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ITT: Characters that turns you gay

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sexy chink batman.jpg
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ITT: Characters that turns you gay
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>turn you gay
you're already gay faggot dont blame it on some character
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I don't get boner from any other male character though
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kaiji 01.png
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no homo.jpg
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Hei is so delicious every single arc's guest characters fall in love with him. Even the male ones.
So moe
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Best basugay.
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Killua, of course.
But I was gay already.
Any titty monster
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I'm not a homosexual, but i would a oreki
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Gender doesn't matter if it's cute. It's only gay if it's manly.
Killua is manly and cute.
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you're really afraid of being gay huh?
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People always have hard ons for killua or gon, but I felt kurapika was the only one that could turn me out, he has such a motherly reassuring voice and could pass as a woman if he wanted to.
Hei is an insufferable Coldsteel the hedgehog faggot. Everyone falls in love with Lii-kun.
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Best ghoul.
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Not at all, I'm gay as hell. I was just stating a fact.
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I think Kurapika is more appealing to straights than homos
I don't really get it but okay
>Without a pic
File: 23976638_p0.jpg (58KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>being gay for an alcoholic, homeless, chronically depressed mass murderer
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God I just love Kaiji so much, why does he have to keep getting stepped on?
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>not kirei
lol what a fag
Nigga, that's best girl.
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not gay, but i want to be just like him.

>tfw on roids, and eventually melanotan-2 and eye pigment surgery.
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Are you faggots fucking serious? Why is he not in the OP let alone in every single one of your replies. I would get man-wet if he came up behind me and caressed my face.
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it's okay.jpg
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only acceptable answer
I'm not gay enough to want to fuck Hei but if you found me a cute girl with those qualities I'd definitely waifu as long as I had reason to believe I wasn't going to get shanked in my sleep.
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ITT: Fags in denial.
captcha: rundl
Who is this?
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Is it Yuki Kaida's voice from '99 you're talking about? That one is my favorite version of Kurapika,
Thread posts: 43
Thread images: 31

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