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We are going to play Anime Girl Shiritori It's simple if

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We are going to play Anime Girl Shiritori

It's simple if you want to play. You try to post characters with similarities to the last one posted, hair color, eye color, same personality traits, same VA, same designer, same body type, same clothes, whatever you can think of that is the same. However, if someone breaks sequence and one post gets two replies, you start from the most recent post. So if post A gets responded to by B and C, you are only supposed to reply to C. If this gets any traction and isn't ignored outright, it might be hectic because of the speed of the board but you can do it probably

I'll be keeping track of points and I played a similar game on /m/ before and they got 30ish points so try to beat them I guess. Using the same example as before, with A getting a response from B and C, I count it as 2 points counting only A and B. You're all on the same team so take it easy

I'm going to make a second post to show you how it works so do not reply to the OP directly
Twintails, this is how they're similar, note whatever you are saying is the same if you want

Now just come up with something that is similar to Azunyan.

Also, it's discouraged to just keep repeating qualities and just keep posting twintail characters or just keep continually posting characters from the same series
I'd play if you werent tripfagging.
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Post pics onegai
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>same VA
Fuck you OP.
It's topical
I meant what happened to her VA.
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VA again
I don't want to grieve, let's play instead.
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Same eye color
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Their hairpins
I am doing this once to clarify because this boy is the first first fug up

Start from this post to reply to anything and the score is 7 adding up >>133100221
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dandere lewd loli
>using Kuuko THAT soon
You fucking heartless fucker I hope you die from pneumonia.
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Rape the maid.
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also a cup
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VA + willing to do lewd things to give strength to her friends
You're doing it wrong mate, start the game and let it flow, don't start with rules and shit.
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Similar appearance.
Oppai monster seen in the first scene of the first episode
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... forgot pic
Pink hair.
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deal with it umaru.jpg
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Round face
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Is an annoying cunt with a punchable face
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Worst girl
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They look alike
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Want sex with a little boy
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Manly scar.
I don't get what this thread is about, but wanted to combo break it, so here it is.
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daddy issues.jpg
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Daddy issues.
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Ice powers
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best girl.jpg
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>not charm point
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Short hair.
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shinka j1.gif
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Hair clip
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yasuna twirl.gif
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Series with "kill" in title
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Similar pose
Thread posts: 53
Thread images: 41

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