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Boys On the Run

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>Just marathoned this
anyone know the ending?

Also why the fuck isn't volume 10 on manga sites?
I would also like an answer to this!
Save yourself from impending crippling depression.
Still good manga though.
No I need to see the ending!
There is one dude who is translating it, he releases a few chapters now and then. Daniel lau, check out his twitter for updates.

New chapters hopefully sometime next summer
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I have just went through the raws of the final volume.

Shit looks bitter sweet.
But still it looks like he got a good ending.

It makes me fucking mad.
Almost as mad as that fucking cunt Chiharu, I thought she was so fucking sweet at first and then she NTRs the dude hardcore, what a piece of trash. I am still mad.
Because there's literally one guy who is doing it on his spare time for free. He's been going through some personal stuff the past few years. He doesn't have his webpage up anymore, just uses batoto and his twitter
Well I'd be willing to pay him money to do it.
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Yeah me too, I'd love to be able to buy the final volume for like $20 it bothers the living shit out of me that there aren't any official translations

Read some more of Kengo-senseis work while you wait
I considered reading that. But I don't think I can handle being NTRed anymore.

Literally the way I felt reading the Chiiharu x Aoyama chapters was how I felt when my ex cheated on me.
It was fucking horrible.
All the more because I really thought she was adorable when we first met her.
Really fucks with my head.

I might read it but I need some time to cool my rage.
So can you link me to the guys twitter?
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Relax with some braindead lighthearted humour between sessions, check out Hinamatsuri

Btw do you have any idea why Kengo Hanazawa likes to NTR his MC's so much.

Speaking of, Oda's death in I am a Hero? Wtf was that, that ruined her character in a matter of seconds.

>"I want your cock ....Iiiiuurraaaa"
Why? Just why?
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>Why? Just why?

Suffering, just pure fucking sadism and suffering.

It's the same with Asano Inio, but his shit gets even worse.

>he finally writes a SOL about cute girls doing cute things but they're pretty much doomed to be nuked by the government or killed by invading aliens

>it gets axed just when it gets good
>Asano Inio
Is he worth the read?
If you like suffering, then very much so. Most of his work is pretty explicit too.

He's the dude who wrote Oyasumi Punpun which I'm sure you've seen around unless this is your first day on /a/
I am willing to suffer through hell
But I need a big pay-off, something to make it all worth while, that's the only way I'm willing to suffer.

He's got some healing stuff too, Solanin was great. Even if there's a bit of suffering and tragedy involved the artstyle is so unique and refreshing
Thanks I'll give it a shot. I really do love Kengo, so I know I'll check out Ressentiment.
I just wish he didn't wanna NTR our hearts so much. But as long as it pays off in the end, it's all good.
btw I think Chiharu becomes a JAV star by the end of Boys on the Run. I have no clue though, but I think that's what happens. Went from top notch sweetheart, to pure gutter rat.
Is there more Black Knight?

I'm not sure I haven't been reading it since it's hiatus ended. Now I have something to do tonight
Ending: He went to jail taking the fall for that kid trying to bomb the school with fireworks or something

I heard there will be a continuation series but didnt see anyone posted any raw about it.
The cunt who translated this went from like monthly to annually because it's almost done and >muh relevance
I just read what was translated after seeing this thread.

I really enjoyed the connection with the main character, and the realism of the whole situation where he's pretty much a useless piece of shit, instead of immediately just having him become some kind of retarded savant.

Any other series like this? More down to earth and gritty seinen type shit.
I am a hero by the same author
RRR is fairly similar in theme
Thread posts: 25
Thread images: 6

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