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Favorite Protagonists

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Guts is my favorite main character of any manga. The way he never gives up, grabs life by its horns disregarding fate and doesn't let intimidation get the best of him, even when facing demigods while seemingly being nothing more than a superstrong man, earns my admiration. He is smart enough to trick opponents but not enough so it seems like bullshit, he feels pleasure in fighting his victims without sounding like the typical braindead barbarian character. He is a medieval magic Punisher and while the origin of his powers is magical, his effort isn't downplayed and everything is well explained. And even if Guts has access to magic, it isn't above him to use common weapons like a crossbow or throwing blades.

Guts is a solid 10/10 character to me.
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Ryo Narushima. Completely individualistic, displays of sadism, but still a believable character. Even with all the problems, he still has nice moments and a few redeeming qualities.

Great to have a downright evil character from time to time. But, despite all that, he does not come off as a merely "edgy" type, you can actually understand him.

Great character and great manga, by far the best I've read this year. Also breaks all the clich├ęs and the author was unafraid to dive deep into the dirtier aspects of society.
Good pic.
Started reading this a few weeks ago. This manga starts off so fucked up. (I assume there will be more fucked up parts in the future but still.)
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I like Lina Inverse because she knows when to give up, when to run, when to fight. She's extremely clever and that cleverness, moreso than her power, is what wins her the day.

She also has a shit-ton of pride, greed, and other actual flaws, which make her a well-rounded character.

She's the perfect rogue hero, and it's a damn shame that Japan doesn't seem capable of making many characters, both male and female, on her level.
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Harima is my main man.
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I r8 Berserk 9.8/10, it's not 10/10 because it takes so fucking long for a single chapter to be released.
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btw, Utena is my favorite anime character, she's so normal, not perfect, and revolutionary in a way, love her. 10/10 character would not bang because waifu.

> pic related is utean best grill
>Elfen Lied 6/10

You wanna fucking dance, anon?
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It's shit but it made me cry in the end so I rated 6/10 for that.

Also I like nyu and the intro music
fuck I might just rewatch those
saw it a bit over 8 years ago
good points anon
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Mai Natsume is my favorite protagonist as I find her both interesting and likable. She's very kind and polite but nonetheless shows considerable mental fortitude and determination. She doesn't act stupidly, is levelheaded, brave, quick-thinking and competent (thought not overwhelmingly so as she doesn't always succeed and does need help from others at times).

And she shows considerable character development over the course of her series. Mai was cast out of her family by her harsh father and sent to a boarding school, which caused her to feel abandoned and unwanted. However she was able to adapt to her new environment, as well as learn to open herself to and trust others as well as to make friends. Her friends in turn helped Mai to accept herself as she was and to overcome the feelings of inadequacy caused by her father's treatment of her. And in spite all of her personal difficulties and troubled past, Mai remained throughout a kind and caring girl who loves to help others.
what animu is this?

I think Halo is a pretty cool guy. Eh kills aleins and doesnt afraid of anything.
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Thread images: 9

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