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one page thread
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sauce is most definitely not in the archive

90% sure this is not by Wamusato Haru, but instead by someone else with the character being based on her
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Sauce? Wait, google search first...
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Man, this ending was so fucked up
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Re:Marine chapter 45. I didn't sign up for this shit. Plenty of chapters still untranslated but that's the latest and we're missing like 2 months' worth of raws.

Anyone mind telling me if that's her kid or if it's just a red herring?
Whoops. Meant Marina.
RIP best prostitute
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new chapter when

i love the reluctant hero types

and the fact that he is framed and hated also makes the story and characters more interesting

>tfw no cute raccoon daughteru
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I fucking hate Endo. We get it, your childhood was fucked up, but Jesus Christ only an absolute edgelord would do what he did. I refuse to believe Meguru is done by the same person. He probably has fuck all to do with the plot and only does the visual stuff.
It's been several years and I'm still mad as fuck.
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>015.jpg | one ..
>015.jpg | one p..e th..
Sorry, what were you saying?
Writing a dark plot doesn't make you edgy.Mana made me mad as fuck, too, though.
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>there are people on /a/ RIGHT NOW who haven't read this
That was the angriest I've ever gotten at a non-romance mango. That or when Ran died in Texhnolyze.
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I appreciate your contributions to OP threads based baki anon
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other baki fan here, wish /a/ gave a fuck about this series it's better than jojo
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>tfw he punched a blind guy so hard, the blind guy became able to see
It still hurts.
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this ended in japan, right? will scanlations ever catch up?
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I remember reading this, i cant remember its name thou. source?
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