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It's time for a new comic! And also Imouto dumps because why not
Still waiting
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Gonna dump this regardless


Like a butterfly

"President, your eyebrows are so long and pretty"
"R really?"

"My eyelashes are short and..."

"Unable to even perform a butterfly kiss"
*Putting your eyebrows on your partner's cheek and entangling it through blinking incessantly
"It feels like this right?"
Suzu Head
The main dude will end up with Suzu, right?
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Correction here on comic 2 panel 4
*Putting your eyebrows on your partner's cheek and blinking incessantly

Comic 1

Nude occurrence

Dog Sweater

5 minutes later

"Even if I make him wear it, he'll just take it off"
"That's a problem huh"

"Though I know the pleasant feeling of exhibitionism"
"That wasn't the reaction I wanted"

Comic 2

1 [piece] for 2 [people]

"This chocolate is delicious"
"Mind if I try?"

"Give me a piece as well"

"Sorry, all gone"
"Aww man"

"Your girly power is low even though it was a chance to have a chocolate kiss huh"
*Two people savor a piece of chocolate while partaking in a kiss
"I think the one here with the lowest value is you"
Oooh, I'm gonna rearrange that sentence on left panel 4.

"Even though it was a chance to have a choco-kiss, your girl power is pretty low huh"
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Comic 1


"Huh? The water isn't stopping. Did it break?"

"It should be fine if you close the stoppage cork"

"Crap! It can't stop at all!"
"Sensei, please use the cork as well"

"Hey hey, if I do the cork I'll get all wet right?"
"Did something amazing happen in there perhaps?"

Comic 2

Running electric current


"It's the season of static electricity huh"

"And the season of electric kisses"
*Having a kiss while building up static electricity in your body
"That conjunction is rather strange"
Nice to see you again OP.
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Comic 1



"Huh? Tsuda-kun?"
"Umm, what is it?"

"My bad my bad, actually I have a friend who's also named Tsuda"

"So I called the old man huh"
*A grade school rule: If only the last name's the same, treat them like they're married
"You a grade schooler!?"

Comic 2


"The milk pack can be recycled into toilet paper"

"Wanna address the school and gather them?"
"That's a nice idea"

"There are a lot of hairs in the trash huh"
"They must have fallen at some point"

"If we gather these, can't we use them in a hair job?"
"That is quite far from the green spirit!!"

I'm gonna dump Imouto in a few minutes as well since I have time

Nice to be back
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omake 1 copy.jpg
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It's still early and I want to wait for the editor before I work on the chapter so here's a small Imouto dump while waiting.
I'm gonna dump Imouto while waiting for editor-kun and typeset-anon




"Woah! Your body is soft huh"
"Onii-chan, you wanna try as well?"

"If your body becomes flexible, I think you can also increase the variations of masturbation"
"I don't have the courage to hold my son in my mouth" [TN: A man's son is a euphemism for penis]
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Last one for now, will be back later to work on SYD and do another IWS dump.
95_2 comic 1


"Aki-chan, you have a pet?"
"Yup, well eventually"

"My Onii-chan and I were also just searching for a pet"

"What kind is your onii-san searching for?"
"Hmmm let me think"

"A big boobed harsh onee-san type"
"Is that an owner pet?"

95_2 comic 2

Backup measure

"Okay then, I'm distributing the printouts"

"Oh that's right, in these times there are people who put their saliva on and pass them out, though that's pretty bad"
The conversation is a lecture?

"That's certainly a little filthy"
"Wait!! Don't sympathize!!"

"Since it's about that person, she's distributing the paper with her fingers stuck with love juice instead of saliva!"
"How rude! I won't do that"

Thank you based typeset-anon
What would happen if these people ended up in Shimoneta?
They'd be at the top of the most wanted list in short order.
95_3 comic 1

Ass sensation

"Cold! What's this!! This seat is wet!"
"Huh? Not that much you know?"

"Huh? Oh I see"

"Today, I'm still wearing an O-back...."
"No no, I'm not that surprised anymore"

95_3 comic 2

Take care of your books

"I see, so you bought a problem collection on your own"
How admirable

"......huh? It's all white inside. You didn't use it?"
"Huh? Oh"

"I didn't write it in there directly but I'm writing it in my notebook. If I do this, I can use it anytime"
"I see"

"Japan must also immediately perform bukkake, though they can use it at any time huh"
"Well.... won't you get tired of the same porno?"

Depends on the Ujiie Tozen character I guess
95_4 comic 1

Innocent miniskirt

I am Sanada Miho
It's a little embarrassing though

Today I resolutely wore a skirt shorter than usual

The reason is of course to attract my senpai!!

"A lady exhibitionist! Oh good!!"
"What just happened!?"
"Because you're wearing a large sweater with a short skirt....."

95_4 comic 2

Innocent new sensation

I am Sanada Miho. Today I came to receive Komiyama-sensei's romance guidance, but it seems she is absent

"What's wrong?"
There an American teacher appeared so I tod her of my circumstances

After that the woman told me she would instruct me on the Western techniques of love. It was a rare moment, so I decided to receive it
"Huh? Umm Ah! Ahhhhhhh!"

"-----and if you have sex in this manner, you can certainly corrupt her!!"
Sensei..... The one I like is a man. But.... but I wonder what this feeling is......

Getting food be back
Hello Translator are you going to do the commentary track on Rebellion?
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16 1.jpg
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Gonna dump one more chapter.
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16 3.jpg
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Comic 1 title was untranslated last thread so I left it open. Will fix once translator anon comes back.
Suzu > Uomi > braids > imouto > prez > rest
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16 6.jpg
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Last page.
I am but there's a lot of voices to account for so it's taking a while but it's about 50% done

The title is 'offshoot' or 'one's child'

Anyways are you dumping more based anon?

You are awesome.

When it's done I'm sure that if you start a rebellion thread with a mega to the script you'll get someone to time it on the orignal and slap on a second sub set from commie or dead fish or something and put it out.
I take that back. 50 was a bit of a stretch. More like 35-40. But it's progressing
I'll 17 to 18 later and hopefully editor anon has shown up by then so I can work on SYD, if not I'll grind out a few more IWS chapters.
Comic 2
>That was a chance to share a choco-kiss. Your girl power is pretty low huh.

Having it choco-kiss or chocolate kiss doesn't really matter since it is explained, so you can use whichever.
96_1 comic 1

Message 1

Kanami caught a cold

"Are you okay?"
These three came to visit
"If there's anything we can do please say it"

"Then, this is for Onii-chan......"

"Ummm, this is something like 'Become Onii-san's side dish' right? Or could it possibly be dessert!?"
"Well, I am a two timer huh"
"Doesn't it normally mean 'Go make lunch'?"

You are a trooper. I'm gonna dump some until an editor comes, hopefully it's editor anon
Comic 1
Should 'old man' be 'husband'?
>Are you a grade schooler!?

Comic 2
>Milk packs can be recycled into toilet paper.
>Shall we tell the whole school to gather them?
>They must have fallen out at some point
>Can't even perform a butterfly kiss.

Sorry for being out of order on these.
96_2 comic 1

Cooking Time

"Hmmmmm it's a little salty"
"It's cold huh"

"Don't gloss it over with sugar since it's salty okay?"
"I won't do such a thing, how rude"

"Hahaha but they fake that sort of thing in variety shows don't they"
"That's true"

"While you say it's an amateur performance, they cleverly use a porno actress"
"I'm sure they're having an airborne conversation, but that aside the way you see things also gives a clear explanation"

96_2 comic 2

Kuroda Manaka's product

"I tried making chop suey"
It's an appetizer

"I help around with dinner at my house often so I have confidence in my skill"
"Is that so?"

"Woah! It's good!!"

"Yup! Because if you hit the meat it will become tender!"

"Stop!! Don't show me more than that!! It'll ruin my appetite!!"

Old man can be referred to as husband as well. But I guess husband is more clear
96_3 comic 1

Iwase Shouko's product

"I tried making hamburger steak"

"I also often make [food] for my boyfriend so I have confidence"
"Is that so?"

"!! This is....."

"Ummm.... did you put some hidden ingredient...or something?"
"Oh crap!! Riding the usual flow I put in energy pills!!"
"You carry those around with you?"

96_3 comic 2

Yano Aki's product

"For the time being I tried making beef stew"

"I'm not really good at cooking... sorry"
I burned it a bit
"It's fine it's fine"

"!! This is....."

"Normal!! It's neither good nor bad, but I can eat it normally so it's the best!!"
"You did well Aki"
"It's my loss"
"I'm not happy"
Ah, comic 2 panel 2 it's supposed to say 'I rushed it' not 'I burned it' sorry
Comic 1
Tried looking up 栓, and in addition to cork it came up with plug a possible translation. It might work better with what Sensei is saying.

>It should be fine if you close the stoppage plug.
>Crap! It won't stop at all!
>Sensei, please use the plug as well
>Hey hey, if I use a plug I'll get all wet right?
96_4 comic 1

Vacuum girl

"Kanami-chan, we also made porridge for you"
Let me feed you
"Okay Thanks"

"Ah sorry"

"It's no good if I don't make it cold" [TN: The sound effect sounds like the Japanese way of saying 'breathe in']

"It's not breathe in but blow!!"
"Thank you very much for expressly coming all the way up to the second floor"

96_4 comic 2

Message 2

"It seems the fever has went down for the most part"

"Thank you very much everyone"
"No no"

"Besides, the one who tried the hardest was Aki-san"
"Aki's dish was the most popular!!"
"Shut up"
"Is that so?"

"What on earth was the erotic pose you made?"
"It's not that kind of side dish!! No just a minute! Was that the message from the very beginning!?"

Thank you based anon. There's also 90-94 left. But I'll run through your comments as well
Something tells me I messed up the links in those...testing:
Forgot the pic
Also, here is the Imouto stuff I said I would work on. Pasting from notepad, hope this works.

84_3 comic 2
>Whaaaat? Do you not know the charm of melted cheese?

84_4 comic 1
>88 for me.
>It must be nice to be able to study.

85_3 comic 2
>I'm pretty sure it was here yesterday.
>For times like these, how about trying to recall your actions from yesterday?

85_4 comic 1
>So yesterday I fought with my boyfriend.
>Well, if you're going to complain I'll listen.
>So in the end, we decided to measure and compare it and the result was-...huh?

comic 2
>Plus there is a sense of achievement in doing it with your own hands.
>So it's like how masterbation is best done with bare hands rather than relying on instruments! The climatic sensation is completely different...huh?

86_1 comic 1
>I won't say that, so don't hover around people's rooms.

comic 1
>It's called an 'octopus extension', but why an octopus?
>Then there's a good reason for something like 'tentacle wirings' right?
>Oh But tentacles are for 'being thrust into' girls' bodies you know

comic 2
>That brings to mind the image of a man with phimosis ejaculating.
>Recently, I feel as if the things I like are decreasing little by little for some reason.

86_3 comic 1
>Yesterday I went to renew by license, but my photo looks bad.

comic 2
>It's time for the winner to be announced!! Right after these commercials.
86_4 comic 1
>Then let's take the idea further,

comic 2
>I got it off in one piece, but I can't take out the scent.

87_1 comic 1
>In other words, I should wake you with 'verbal abuse' huh

87_2 comic 1
>What were you planning to do?

comic 2
>I felt really hungry for some reason, I couldn't take it anymore.
>She ate curry bread earlier and is now experiencing early excretion.

87_3 comic 1
>So--carbon monoxide is a toxic product created from the imperfect combustion of carbon compounds.
>Moreover, since it is colorless, scentless, and mixes with the air, it can cause death during a fire.
>If you can't do it, you will have trouble in your future. Like when you're doing cunnilingus.

87_4 comic 1
>I wonder why we wear a miniskirt for tennis?
>Ah no. If it's embarrassing for what's inside a skirt to be seen, you shouldn't wear a skirt from the...start.

88_3 comic 1
>Excuse me, I need to go to the toilet for a bit.

comic 2
>Joushima-kun got his finger squished by the vice.
>Are you okay!? Which hurt more, this or the time you had your penis skin caught in your pants zipper!?

88_4 comic 2
>And even when we were studying for health class...
>I noticed that my membrane were gone, and it was then that I awakened to this path.
Just wondering, could she be talking about her sister's membrane?

89_2 comic 2
>Aki-chan, I thought of a way to fix your twitching habit.
>Basically we have to seal your foot to the ground.
>Onii-chan's precious porno from last night. It isn't dry yet so if your foot sticks to it there will be...
89_3 comic 1
>If you don't mind, shall we connect?

comic 2
>So sleepy...because I worked all night.
>Moreover, I can't do anything during a test for this needless sleepiness
>And you can't really sleep while standing upright...
>He finished his test and went to sleep.
>Hey hey get up! Keep your posture straight and review!

89_4 comic 1
>The students don't seem to have very much interest in that though.
>Indeed, today's youth might have little interest in knowing their traditional culture.
>Those two get along well...

Yup, will probably be able to put my change suggestions for those in next weeks thread.
In 88_4 I believe you're right it is her sister's membrane
Thanks edit anon. I'll be taking a nap but for the most part your phrasing is really good. I'll look at it longer when I get up
88_4 comic 2
>And even when we were studying for health class...
>I noticed that her membrane was gone, and it was then that I awakened to this path.

95_2 comic 1
>My Onii-chan and I were just searching for a pet, too.
(Is it both of them or just her brother?)
>Is it an owner pet?
Is 'masturbation pet' a thing? It says ona pet, so I was thinking it might be like 'ona hole'. This being the kind of comic that it is.

comic 2
>Oh that's right, there are those who would put their saliva on their fingers when passing them out, though that's pretty bad.
>Since it's that person, she's distributing the papers with love juice instead of saliva on her fingers!
>How rude! I wouldn't do that
Masturbation pet sounds right I guess
Need to correct:
86_3 comic 1
>Yesterday I got my license renewed, but my picture turned out bad.
Phrasing is not coming out right so I'll stop at 95_3. Will work on 90+ throughout the week and post it in next week's thread.
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Was a bit busy so I got delayed. Give me a couple of minutes while I work on SYD.
File: 353 1 copy.jpg (451KB, 836x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
353 1 copy.jpg
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Chapter 353.
File: 353 2 copy.jpg (433KB, 836x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
353 2 copy.jpg
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File: 353 3 copy.jpg (424KB, 836x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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353 4 copy.jpg
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Last page. If the thread is still up later then I'll post the rest of volume 4 of Imouto.
Is it wrong that I want to be raped by this teacher?
That's a perfectly normal reaction.
File: yokoshima.jpg (191KB, 659x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Alright, thanks for the reassurance.
Based anon
She is so worth it
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A couple more Imouto wa Shishunki since the thread's still up.
File: 17 2 copy.jpg (334KB, 846x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17 2 copy.jpg
334KB, 846x1200px
I've just started watching, I'm at episode 10. It's decent but it's always the same jokes. Also the characters see no development, it's so shallow
How about 'It's like this right?'
File: 17 3 copy.jpg (371KB, 846x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 353 1 copy.jpg (452KB, 836x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
353 1 copy.jpg
452KB, 836x1200px
Is this better?
I think that's a little better. Let's see what the others say
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17 4.jpg
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somebody updated mega yet?
Waiting for that too
File: 17 5.jpg (303KB, 846x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17 5.jpg
303KB, 846x1200px
Shouldn't this be eyelashes?
File: 353 1 copy.jpg (453KB, 836x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
353 1 copy.jpg
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File: 17 6 copy.jpg (335KB, 846x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17 6 copy.jpg
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Last one for the day.
Thank you based anon. Have a good one
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