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Akkayk (night of f_re v2.5)

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We couldn't keep it going this time but let's try to ignite it once again.
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A thread blessed by double hachi.
Claimed by best girl.
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Wrote up some discussion fuel

To what extent is haruno's involvement in v8? Was she aware of the club's inner turmoil?
1. She met 8man, found out her sister didn't want the student council position. By chance were also met by 8man's old crush, orimoto. She called up Hayato to get him involved to start some chemical reaction. The girls wanted to go on a date again, Hayato didn't affirm.

Was Haruno the one who wanted another date to happen again or was it Hayato alone?

2. Hayato tried to ask 8man to go to the date but couldn't get him to agree. Haruno got involved to get 8man to go.

Did Hayato ask Haruno to convince 8man? Was it Haruno who engineered all this and wanted hayato to succeed with whatever he was gonna do so she stepped in for the plan to proceed in its next step?

3. The date proceeds, Hayama lays down his justice, Yukino and Yui appear. Haruno provokes Yukino to run for the position, which she does.

The final question: Was everything engineered by Haruno so that her sister would try to surpass her or get her to claim something for herself? What were the intentions of each yukinoshita?
She was mostly curious about what Hayama would try to do, his actions should have been somewhat surprising to Haruno who knew him at least since Hayama acted contrary to people's expectations for once and screwed up.

As for Hayama, it wasn't an overcomplicated plan, it's what it looks like. While his reasons aren't obvious (how he tells 8man about how people should see his worth, which ties to their vol10 discussion), his actions weren't. They were just really clumsy.

Haruno could have been informed by Hayama on the club's relationships but it's not like she really acts upon it, she just tries to get Yukino to do something without depending on others again.

To anime viewers who miss context, things will probably be a bit harder to get.
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What could Haruno's view on Yukino's relationship within the club room be? What role does she want 8man to play for her sister? What is she doing this all this for?

In the episode, she watched Hayato do his thing but could she have used Hayato's good intentions but clumsy actions for 8man as impetus for her sister to try harder/not be boring?
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Fuck this OP image. Let's try this one next time, maybe edit it and remove the romaji. Won't be long since this thread seems like it'll turn over fast.
I think trying to force these threads while we don't have a fresh episode or a new chapter from spyro is tough, so maybe give it some time before the next one. That said, the discussion is pretty good so I'll try and contribute.

I don't think that she really cares about Yukino's relationship in the club room. She seems to really only care about Yukino becoming independent and not trying to emulate her. So in order to do that she does things in the only way she knows how: antagonizing her sister into action. She's actually kind of similar to 8man in that her methods are unorthodox.
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I feel that it's time for Haruno to take center stage since she hasn't been the focal point of an arc, and has only been fanning flames on the side, like sensei's support role.

Sensei's been the one bringing all sorts of personalities in the club, ignoting all sorts of reactions given their reactive personalities. Haruno intensifies/speeds up shit:
1. Informing 8man about the car
2. Blowing up sagami's ego
3. Bringing in Hayato to a coincidental meeting
4. Dragging 8man into Hayato's plan
5. Provoking Yukino into presidency
6. Provoking 8man into asking Yukino about her choice

While bombarding a yukino date and two yui dates on the side.

Your explanation for her character seems insufficent to grasp her motives so i'm looking for more stretches of imagination that are still logical to bridge some gaps before all the answers are given in the upcoming volumes.
These secondary evading techniques are getting more advanced.
They're too effective if you ask me.
Secondary here, they really are not.
Did i miss the last thread before this one?
The big one got 404
Oh yeah that was the one
rip skeleton people.
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Yeah, I agree she's functioned mostly as a plot device up until now. As for speculation, I guess it all comes down to the family history.

We know that Yukino and Haruno grew up with a demanding and controlling mother. Because Haruno is older, Yukino probably had a lot of admiration for her older sister and tried to be just like her. However, she just wasn't the people person that Haruno is capable of being, so she probably embarrassed the family at some public event. This earned disdain from her mother and she was barred from going to those public events from then on. Sometime after that, Yukino is approached by her mother about an engagement to Hayato.

Here's where I have no idea what I'm talking about. Yukino had a thing for Hayato but Hayato was in love with Haruno.
>“But if it's actually a date that means once again Yukino wasn't chosen”
Yukino understands this but since Hayato is Hayato he goes along with what his parents want. Yukino is hurt that once again her sister was chosen over her and blames her mother for her disappointment leading to a falling about between them and eventually her moving out of the house for high school.

I think that covers most motivations but I couldn't figure out a reason why Yukino would be interested in Hayato in the first place, or why the mom wouldn't just ask Haruno to get engaged to Hayato.
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