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What are your thoughts on Stella C3 Airsoft manga?

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Hi, I'm in fairly good terms with the illustrator for the Stella C3 manga that came BEFORE the anime aired a year later.

The illustrator's name is Tomomoka Midori. I am in the process of explaining to her how the fansubbing/scanlation industry runs and why people pirate anime/manga.

I didn't put too much detail in to it because my Japanese isn't top-tier, but it was enough for her to fully understand why people pirate so much in the West.

The next step is to provide feedback as to whether or not fans of the series (now complete) are willing to buy English copies at the local bookstores or not.

Further more, I'd like /ak/ scanlations to oversee the editing for the translations of the English copy, so we don't have fuck ups like with K-on's English version for example (i.e. Azunyan -> Azumeow), if companies like Yen Press were to show interest.

I don't want just "Yes, gimme an English version" replies. I'd like a brief 2-3 paragraph explanation as to why you enjoyed the series and why her creation deserves an English copy.

Tomomoka Midori is a talented artist and I'd like her to be more well known in the West despite her small portfolio.

Her works of art brings warmth and dandelion like feelings into my heart when I read her mangas.

You can read the scanlated version on Batoto: http://bato.to/comic/_/comics/tokurei-sochi-dantai-stella-jogakuin-koutouka-c%C2%B3-bu-r9148

I supported her last year when I bought the first two volumes at Akihabara on my trip to Japan.

Her Twitter: https://twitter.com/stella_midori
Her portfolio website: http://ymidori.com/

She recently created a One Shot as part of a Kickstarter campaign that brings some sort of awareness to the Tohoku region of Japan which was heavily affected during the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami Incident. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2002295009/illustration-and-manga-compilation-book-of-tohoku/description
She is in the process of making a new, original manga series that combines soccer and ninjas together. The preview shows both male and female characters. I'm honestly not sure how that's going to turn out, but she started the project in Febuary of 2015.
>Further more, I'd like /ak/ scanlations to oversee the editing for the translations of the English copy,
That one was done entirely by an /ak/ anon, though.
I contacted them about the thread on their Twitter account already. Not sure if they're going to respond or not. If they can't oversee it, then that's fine too.
yeah, I saw it. Wile it was an /a/non that scanlated the manga, it wasn't /ak/ that did. The Helvetica Scenario are the ones hosting it
Oh cool. You found my 4chan link. How did you do that when I only posted the 4+4chan link?

Anyways, what do you think about my idea, Swiss Momo?
I haven't read Stella C3, but seeing you work as mediator with the illustrator has piqued my interest.

After I blaze through it, I would like for you to deliver my thoughts on it to her since you're requesting it, after all.
I'm simply her Twitter friend. I converse with her from time to time about things I encounter here in Canada. These days, I'm trying to give her as much feedback as possible to help her become famous.

Her Stella C3 manga is the best manga to show younger people as to what Airsoft even is. It is also perfect propaganda to recruit female players into the sport as we severely lack female players here in Canada.

Since her manga is rated E for Everyone, I want her manga to be at school libraries all of the country.

I have close ties with my local school board, so this will be interesting.
That's definitely an admirable goal, and now I'm compelled to read through it all tonight.
I have the habit of checking the c/a/talogue as one of the first things after getting online.

Anyway, rooting for a manga to get a western release is generally always a good thing, BUT only if it gets picked up by a competent publisher that doesn't just release half of it and then keeps throwing around DMCA's.

Although personally, I wouldn't buy an English release, but an eventual German one
The C3 manga was completely different from the anime, wasn't it?
What did the aurhor think of the anime?
>I don't want just "Yes, gimme an English version" replies. I'd like a brief 2-3 paragraph explanation as to why you enjoyed the series and why her creation deserves an English copy.

Go fuck yourself you pretentious cunt.
Congrats, you are the first faggot to act like a... well, a faggot!

Here's a medal for being a faggot. How are you feeling?
You've been on /a/ before, right? Naturally. You can ignore posts you don't like man.
I've watched the anime and read the scanlated chapters so I have to say this: C3-bu just isn't very good. The anime took the more dramatic approach and ended up as a mess and the original manga took a more grounded CGDCT approach but it wasn't really memorable either.

If I were to watch or read a non-serious Kawaii Uguu Schoolgirl series with Airsoft, then I'd opt to just go for Sabagebu instead. It's a series that fully goes tongue in cheek with their approach to airsoft and it litters itself with utterly batshit insane characters and thus therein lies its strength. And I'm sorry to say this but C3-bu has none of this charm.

This isn't to put down Midori-sensei as I do enjoy her art. But its very unlikely that a C3-bu english publication will see success in the west. Even moreso with the gun moralfags and other retarded discussions that sprouted when the C3-bu anime first aired being a tentative reception to C3-bu in the west.

Her new work with Soccer Ninjas does sound interesting though. So that may be a more viable subject for a work for hers to be imported to the west.

Isn't Ninja Soccer a GAiNAX property that was presented by them at the recent opening ceremony of their Fukushima branch?

Maybe it is Yoshinori Asao (Ikoma), who penned both Stella Jogakuin and this upcoming work, a more important objective and the one we should be aiming this feedback at, not just to the illustrator.
I think OP's idea of bringing copies to schools makes a lot of sense. C3bu would work well. I remember picking up Yotsuba at a book fair when I was in 5th grade.
Yen Press is the only publisher I could think of at the moment. But they make silly mistakes that prevents it from being a part of my collection, so I just buy the original Japanese one in the end and pirate a scanlated copy online for reading.

**Checks out on Arpeggio of Blue Steel**

Okay, looks like "Seven Seas Entertainment" published the English version. Anyone had a chance to check out how much they fucked up the wordings? Or did they actually do well?

Nevertheless, I'm not too sure how big the German fanbase is. :(

So... if a good Publisher picks it up, what are the chances of your buddies overseeing their translations?

Yes, quite different from the anime. The anime concentrates more on the core members and other female characters, while the manga includes interaction with male characters that you normally see at regular games. Vol2 is a great example of what a regular game feels like, minus the fact that it's a 24 hour tournament.

Oh, did I mention their battles are more realistic in the manga? No barrel rolls and mid air flips and all that shit like in the anime. The manga presents real world survival games in their raw form.

One last thing, Yura doesn't act like an autistic child in the manga. She's less stubborn in the manga if you know what I mean.
>english version
I buy my manga/LNs etc straight from Japan usually.
To support the artist/author in a direct way.
I buy a Japanese volume of a manga - it looks great, the paper quality is great, the covers feel and look great.
Western official copies are shit, shitty paper, shitty cheap cover. Not worth their price.

You sound super fucking pretentious and I can only feel misrepresented if someone guy who just knows an artist on twitter explains "Pirating" and the "fansubbing/scanlation" subculture.
Asking the opinions of a relatively small part of the anime fandom is retarded, the manga has to sell, therefore the buying potential of the entire market is the issue.

Even then its the intermediaries that handle the releases in other countries, the illustrator herself doesn't do it all herself, the companies like Yen Press will judge for themselves how to translate things and how popular a series is (likeliness of actual sale)

>I'd like /ak/ scanlations to oversee.
Who the fuck do you think you are? That isn't going to happen, you can't just go "I'm sort of friends with the illustrator, let me tell you how to do this and who you'll work with"

I assume you are also talking to the author? not just sending mangled Japanese to the illustrator who keeps humouring you.

Please leave.
Because c3bu is simply a really fun series, probably the best "girls with guns" I've watched, the characters are cute and it's just a joy to read/watch.
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Thread images: 1

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