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Delinquent Manga Thread

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Daily dose of KKOW
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I always forget what a bastard Nakano was at the start
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What are your thoughts on this live action movie
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Haven't seen it, but the hair on Itou looks surprisingly accurate.
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Last chapter of the night.
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Actually one more, I'm pretty sure this is the end of the Nakano business.
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Just gonna say this is probably my favourite non-comedy chapter
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I was gonna say mine was something else, but all the other ones I thought of were pretty comedic when I actually thought about it. Like when he got revenge on that Tokyo douche.
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Did he just fucking drop him?
This was the chapter which had me liking Itou a bit more than Mitsuhashi.
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It doesn't seem spread out enough to be honest.
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Getting it accurate would probably be physically impossible, I'm just surprised it stands up that high.
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And that's all for tonight, thanks for reading.
>You will never be a tenth of a man Itou or Mitsuhashi are

Thanks, anon. KKOW isn't my favorite delinquent manga, but it is still fun to revisit it like this.
What is your favorite delinquent manga?
I mean every single arc has comedy not sure how you guys can see it as full action, I mean the Akehisa take over is awesome but still has comedy, when they first go vacationing is also brutal but has comedy and so does this arc because there's a joke every single page.
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>KKOW isn't my favorite delinquent manga
Let me guess, RokuBlues or Crows?
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I dare ya'll to read at the very least 5 chapters of Honoo no Tenkousei riight now.
Yeah but that is one of the few chapters that has almost no jokes, the only one is that brief moment where Riko and her friend are talking, and it's hardly even a joke. The only other one like that I can think of is the end of the last Sagara arc.
Fuck yesterday's thread died before reaching 100 posts, seems like this one is gonna go down quick as well.
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hard shit.png
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Will Shinji ever go on his goddamn date?
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crows volume 1.jpg
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It's sad.
Actually, it's QP
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Crows and Worst (and many other series) are $3 a volume at Book-Off. Next time I'm in the city I think I'll buy more. I'll also look through their shelves of $1 manga. Unfortunately, and I've combed their shelves several times, they don't have any KKOW.
Is it bad that the Shocker bit was the hardest I've ever laughed at a delinquent manga?
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Is it OK to watch the KKOW anime before reading the manga?
Also, any love for Shonan Junai Gumi around here?
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Don't see the point in watching the OVAs to be honest, you're better off starting with the manga and then when you're done just check the OVA out so see how they are and to get some of that voice work.

You can catch up to this thread pretty quickly, the first 25 chapters are the only that are kinda tough to get through if you can't stand the art.
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Thanks anon!
>sage for no contribution
No, damn it. Don't sage.
Reminder that you'll never pet Riko's fluffy hair.
That's okay. I'd rather test the sharpness of Itou's hair.
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But can he dice onions?
I said bump dammit.
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Perfect time for that other anon to dump Comertie Volume one because I really need to read something and >>133068984 is a pain in the ass.
I thought he made a thread for that already.
When? Did it die already?
A few days ago, I think. And yeah, it's long dead.
Did he only do one volume?
Damn what a shame I missed it, he should really reconsider doing it here, there's already an audience here, OP would only need to mention in his opening comment that Cromartie will also be dumped.
Not sure.
What's the premise?

The basic plot is that Takizawa transfers to a school where the teachers have messed up methods to deal with students, or schools where there are obscure and crazy rules. His father accompanies him and pretends to be one of the teachers to try and sneak up on the evil or corrupt teachers and end their tyranny.
I can see why that would be hard to read. I'll see what I can do.
Oh you have no idea that description doesn't even come close to how the manga it's like. I mean, I did chuckle a couple of times but at the very least the start is very rough to get through. Only finished the first volume so far.
Hey chartfag, if you're in here I thought of another thing you could add to your chart: a color coding or something to differentiate if the manga is about normal punks, or about bosozoku, or borderline yakuza shit.
File: Saru Lock 3.png (1MB, 2220x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Saru Lock 3.png
1MB, 2220x1600px
I'll think about it but what other categories can you think about? Is there a difference between classic delinquents and gangs/thugs like Saru Lock for example, which aren't your classic high school 90's gangs? Pic related. Also, what about manga that overlap categories, add both?
Yeah the difference between classic delinquents and gang banger shit. Maybe make the categories like: punks, yanki, bosozoku, and yakuza. As for overlapping I guess just go with the most prominent one, like if there's an arc or two with yakuza, but it's primarily just gang shit go with yanki or punk. If they're both really prominent I guess add both.
Aight sounds good, lets see what people think about it tomorrow or what they suggest and I'll see if I can add it.
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