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july 11 2016.jpg
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251 days to go
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It's bread.jpg
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Toasting in epic bread
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Today's cover page.
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Chiri tied up.jpg
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I want to properly tie up Chiri and do lewd things to her.
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You're my favorite anon.

Nice thanks.
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>The earthquake happened just before I was supposed to go to Japan as a high school exchange student
>Didn't get to go

These chapters always make me kind of melancholy.
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Cheers for the chapter and title page
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Thank you very much.
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Page 13.

>This was such a good idea.

>What are you doing?
It's the 4th in Japan already so,

Happy Birthday Sensei!
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Thanks for the dump
I'm not going to laugh and there is nothing some smug anime girl can do about it.
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Thanks for the Page 13 & TL
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I think I need to move this up on my backlog list.
She was the most athletic of them all.
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ai nonaka.jpg
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Can any of you translate this for me?

みゆさんのこと、まだ信じられません… ぱにぽに…学校みたいで楽しかったなぁ。絶望少女会でごはんもしたなぁ。距離が縮まった気がしてとっても嬉しかったです。まさか幸腹イベントが最後になるなんて…。体調悪かっただろうにバシバシ笑いをとるみゆさんは本当にかっこいい先輩でした…‼︎

本当に、たくさん、たくさんお世話になりました…!! 会うたびに「あいぽんは突然結婚したりしないでねー!」なんて笑いあってたのに、みゆさんに「お先でーす!」って言いたかったですよ… 本当に本当に寂しいです…。 心よりご冥福をお祈り申し上げます… (あい)
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Everyday until you turn pure.
Anal-kun is taking too long lately.

>I still can't believe it about Miyu-san... PaniPoni... It was fun, like being in school again. And when we had dinner together at the Zetsubou Shoujo reunion. It felt like the distance between us had gotten smaller, and I was very happy. To think that the Koufuku Grafitti event would be the last... Miyu-san was really a cool senpai, the way she always got such honest laughs out of everyone even though she must have been in pain.

>Truly, I was very, very indebted to her...! Every time we met, she would say, "Aibon, don't you dare get married before I do!" and we would laugh together. I wanted to be able to tell her, "I was first!" ... It's very sad... From the bottom of my heart, I wish her happiness in her next life. (Ai)
it's a terrible day for rain...
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Damn. Thanks for translating
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>You won't get any bigger
What's Chiri referring to?
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Thanks for the dump anon. Harumi will be missed.
A technical tap
Interesting backstory.
>Put this show on my backlog a while ago
>still have no idea what it's about

Maybe I'll enjoy it more of I go in blind
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thanks for an extra poignant story today and for yesterday as well regrettably i missed the thread and my condolences all round to all and sundry SZS fans this week.

Kafuka look after the new girl up there okay, she looked after you don here.
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Why was Abiru at Nami's house?
I think it might be normal for her to invite a classmate over from time to time.

A novel earthquake solution to the tossed room I might add.
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Thread images: 35

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