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Heaven's Feel and all of Ilya and Kirei's scenes (the only reason to watch Fate in the first place) can't come soon enough.
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I have nothing against the UBW route. But if ufotable wanted to do a gritty series HF would be a much better choice.
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>for literally months before this episode: "I sure do hope they animate the 'you can't have Tohsaka scene!'
>the scene is animated
>"what is this tsundere SoL bullshit"
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Don't worry anon, I'm sure you 90 minute movie will be great. I'll be over here enjoying the route Ufotable actually cares about.
>I'll be over here enjoying the route Miura fucking ruined.

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The scene pisses off Zerofags and fags who don't like Rin. i.e. people with terrible taste.
>Pulls off the scene about as perfectly as you possibly could
Doesn't Rin have sex with old men for money?
Fucking ugly as sin.
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Seriously, I remember UBW having been the most action packed of the 3. This interpertation has been nothing but a bore.
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Least the HF manga is looking good

First chapter is already out.
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No, in fact, she is the only heroine who's a virgin.
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>there are people who like Rino when Sakura and Illya exist

She is not just surrounded by superior girls, she is also the worst tsundere character ever made.
Has anybody on /a/ actually re-read the VN? It's so fucking bad I can't even describe it. I don't know how I loved this shit when I was 16.
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>Nasu would want Rin as his wife
>Urobuchi loves Rin and supports Rin/Shirou
>Miura's favorite girl is Rin and is the reason UBW happened in the first place

Face the facts, everyone behind the scenes loves Rin.
vaginal worms
Don't worry, it's not the VN. It's just you becoming a massive faggot in your later years, it happens to most people.
Did not long ago, right before FHA. It was pretty cool, cooking scenes apart. HF had some insane fights.
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>It sucks
>nah ur just a fag #typemoonies4lyef
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200% Tiger
I tried but all it did was cement in my mind how much better paced Fate/Zero was. Fate/hollow ataraxia was fun though.

Here's the thread where the whole thing's at. Let's not turn this into an image dump; it's 60 pages.
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It's troubling when I hide a post, and forget why I hid it as the entire thread just starts filling up with hidden posts.
What does Rin even do in Heaven's Feel?
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I couldn't make it through the prologue.

Just the horrid verbal diarrhea, and purple prose, combined with the whole "let's shove some barely-relevant worldbuilding in here, and hope it fits!"
Saves her sister and the city.

You know, general best girl sort of things.
>pic related
Thread posts: 28
Thread images: 14

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