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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku

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>Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku
Anyone else reading this?
Web novel, Light novel, and a manga adaptation.

The premise and story is generic as all fuck, but I find it enjoyable.
I think the MC being so chill and courteous about everything while always keeping composure and never rude is rather refreshing.
These stories tend to either have raging emofag edge hero or the complete opposite, socially inept otaku who has everything handed to him.

I don't know, the characters just feel likable.
Because it's just a slice of life series, the MC get super OP instantly and then just spend all his time sightseeing and gathering lolis. Occasional fights every now and then but that's just too keep it interesting, you read it for the fun fun adventures instead of all the leveling and fighting.
I thought I was looking at Chaika for a second there.
The latest story arcs have the protag working 24/7 with hardly any sleep, with little to no sightseeing though.
He's living a literal quadruple life with no time to rest.
I guess that's where the "death march" in the title became relevant again.
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Why do all MC's have a Kirito haircut now?
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Oh, is the story line after the current translated arc going to be about Arisa and her sister? Or is that them arriving at labyrinth city finally.
Kirito and SAO are the new hotness
The haircut is a semi short hair without any extra special feature. Saying that hairstyle is "Kirito's haircut" is like saying every asian dude is Jackie Chan.
No, the next arc is arriving to the Muno region, the place Zen massacred the nobles centuries ago.
It's been reestablished since two decades ago and people are trying to live there.
Rarely is there a fantasy tensei story where gods are so incredibly malicious and vile as Death March.
It's like an entire pantheon of sadistic bastards.
All the Maoh in this world are reincarnated people.

The gods bring souls of reincarnated people in the world and give them a "gift" of unique abilities, only to shit on their lives and make them despair.
The "gift" they give are actually seeds that can turn them into Maoh.
That's why Zen and Arisa led a terrible shitty lives.

There's a whole society of monsters who are reincarnated people in the underground, isolating themselves from the rest of the world and having fun so they don't become demon kings.

To add insult to injury, they summon people from multiverse Japan to kill the Demon Kings.

So it's all a sadistic game to toy with huma lives and have their own countrymen kill their own.

1. Bring japs to this world, inplant demon seeds
2. Watch their souls get tourtured and despair
3. Bring other japs into this world to kill their asses
4. Laugh your ass off
rinse repeat
Not related to this, but light/web novels in general

Why would an author want to write a story about a character that can do anything and always win no matter what.
Are they afraid of writing themselves into a corner?
It's not like the characters are real.
Even if you self insert, wouldn't you want there to be some sort of challenge that is overcome?
Well, depends on what the author intends.
A lot of them feel like they just wanted a fantasy where you can "get back at the world". Arifureta, Shield hero, etc.

I don't think most people can self-insert as Satou though, he's unbelievably chill.
Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 5

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