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So /a/, which pokegirl is the best pokegirl?

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So /a/, which pokegirl is the best pokegirl?
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Sabrina, Claire, Lorelei, Gardenia, and Shauntal are top tier. The rest can go home.
She was special.

Harem ending, true harem ending not that harem ending.
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Why is Shauna such a slut?
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The two bottom middle ones literally confirm she wears them.
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nrry (12).jpg
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Burnetts are the best pokegirls


I dumped Misty for her
I don't see how

The better question is, if she were real how would you find out?
Misty is a cute.
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Considering how short that skirt is I would probably have an easier time seeing up than I do watching the anime
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How about Serena?

Does she wear panties or not?
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I bet she wears french lace panties... or something like in your pic since it matches the outfit.
Since she seems to be more wary of her skirt, holding it down sometimes, I imagine she is protected by something. While Dawn is just idgaf no panties no fucks given.
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I used to hate her but I'm kinda partial to Dawn nowadays.
Gardenia, Bianca, Shauna and Serena are top tier too.
And even though you posted anime grills I feel I should mention this fine gal as well. Special mention to aged up Misty from GSC/HGSS

Isn't she a bit tomboyish?
I like Hilda, fucking her would be like fucking Fran Drescher

Dawn? She spends time on her hair and seems to have a fashion sense. I would describe her more as feisty than tomboyish.
Because she is desperate, look how bad she wants the protags D in XY.
This franchise isn't fair. There are too many cute girls in Pokemon and you can't choose one.
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Erika, Jasmine, Winona, Dawn and Leaf.
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I want to give her my D
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>XY protag
you're not living your life correctly.

I love the custom made trainers
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>"Give me all your Pokemon"
What do you do?
So are subs for the new movie out yet?
Did /vp/ kick you guys out?
Give her the Diglett.
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All those sluts and you don't even have the best one of them all.
>Dub name
I thought /a/ hates dub. What the fuck happened?
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look at these thighs
are these the best you've seen and if not why
Dawn has the best ass/thighs out of all the pokesluts.
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I never get tired of Dawn
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She one of my top 10
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As much as I would like to have another pokegirl thread, this isn't the place for it.

Natsume though, I love her. I like most of the pokegirls, they're very cute.
Objective best from each Gen:
Sabrina, Whitney, Flannery, Candice, Skyla, all.
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This is a place as good as any
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Too many choices
Dawn. However, (ORAS) May has the best voice actress they could get for that role.

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Reminder of who won the /vp/ pokegirl poll.
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Remove Cynthia and bump everybody up one and I will be pleased
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>Not a single Cynthia pic
Come on, guys...
Kill yourself.

But she is a christmas cake
File: 1424135282408.png (780KB, 950x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Would you?
>Reads your mind when you're ejaculating
>Can feel both the dicking and the dick
So can we have a poll for /a/? Since /vp/'s poll showed that they have really shit taste.
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>Ctrl+f "hex"

Seriously, /a/?
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korrina wink 2.png
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there was one a while back but /padt/ spammed it until serena got an insane amount of votes.

>hurr durr implying anyone would waste their time like that
>what is that one guy who goes to every board for gets for serena
I despise the cowtits she gets in every single fan art.
I like Serena myself but I think /padt/ loves her too much to the point of obsession.
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look at those.png
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its honey.jpg
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guess that happens when you are the only recurring girl in the show. I think Millefeui and Korrina are better too bad Korrina is gone for good and Millefeui has only been on two episode. Next up is the bara village and possibly more unintentional yaoi with Alan.
Well there's also Elle who shows up every now and then.
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you will never be awoken by your favorite pokegirl
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I love Jasmine.
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They are all great
What's up with these names?
Answer is Mei.
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Does /a/ like ORAS May better than the old version?
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Thread images: 47

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