a reaction
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There I was thinking of buying some gifts for Maria and the Hamster...

Oh well,

Maria can get the complementary tissue rolls from the hotel.

As for the hamster, I'll get her some Vegas sand.

Wait, stop. How the heck can you give such pathetic things as gifts?

You've gone through the trouble of clearing your debts,

so why not splurge just a little...

Oh no, you just don't understand, oujou-sama!!


This sort of thinking is how you end up in some kind of a Kochikame scenario!


Kochikame scenario...
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Indeed so! The moment you clear your debts, you begin to get complacent!

And then the situation becomes one hell of a slippery slope that have you stumbling into deeper troubles!

Until finally, it's all too late to salvage the wreckage

and you're now in deeper debts than before! And of course, the department head is absolutely pissed off!

That's the sort of scenario I'm talking about!

Just think how many times such things have happened in Jump! Just think about it!

Well, you do have a point...

but that's not exactly likely to happen in real life, right?

No, it most certainly will!

If I'm not being vigilant, I'll most certainly get dragged into some kind of a gag manga type of situation by the narrative causality, which will end with me carrying a 3 billion yen debt

that's how it is in real life as well!

And that's why Maria gets the toilet paper

while the hamster can get some sand from las vegas.

No, seriously, stop.
Thanks /a/non
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To think that of all people who won, it's Ayasaki

the guy who has the worst fate with wealth.


I refuse to accept this!


Why the heck is Ayasaki the winner while I'm stuck with a 28 Million debt! That's too devious, isn't it?!


that's your own fault for borrowing money just so you can gamble...

Oh, sod that! It's vegas, of course you gotto use money like this!

Nah, I'm pretty sure this is entirely your own fault.

Anyway! I refuse to accept such an outcome!
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Even if I'm gonna get dragged into some kind of gag manga situation by the cosmic forces of narrative causality

I won't rest until I get back at Ayasaki!

Such misplaced passion...

Well, bad news for Ayasaki. She's definitely not going to back down.

I'll drag Ayasaki down to hell

for sure!

By the end of it all, he's still your student, you know?

So in the end,

that's how things goes, huh...

Even without the debts, Hayate's still remaining as the butler.

Nothing's changed...
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That's not right! Regardless of the process, the debts have indeed been cleared

which was the outcome I wanted.

He's no longer bound by the obligation

so from now on, it's all coming down to how I take action!

But what should I do from now on, anyway...?

Never thought about it that far.
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Speaking of which, what are we going to do for the rest of the trip?

Apparently, we'll be visiting the Grand Canyon.

Oh, so it's just regular sightseeing?

To think we'll be ending the trip with a mere sightseeing

what a boring end.

I guess so.

Then how about some academic guidance?



Frankly, I wasn't expecting it to end like this. So the preparations made for the final stage in the Grand Canyon has pretty much gone to waste.

Another match even at this stage?
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Please hold another match!


That happens in those variety shows too, right! The bonus stage!

So please set up another round!

What? Another round?!

If this goes on, I'll really have to cough up 28 Million!

Even Kaiji deserved a second chance at living!

That's why, you should give me one chance too!

Huh? A puppy?

TL: the pun is that a puppy is called a wan-chan.

No, not a dog! Another chance! I want another match!

And that's when

it hit Hayate.

This is it.

The narrative causality is trying to pull me into another gag manga situation!

If I don't stop her now

it's bound to turn into a Kochikame scenario!

What the heck

another match is just...

Another match, you say?!

You want to have another competition here

on the American soil...?
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Damn, forgot the pic
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Why are you suddenly so excited, Isumi?!

When it comes to competitions, I refuse to budge.

No, please stop this!

Excuse me, will this one have any prizes too?


the prizes were

supposed to be hidden within the grand canyon and were to be sought out by the remaining participants.

A treasure hunt that's worth 10 million yen.

Oh, sounds interesting.

I wanna take part too!

Since the victor's already determined, can the losing students take part too?

Eh, sure.
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No, no, no, this won't do at all!

It's fine, isn't it?

You don't have to give back your current winnings anyway.

Everyone's just playing around.

Well, that's true, but...

Ok, it's decided then!

Another match!

Treasure Hunt at the Grand Canyon!
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Sure looks forward to that.

We'll set off in an hour.

While it's true that, as oujo-sama said,

the current winnings won't be taken back

but does that mean it's fine?

No, something's not right...

The prize from the treasure hunt is 10 million

while sensei's debt is 28 million.

Yet, she didn't react to the gap at all. Isn't that a little too bizarre?
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10 million isn't going to be enough, you know?

Are you ok with that?


The thing about competitions

is all about the unpredictability.

He's been careless.

Ever since the Lv 5 trip concluded, he's been careless.

At the moment, Hayate still haven't realized that the cosmic forces

as dictated by the narrative causality has already ensure that he's dragged into a gag manga scenario.

Besides, if things do get too dangerous, we can always withdraw.

T-that's true...
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speaking of which,

where has Tsugumi gone to?

Well, the competition ended pretty much like how you expected.

Kananiwa's jewel is now with Hayate.

And if you want it back, well, it's not impossible-
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that's fine.

Though do pay extra attention on it.

I'm afraid the assassin targeting the jewel

is already closing in.

Thanks a lot anon.

>these jokes about Hayate being dragged back into a gag comedy format

Please no, Hata.
>Gift for Hamster
Wait what?
Desert sand from Las Vegas, I'm guessing?
Chiharu is the best
>Sand from the desert in Las Vegas
>Toilet paper from the other hand
Still, that comparison.
So, a new ride?
I heard good news for Hinafags as well.
All less than 15 of us are here!
Damn, that Chiharu.
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>Narrative causality
We're not near the end at all, are we?

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Hina a qt. I hope she wins soon.
Thank you, /a/non.
Did this TLAnon read Discworld? Or is he just a troper?
Are we gonna have a typesetter for this?
No, because Nip > Chink > English is a surefire way to get a mistranslation or bad translation. See Chrome Shelled Regios. Those fucking novels are impossible for non-fans to read.
I swear to God, If Hayate ends ups with debt again. I'll drop this and never pick it up again. Fucking Hata.
I'm ok with the series moving into its final arc. I'm ok with a friendship end if its done right.

I'm not ok with Hayate becoming a debt slave again and going back to a status quo "Hayate is still Nagi's butler for life because dude, debt lmao." That would be the worst ending imaginable.

It was the most accurate way I can think of to get the point across.
What if he just gets Yukiji's debt?
So we just wait for the moon release then?
Would Shibababa pick this up?
Only if Hayate gets to be Hina's butler and shits all over Yukiji in the process.
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Will emoji face girl ever find true love?
hinagiku a cute
The hero we need w/ RHS dead.

Also, is js06 still going to translate it? I remember way fucking back before RHS picked it up js06 would upload translations if you could find raws. Though I won't blame him if he's completely dropping it now.
Thank you so much anon, I really apprechiate this. HnG is one of my favourites.
Well, technically the moon release is out. It's how the chinks get scanlate it. It's matter of whether they're willing share the scans of the raws.
Yeah Hina arc when for the love of god. She was always great, just A-tan past blew things out of the water. Hamster was good, but leaving it unrequited and then 200 pages of no more romance shenanigans but misunderstandings is retarded.
Reminder she is the next president after Hina.
The last chapter will be about the school burning to the ground
Hina is best girl, but her sister should have been shipped off to the Yakuza ages ago.

Even for a fucking gag manga, what she is trying to do is plain evil.
thanks op
Please Hata no more debts for Hayate.
Well fuck then
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rip saimoe.png
384KB, 500x951px
I need a bigger picture for an update
Thank you so much OP!
Wait did js06 drop Hayate or something?
Oh cool. So, it's just a matter of waiting for dkthias to do a proper moon TL, isn't it.
Wops, meant js.
Everybody jumped off the bird
Never ending
Well, Hayate wasn't exactly in actual debt. More of obligations.

Maybe Hata can drive this manga into a more absolute despair situation.

Maria arc when?
>Maria arc when?
2016 is here chance.
RHS closed completely. No word on whether or not js himself wants to continue translating HnG. Does he even browse /a/ anymore? I only see him ghost translating Index novels.
Hina just stop. Lesbianism is easier at this point.
Thank you for the translation.

I hope not, didn't he translate more than half of it?
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>make a character so much better than all of your other characters that you literally have to go out of your way to make sure she disappears forever
Why do authors do this?
>better than all
hey whoah, you forgot Chiharu exists
Perhaps just to make you upset. Or they just fucked up.
Hina is a horrible imouto. If anyone is shitting over Yukiji in the process it's probably her.
Fuck you too anon.
I've had enough of her. pls no more hina
Mang, Luka was such a good girl. But I dunno mang, she does not bring-out the best in Hayate. That's just my opinion though.
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Thread images: 24

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