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Bururaji (BlazBlue Radio)

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In case you haven't noticed ArcSystemWorks uploaded almost all the Bururaji episodes to their channel. Now you can see Sugita & Co. telling Imai she's cute and getting her flustered and the cute illustrations of the staff
Subs never[/spoilers]
I remember when bururaji subs was on youtube before arcsys decided to delete it
somebody could make subs on the nicovideos though
Some fag was translating them on Dalymotion, but the army got him

Arc should really just let the community translate it and insert it on the subs track on YT
So when are Sugita and Imai getting married?
I could already see them on Nico.
Never, he believes in Nakamura x Imai
Imajin a cute.
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Is there really nowhere to watch with subs? Why'd arc remove them?
Looks like the latest season (Q) hasn't been uploaded. I'm rather surprised that ArcSys is so wedded to Nico. It's slow and its resolution is poor and gets worse at peak hours. Not to mention that viewing videos is restricted by the requirement to have an account; since these videos are meant to advertise their games they ought to embrace YouTube which allows easier access to a wider audience.
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dwango and ASW are buddies you silly tripfag
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currently there is no way to watch the bururaji episode subbed?
also no scripts?
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Terumi did nothing wrong.
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izayoi x bullet is my fucking jam.
Thread posts: 47
Thread images: 37

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