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Girls und Panzer

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We can all agree that Centipede team is best team right?
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> yurishit
Take them goggles off son
Good manga, cancerous readership.
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I'm just kidding anon. I just didn't have anything better to post with Angry volleybutts
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Chapter 7 when?
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Public Morals full.png
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How would you manage a sleepover with the entire public morals committee?
That's an abuse of power.
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sounds like fun m8
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This is the Sherman the best American tank during the war
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let's not start
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Saori sure does have a great ass, but I prefer Taeko's
I like her eyes.
got my Momo-chan daki today

also a reminder that TL for chapter 4 of Marginal Operation is up >>124482987
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>Ribbon Warrior
>not yuri
You are kind of blind, aren't you?
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chutch tajke me hizirt
Beter pic
Worst girl.
That would be Maginot Battle, Anon
>dem FT-17's
Which French team wears the adorable little Hussar uniforms?
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Color spread of GuP: Little Army II on Comic Alive. Someone got their copy early.
>Bell Wall high
>German charisma twin-tail
>liking a yuri team
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>not liking a yuri team
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> dem feet

Also it seems like Rin is the lesbian, Shizuka doesn't seem to interested.
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See the way the gun is positioned here makes me wonder how >>124514604 is possible.
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sunny version.jpg
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[Desire To Know More Intensifies]
by simply turning her upper body to the side?
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In a few days. Now, V2 typeset of Maginot chapter 6 in the /ak/ wiki when?
Sasuga Maho
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What was Hana dreaming about?
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Getting fatter
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yande.re 244007.jpg
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>V2 typeset of Maginot chapter 6
I've been wondering about that too please not another victim to the /ak/ typesetter curse again
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I need this.
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WWI tanks when?
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What does it say?
Verdamnt Tommie cookers!
File: 1416283308198.jpg (95KB, 960x544px)
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someone really should insert the translation into that.
Reinterpreted from Google translate. The translations for Akebi and Shinobu's sections were pretty much unintelligible.






Kondou Taeko
Truly menacing. I wonder if there has ever been an ass this beautiful before. The history of asses shall be divided into two parts: Pre-Kondou, and Post-Kondou.

Noriko Isobe
A miraculous butt, combining both flexibility and toughness. As a person with a strong sense of responsibility, the troubles faced by a leader and the strength to overcome them are both elegantly expressed.

Sasaki Akebi
Despite its relatively small size, it fulfils its role steadily and faithfully, exactly as could be said of Akebi herself.
The play's butt scene is decorated by a goddess. Keep an eye on the ass god's work.(?)

Kawanishi Shinobu
A bewitching form that can only be properly expressed from behind.
Balance? Presence? Her ass is long past such a dimension.
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Their version of the Ankô dance?
File: VolleyballRangers.png (342KB, 706x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Bottom right panel
I'm alive and well; just been dealing with irl stuff. ETA tomorrow or Monday.
Goddam google translate.
Tell me, why does she wear the volleyball?
File: norikogoescrazy.png (2MB, 1490x1125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1490x1125px
In the doujins by that guy she almost always does it.
She always talks about Volleyball.
The only way to get good at volleyball is to become the volleyball
Why does her hair look like a record?
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Thread images: 52

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