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So I'm watching Ben-to and Im aware that this is gonna be

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So I'm watching Ben-to and Im aware that this is gonna be a stupid question but

Do people really fight for food like this in nipland?

Also Ben-To thread
Yes, but they use katanas instead of fighting unarmed
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I think the author watched the fight club movie, then read the book and thought 'what would people fight about in Japan' and invented the Bento battles.

Season two fucking never ever.
LN translations never ever.
Sen best girl.
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I wanted a second season of this more than any show I ever watched.
I still remember the pain and confusion I felt when I realised that I had just watched the last episode.
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Many want to blame Ume.
They are wrong.
They hated Ume so much that it scared the studio.
Ume did not destroy the chances of season two.
Ume haters destroyed the chanses of season two.
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Best couple.
Thanks OP now I'm redownloading it.

I'm glad you're aware yours is a really stupid question
Of course anime is just a documentary on nippon life silly anon
Only around universities really. Do you really think a bunch of adults with paying jobs are going to be fighting for discount scraps?

And then you realize Ben-to is a cultural facade trying to give dignity to poverty
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Just here to post best girl

Like Hayate no Gotoku?

I would Shaga Shaga.
You see people pushing around for limited time sales pretty damn often
It's just that most adults aren't going to bother after an entire day's work
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Are you an ant lover?

Replaced. Are there any good Ume/Hana Sadpandas?

Preferably with Hana fantasizing about gay sex while she gets slurped like a lemon lolly pop.
Sales number were fine but then Ume episode happened and there were lots of preorders getting canceled.
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my dick.jpg
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The only well drawn Ume doujins are the 2 rape doujins.
God damnit. She's so sexual.
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I don't get why so many hate her.
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Man, i enjoyed Ben-To so much until the blonde slut and runny nose retard were introduced.

hold me
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Man, if anything, Japanese people would be really down for a fight club. Getting together and beating the shit out of each other would probably alleviate the suicide rate.
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Wasn't it because Ume was unironically lesbian?

Not even in the vague cute implications way. Just full on aggro les who wanted to fuck cute girls and nips didn't care for that.
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>not having the desire to dick her straight
I don't think it is that simple.
Because outside of her few but amazing moments of unabated lesbian lust, she was generally just a bitchy, violent, man-hating androphobe pandering to male hard-M's and femdom fags.

She came on way too strong for anybody not into that fetish to like.
I think it was that they didn't like that the protag played along and enjoyed it.

It emasculated them, especially because he was clearly cool with it.
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Umefags are the worst thing to come out of this anime. They shit up all discussion to the point where she's the only thing people remember about it.

She really was problematic.
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They needed more than one body-type. Or more exciting personalities.

The raging dyke was the only thing that stood out.
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Thread images: 20

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