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>Der Riese und brennt das ein Ende! holy shit, my sides.

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>Der Riese und brennt das ein Ende!
holy shit, my sides.

also honest question here, not trolling:
where does rin acquire all of these gems? they just seem to replenish out of thin air?
She's in a rich mage family, m8. Use your head for once and stop being retarded.
She has a small stockpile.
She has a limited number though and she usually spend all of them by the end of the route.
Her family specialty is gem magic. She stuffs mana into them long beforehand to use in battle situations.
It was cool in the VN because she only had ten strong gems and had to make tough judgements about when to use them.
>they just seem to replenish out of thin air?
Did you even bother to watch the fight? She ran out of gems and had to use her fists
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Sie hatte nicht genug Geld übrig für eine Tüte Deutsch und musste sich behelfen mit verblödeten Zaubersprüchen in gebrochenen japanischen Deutsch.
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electric ZR
>in gebrochenen
learn german grammar first before you criticize rin's.
Du schwuler Esel, halts Maul, es ist schon so viele Jahre her dass ich auf einer deutschen Schule war oder überhaupt deutsche Grammatik gelernt habe.
Ein pahr kleine Fehler können dann dazwisschen kommen.

Zumindestens kann ich es noch recht gut sprechen.
What is that supposed to mean anyway? "The giant and burns that an end?"
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Maybe it's a gas giant finally beginning to undergo nuclear fusion in its core?
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She uses the gems to fund her side business.
There is always a "," before " dass"
"paar" and "dazwischen"
Jesus, she was a junkie?
Truly the worst of females
Not bad for a non-native. especially the colloquial phrase "Tüte Deutsch".

Almost comedic that a random anon can compose better german sentences than some japanese writers who actually get paid for their shit.
Nasu isn't exactly known for his use of foreign languages.
His latin is even worse than his german.
all it takes is asking some foreign language undergrad from some remote university to compose him a nice-sounding, grammatically correct sentence. or fuck, ask his editor to find some random, half-decently educated intern to fill in placeholders.
Please remember F/SN and reconsider whether he has an editor
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/a/ has destroyed my joy for this adaptation. Fuck you guys.
>letting random people on the internet dictate whether you can enjoy something or not
Serves you right idiot
grand success
It's been a few decades since I lived in Germany and regularly went on vacation there with the family afterwards.

Actually, my mom was German, now she's dead.
I'm half German, half Dutch, I just barely use German because I live in the Netherlands, thus I use Dutch and English regularly.
So pretty guess what happens to my fluency and grasp of German...

I can call you a Vixer, Gummiadler, verblödet, etc. to show you more that I was a native in a sense, that I learned German from the age of 3 years on for several years, but the complete story is kind of literally complicated.
Hey he gets lucky sometimes
>"Vertrag. Ein neuer Nagel. Ein neues Gesetz. Ein neues Verbrechen"
Doesn't sound too bad and makes sense.
More or less
No, it sounds non-sensical.
Short sensical sentences in a non-sensical order and relation to each other.

"Contract. A new nail. A new law. A new crime."

Doesn't really make sense as a whole in English either and sounds more poetic than actual normal spoken language.
lol, stupid japs can't even speak german

fucking retards
Meh I think it works for a magic Incantation.
Atleast it isn't this

>Das material ist aus Silber und Eisen.

>Der Grundstein ist aus Stein

>und der Großherzog des Vertrag.

>Der Ahn ist meiner größer Meister Schweinorg.

>Schutz gegen einen heftiger Wind.

>Schließ alles Tor,

>Geh aus der Krone.

>Zirkulier die Gabelung -

>Nach dem König.


>Es wird fünfmal wiederholt.

>Nur ist es die volle Zeit gebrochen.



>Du überläßt alles mir,

>Mein Schicksal überläßt alles deinen Schwert.

>Das basiert auf dem Gral

>antwort wenn du diesem Wille und diesem Vernunftgrund folgt.

>Lieg des Gelüdbe hier.

>Ich bin die Güte der ganze Welt.

>Ich bin das Böse der ganze Welt.

>Du bist der Himmel

>mit drei Wortseelen.

>komm,aus dem Kreis,der Unterdrückung der Schutzgeist der Balkenwaage

Well that's to be expected from magic.
It fits what the magic is supposed to do and doesn't rape the language
>Schutzgeist der Balkenwaage
I lost it
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Thread images: 7

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