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Memorable OSTs

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Updated chart from the old one. 11 added.
>Kaiji OST
>no Akagi OST
>Rolling Girls
If the story was as good as the soundtrack

Also, C3-bu
I was starting to worry until I saw Haibane Renmei at the bottom. The OP and ED are absolutely perfect and fit the series so well in different ways. I have that soundtrack on all the time when I am working.
I actually think this chart does a good job at what it intends to do.
There are certainly some amazing soundtracks that are good in their own right but are not 'memorable' - set apart.

If it already isn't up there, the soundtrack to the original Hellsing anime would do well.
I don't know if movies are allowed but the soundtrack to Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack is particularly memorable for its effectiveness in conveyed emotion - that is, Saegusa was able to put behind all the triumphant pieces and the combat pieces and the anxiety pieces an overall feeling of impending 'culmination' - something big was coming, something big was coming to a head.
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I feel like the list of good OSTs is higher than the list of shitty or just mediocre ones.

Did you watch an anime and liked it? Then you'll remember the music.

Did you hate it? Chances are, about 50/50 you will look back and say some of the music is cool. Every Sawano soundtrack is good and most of them are just UNICORN rehashes.

Fuck, even Glasslip had a decent soundtrack most people agreed. It's not that hard. That kid in your physics class who beatboxed made some good beats sometimes.

"List of good music from anime", what a pointless chart, might as well make "animes produced in color" too.
Magi and Nanatsu no Taizai
We are going for memorable, not just good.
Memorable doesn't have to be good.
A reaaaally shitty soundtrack also has the potential to be memorable.
I hope by ghost in the shell, you are refering to the 2 movies with Kenji Kawai's music, cause i see a stand alone complex pic in there
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Booklet 02.jpg
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I went off what was general popular opinion in the archives.
Except for 3.
Junketsu no Maria has pretty good OSTs


Sadly this anime flew under everyone's radar.
Why isn't K-On on here?

Also, I feel like Kekkai Sensen will end up on this chart at the end of the season.

Lets be honest here, Noragami wasn't that good.
I only did stay for the music and that shouldn't be enough.
> no Madoka
Read the fucking picture
Unless you're telling me Fairy Tail was good
Check the bottom row, friend.
>no Redline
Check the top row, friend.
Oh yeah.
I wonder when James Shimoji will do some new stuff, I can't find his work on Jigen Daisuke's Gravestone anywhere
I sure hope I'm as retarded as everyone else in this thread and you really didn't forget SZS.
That's be a horrible mistake to make.
I'm sure that Macross listing includes the original SDF.
As for anymore, I don't know how applicable this is but
the original vocal songs composed and performed for the Legend of Galactic Heroes OVA always stood out, not only for their great composition, but also for their ability to slowly grow on you.
That said, they hardly constitute an OST.
The rest, of course, is all classical.
K-On didn't have that good an OST.
And yeah, it probably will. I tried to be kinda strict on the entries. Unless someone wants to organize by genre or more specific than "memorable", I don't think it should have 200 entries by the end of the year.

I didn't really notice it while watching the show, but listening to it now, it's actually pretty good.
I was going to add Yuri Kuma at the bottom, but it's OST isn't out yet. The next time I would update it is at the end of this season or later anyway, I guess we'll see then.

I didn't make it. Just added the most recent 11. It hadn't been updated since February last year. I liked SZS's OST a lot though, so it's likely that it will get added at sometime.

Has any OST from this season stood out much beside Kekkai Sensen yet?
It had a pretty memorable one.

People still have 'best K-On songs' threads
How about Nana ?


Also, the OP, ED & Insert songs are really god-tier

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SSX - 10039_02.jpg
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Princess Tutu
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>Rebuild gets in
>Bleach doesn't

Come on, you can hate on Bleach all you like but the Rebuild OST is literally identical to Bleach, you could swap tracks around and it wouldn't change a thing.

Also while we're on mecha, consider Zegapain:


And Shin Getter Armageddon

Take a close look on the chart, it's on there.
Look again. Did you get bleach in your eyes or something?

So it is, my mistake. Chart could really do with alphabetization.
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Haikyuu has a good one? I don't remember anything standing out when watching the show.

>No Gargantia.
Not surprising since barely watched the show but the OST is fucking perfect.

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is it any good? I've only read the doujins
>No Ghost in the Shell
>No Planetes
>Only the Rebuilds, not the original series and/or EoE
>GitS and original EVA literally right next to each other
Fafner should definitely be on the list.


Yes. Good characters, animation, etc. In terms of music, it doesn't have the kind of stand-out tracks like GBF, but the tracks work very well for the scenes they're in.
Why even bother with that piece of shit?
Thread posts: 38
Thread images: 7

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