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july 11 2016.jpg
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235 days to go
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Chiri tied up.jpg
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I want to properly tie up Chiri and do lewd things to her.
Don't mind me, just posting true best gril.
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You're my favorite anon.
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>the Fujoshi bites
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Reminds me of that image of the guy sleeping using thirty copies of LO as a blanket.
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Nozomu Stitch 5.png
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Good evening, Zetsubou.

Thanks as always for the chapter!
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dog butt stick spotted
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haikyu threads.jpg
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As seen by the catalogue
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Aren't we doing something kind of a daily mass, with the manga our holy book, and our songs from the ost?
Every day until you turn pure.

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RIP Zetsubou.png
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Pretty much. And instead of faith, we hold onto our despair, until the promised day is here.
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thanks for today's chapter

a question:

This girl pictured transfers out of the class to another one, who then 'takes over' the mantle of being the 'normal one' and gets ribbed for it accordingly?
I wonder if Fujiyoshi's VA was an organ donor.
What happened to her arms?
not sure; but I have thought for the past few years that Kafuka 'should' be the 'poster girl' for organ donation in Japan
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Page 13.

>Dirty jokes? Girls don't bite on those too often.
>But boys don't bite as often as you'd think either.

>Action adventure?
>You won't catch anything with those unless you're in open sea.
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Kafuka-ism is my religion.

Despair is my baptism.

Hope is my salvation.

And when I worship Kafuka in the Aspect of Kitsu Chiri, I call on her to end this world of ours in proper fashion. Like Shiva the Destroyer.
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which one, the infamous edit of chapter 182 (cover picture related); or some other one?
Yeah, this one.
Are there plans on how to celebrate?
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with thanks to " a faget' for the edit.
I did not knew that a had such power!
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Which Sayonara would you Zetsubou, Sensei?
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and that's the way it was for /a/ circa 2011.
today probably Kaga, tomorrow who knows?
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due credit where it's due.
Time flies.
Kumeta's done the cover for a book about a shoe-making prince.

He'd make a killing in the yaoi market.
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might be going for the career genre 'grand slam'
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Do they do these threads on 2ch too?
Also what do you think Kumeta would think about these threads?
I don't know about 2ch, but SZS is pretty popular on futaba

Kaga is the most popular girl by far over there.

I don't know what he'd think of the threads, but it must be a weird feeling to have foreign fans translate your work into their language, just for the love of it.
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reading a translation of something you wrote is a particular thrill ( well it was in my case when something I wrote was translated into French a few years ago) but the reaction is an individual one all the same
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