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Ending must be bittersweet.

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Ending must be bittersweet.
Death row inmate yaoi.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Loli gets pregnant. Rest of the series is her trying to deal with the strain this causes on her relationships with family and school mates while trying to come to terms that she'll be a mother.

Loli dies in the end due to the fact she's a 12 year old giving birth. Baby survives though.
Typical shonen but the MC wasn't ignoring the girls on his dick because he was dense, he was just a fag, and a bottom to boot.
Something something MC meets girl, something cell phone numbers, something parallel universes, etc. etc.
High school girl wants to wears pants to school instead of a skirt. She is expelled for being a troublemaker and sent by her parents to an exclusive all girls school in Los Angeles.
A coffee manufacturer searches for the ultimate blend that is the perfect balance of bitter and sweet.

He finds it.
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The tsundere female lead is the big bad all along and ends up being the final boss. MC can't deal and the Krillin teir secondary character is forced to save the day
The hero is a lone survivor of a monster attack. They are a child when it happens and it shapes them into a sort of death-seeker idealist. The whole story is about them coming to terms with their unrealistic ideals about saving people and realizing their true worth as a living person.

It ends with the whole planet being destroyed by the big bads plot. The Hero survives only because he was able to kill the big bad. The hero was unable to save everyone in the end.
underrated post.
>yfw this replaces the keit-ai pasta

I have never wished for anything more.
>Starts the show w/ the MC having a harem
>As the series continues, he will lost girls one by one in his harem
>Bad Ending: His harem diminishes and his a loner faggot
>Good Ending: Only one girl will be left, she will be best girl

Deconstruction of harem anime.
there is one time i am having tomato
tomato is very good for eating also is red
i am looking at tomato is not have name
so i am call tomato "tomato man" and am eat of tomato
taking bite of tomato i am wondering why i am eating plain tomato
seeds of tomato are getting everywhere as well as inside juice of tomato
i remember that i am allergic of tomato and have to spit out tomato
i am now sad because of waste make of tomato
throw away tomato and crying
It would be more like the MC purposely pairs them up with others.

>MC is an agent of Cupid sent to Japan to increase the falling birth-rates.
>He transfers into a highschool in order to have horny-hormonal tennagers fall in love and fug like bunnies.
>But unexpectedly the MC becomes the most popular boy on campus and has a Harem of girls lining up for him.
>The rest of the show is the MC secretly matchmaking the girls in his harem to boys in the school.
>His love arrows cannot make people fall in love but more like can cause a change of heart if used at the right moment between two people.
MC-kun gets a summer job at a bakery. Every other employee is a loli christmas cake who wants his doodle.
Cursed MC tries to fight fate. Gains friends along the way with same goal, they learned that either they let fate happen or world goes boom so one by one they decided that saving the world is the best choice.

One by one they die but MC gets cold feet in the end and the world dies away. MC wanders as an immortal forever alone and buried everyone.

End has MC looks up while sitting on his love interest's grave and closed his eyes and wished: "I wish I can die."
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A group of middle aged mahou shoujo reconnect after having been out of the game for some time. Each one's life has gone in a different direction:

>One is a normal house wife who married the Tuxedo Kamen of the series but is now growing distant from her husband. Her daughter has expressed interest in succeeding her mother, but having become a listless housewife after going on fantastic adventures, does not encourage her. Daughter becomes rebellious edge-lord mahou shoujo as a result.

>Another one heavily researched their mahou shoujo powers after defeating the big bad and turned it into multi-million dollar corporation. Never had romantic relationships when she was young as a result of always working and now preys on younger men to make up for lost time.

>Another attempted to go into acting based off her mahou shoujo fame but failed. Has since dyed her hair, changed her name, and completely denies her past life. Has an on-again, off-again boyfriend who is a cop and doesn't know who she is but has an innate distaste for mahou shoujo as he believes that they mock law enforcement.

>This one never gave up the mantle and continues fighting to the current date. Although she was a member of the original crew, she is disdained for her renegade practices. Strongly believe in justice to the point of delusion. She's basically Don Quixote.

>Last one sacrificed themselves during the final fight with the big bad during their younger days. Has a national holiday named after her and is used as a marketing symbol to sell shirts, merchandise, etc.Was the meekest, kindest member of the group who really shouldn't have been given power and yet was simply because she was there when the other 4 were 'chosen'
I think I saw a madoka doujin like this once.
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High school MC gets a harem of 10/10's that all want his dick through paper-thin interactions.The catch is that it's progressively revealed that they all want his dick because literally no one else wants them.

1.) Was raped by her dad and had a child from it that she passes off as her little sister.

2.) Marked by the yakuza because of a soul-crushing debt passed onto her by her parents.

3.) Literal split-personality, the alternate of whom is a lesbian and has no interest in MC whatsoever. 'Switches' are completely random and unpredictable with them occurring rapidly sometimes. Attempting to have romantic relationship with her causes alternate personality to scream "RAPE"

4.) Massively low self-esteem and constantly blames herself for everything. Constantly second guessing all chance of interaction with MC because she assumes "friendly with girl = HE WANTS THE V." NOT A YANDERE but she IS suicidal to the point that MC pays attention to her for fear that she might off herself even though he doesn't really like her.

5.) Best-girl next door vanilla who MC ends up with at the end of everything after wading through the baggage of every 'interesting girl.

Series ends with MC and best girl married with a child. It's then revealed that best girl had HIV the entire time and not only gave it to MC, but the child has it too
Hello darkness my old friend....

Series premise is that the world is overrun by the fragments of the Big Bad's energy requiring the extension of Mahou Shoujo to keep them in check. The mass-produced powers developed by the former-MH only work with young girls, however, and so girls enlist/pick up roles similar to how kids do paper-routes or mow lawns for pocket change.

The series primarily follows Don Quixote (able to keep her power because it wasn't mass produced) getting babysat by the daughter edge-lord while they both fight crime/justice.

Final boss is the mahou shoujo who was thought to be dead. She inherited the big bad's power when she tried to sacrifice herself. With her ideals tainted, it's the death of the Don Quixote and her unwaivering, almost autistic sense of justice that cancels out the cynicism that the dead MH gained after seeing her image massively commercialized and watching the people she gave her life for waste the opportunity she gave them.
A boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, he is gifted by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.

They never meet.
.....fund it now
Already posted mother fucker
Threadly reminder that you should stop posting that because it's a thing.

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A girl falls in love with a boy. Unable to confess, she is gifted with a deus ex machina of the boy mistaking her for a fan. She eventually learns that the boy is no ordinary boy but is actually a monthly girl's manga author who bases his works and characters on his friends and acquaintances. She also becomes his assistant.

Will she ever find a way to confess her love?
Harem formed by genki girl, tomboy, christmas cake, oneesan and trap.

In the final episode a girl falls from the sky and wins.
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A boy sees a girl changing in the men's room of a restaurant, thinks she's being a klutz, tells his best friend about it back in school.

It turns out that his best friend was actually the crossdressing "girl" he met back in the men's room.
>They never meet.

I smell the next Makoto Shinkai hit!
Question for fellow writefags.

Where do you start? Do you start with the title of your project and then just type paragraphs of information or are you more organized and make charts? Any tips on how to better organize myself or any guides to approaching writing more cleanly.
>MC walking down street
>Attacked by monster (fairy, demon, IDGAF, not important to the cool bits)
>Normally, this would be the part were magical girlfriend arrives and saves MCs sorry ass
>Then, he would be introduced to the super secret organization that fights the monsters
>NOT THIS TIME. Instead, the MC manages to save himself
>He soon discovers that there is not secret org to fight the monsters
>Having come into contact with the monsters has broken the veil, allowing him to see them, but also making him a target
>Soon he decides that he'll have to make one himself (probably after loosing a friend or GF to attacks on him)

>Last episode ends same as the first
>Schmuck walking down street is attacked by a monster
>Then, just like every other anime ever, the secret org saves his ass (lead by the MC)

>This ain't edgy shit. The characters face long odds, but remain hopeful and everything turns out okay in the end
>Also, no one is "the chosen one" or some shit, and no one has/gains magical powers. Monsters are defeated by force of arms, probably mostly guns and explosives with a little melee on the side (maybe one character specializes in melee, like some kendo-kid or whatever)
>There is not magic collateral damage bubble like in every other show; the characters will have to dodge the cops and whatnot as well. Possible subplot of bringing some authorities in on whats really happening eventually, letting them operate somewhat freely
>Possible romance subplot settup; MC looses GF and best friend early on (motivation to start fighting). MC and best friends GF get together just for comfort, but fall for eachother for real over the course of the show
>Possible other subplot; the characters are 3rd year in High School OR college students, and their personal lives conflict with them protecting the city and whatnot.
A life or death game in an otome "reality". The MC is a death row convict who is forced to become a bachelor with several other inmates to compete for the Otome's affections. The contestant with the least amount of affection(screen time) at the end of a week is written off(brutally executed) and the winner(whichever "route" the otome chooses) earns his or her freedom.

The "reality" is a Truman Show game. The otome and MC genuinely fall in love but he gets written off because she chose another path by accident

He slaughters the producers and becomes a criminal on the run, wanted for murder
how about you make some kind of science out of your deus ex machina, which has the possibility of adding some kind of extra plot.

A good idea would be a microwave connected to a phone and a tv made by the mc
Cute delinquent girls doing cute delinquent things. One of the girls dies at the end in a gang fight or something. They turn their lives around or some shit.
I usually start is story mechanics/conflicts first.

Then I develop characters that exemplify those mechanics.

Setting usually occurs at the same time, but again, it usually becomes whatever benefits the above.

Title come after I'm done and I can look at what I have/haven't managed to do.

Then I revise, throw out the title, revise, new title, revise, etc ad nauseam.
>microwave connected to a phone and a tv made by the mc

Might as well add a time travel plot, a chuuni, and a tsundere, while we're at it.
Personally the way I write is really messy. I just start writing down just about anything or I do some writing exercises and if I find something I like I expand on it. Giving it a title before you've written anything down is like trapping yourself before you've even started, just like writing the intro of an essay before the actual essay
A weeaboo lands in his favorite slice-of-life, but instead of being happy he is horrified at the prospect of never seeing his loved ones again, because his power level was just not that high.

For more bittersweet make it so that the series he lands into is sorta like Haruhi with slight supernatural elements, and at the end the MC discovers that there isn't any way for him to return to his world.

Then we see him use fake Google to find what he is doing in this world, and instead of trying to claim his life back, he decides to accept his fate, and live his life out separate from his old life.
For me it all starts with just a simple scenario I want played out. Whether that be an awesome sword fight on a planet that is exploding or a tender moment between friends. I then give those ideas context. Add in ideas that I would like to see in this new world and from there I just add and add. I would say the problem is that I'm not very organized with my ideas.
Repost from my post.

MC suddenly lost in another world after there was something that hit him. He walked and then found a "lively" city. Classic "boy meets girl" happened in there.
After they talked a bit (She claimed that she also hit by something like the MC), but suddenly everything became weird. Then there was a voice, that claimed that he was the god here. They must killed each others to be able to save from this world.

MC thought that there was a flaw with the rule (The claimed god didn't say that only one person that could be survived, so they technically could work together in order to go out from this world or win), and then said to the girl to fight with him. The girl agreed and this begun their journey.

Later they found out that this was virtual world, that made by person.

Then they found out that they were actually in coma.

Then they found out again that they battled like this in order to get vaccines that rare in this world
Then they found out again that something which hit them was biological weapon.

After they killed all the opponent, the claimed god met them. He said that there was only one vaccine. Drama happened, both MC and girl wanted to be the person who dead. The girl acted crazy, and went away from MC. She said that she wanted to kill him, but she wanted it to be fair duel. MC agreed with angrily.

The day after that, they met, and they fought each other. The girl tricked the MC, so he could win the game.

When the girl died, she said "thanks for everything". And he realized that she did it for him, he regret it.

Epilogue: He finished writing story, then he smiled and deleted the file that he wrote about their tragedy.
This isn't a fully fledged anime you cock.
A guy who kills criminals and cops with his magic book.

I'm thinking the title is... The Pen is Mightier than the Sword.
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>Keit-ai was Steins;Gate all along
made me chuckle
Not all that tragic an ending as far as /a/ is concerned.
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serial killer.jpg
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>MC is an aspiring serial killer
>He stalks his first victim
>After months of stalking, it's finally the day
>He sees the girl getting attacked by a bunch of thugs
>They're trying to kill her
>He impulsively saves her since she is supposed to be his first victim
>Turns out the girl is wanted by a mysterious organization who's hunting her down because her father(a scientist) fucked up
>MC gets hired as her bodyguard whilst trying to fight his murderous lust

The ending involves the girl knowing he's a psycho at heart yet she's crazy herself for him due to Stockholm Syndrome, so she allows him to kill her.

After he kills the girl, he ends up continuing to kill murderers and white-knight victims while viewing every girl he rescues as the girl he stalked, rescued, and eventually murdered once upon a time.
the only girl left was a yandere
>MC accidentally acquires a harem
>he doesn't want a harem
>the girls mentally and physically abuse him and each other
>his life is literal hell and he dreads going to school
>eventually commits suicide
>harem moves onto his best friend
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>It turns out that his best friend was actually the crossdressing "girl" he met back in the men's room.
>FeMC does nurse cosplays to make ends meet
>she takes house calls for $20 an hour
>tagline is "a kiss to make it all better."
>first client mistakes her for an actual nurse
>calls her in to take care of his grandfather, suffering from 3rd degree burns on his legs
>ends up being her full-time job for about 6 months
>client only realizes half-way, but decides that she's good enough for a non-practitioner, and he can't afford actual wages
>word gets around, gets more flamboyant clients with more adverse conditions requiring special care
>love interest is probably 7th client, 33 year old man with cerebral palsy or something
>MC is a rising smooth jazz musician that has foregone college in order to pursue a career in music
>Tries touring through Japan to get gigs and recording jobs
>Ironically, as smooth as the music seems, it captures the struggles and stresses of the MC elegantly
>Failing romance with a girl translated into a powerful yet relaxing song
>Gets NTR'd
>Needs to overcome challenges of the smooth jazz world and become a prominent selling figure
>Falls into depression and drug use
>Music takes a new, more popular turn but still he is now a shadow of his former self
>12 episodes
Romance shoujo.

MC is in love with her classmate, a pretty guy who also happens to be her childhood friend.

On the first episode, she confesses to him, he accepts and they start going out.

Long story short, he's gay and has a boyfriend but they're both closeted and he's only dating her to keep up appearances. She finds out but still loves him. They eventually get married. He still sees other man, with her begrudging approval.
I remember reading an interview with a French maid-for-hire in Playboy when I was 10
Obviously she's just getting paid to dress in next to nothing and let people oogle her, but there were people who actually expected her to clean their house
I'm gonna sound like a pretentious douchenozzle for a second, but I always come up with a vision. Either some kind of battlefield or some kind of castle or a child next to a lake or a colorful festival. Then I take what I saw in that vision and explain what brought us there. Either it was a long and stringent journey, it was a short walk outside, or hell, the story could have began there. In any case, I use said vision as the core of my story.

With whatever image that is, I then try to draw relevance from it, making it useful for the story as a whole. If I saw in my head a vision of a bedroom with a girl staring out a window, I will make it so that she was disabled by some events of the story, and she simply yearns for freedom or some other feel good cliche bullshit. If I see a gold mine with mountainous veins of pure gold, I would make it so that the gold is being contested outside of the mine, and upon discovery of these veins, there would be more than enough riches for everyone.

You gotta have a core to your story. Then you build from it, towards both the introduction and the conclusion.
Great idea, but there's no studio in the world with the balls to pull it off.
Still, I'd watch the fuck out of that
Good idea, although you should probably just leave it at the first spoiler.
Madhouse's next hit!
> MC meets girl at the grave of his father (girl is dandere)
> slowly get to know each other
> it becomes clear girl has the power to change every kind of matter by will
> powers were taken from her because of a sadistic nature
> in the process she became unable to feel any emotion
> its revealed the girl was created by MCs father from his DNA, so she's pretty much his sister
> relationship establish one emotion again (love for the MC)
> because its her only emotion, she becomes yandere for MC
> finds her powers again and recreates the whole world
> the whole world becomes pretty much only MC, girl and their parents
> living a happy life
> MC has to realize the truth and tries to find a way to return everything back to normal
> in order to achieve this, he has to destroy the life he wished for so long
>space opera set in the far future focusing on exploration and adventure.
>begins with the MC, a young man, captaining a small frigate running menial tasks for the government.
>protects some (unbeknownst to him) superemely classified information about a new weapons program from a band of raiders
>uses nothing but some extremely risky ftl jumps and the raider's own weapons systems
>government starts takes notice and supports him on their more covert operations (funding and outfitting allies fighting small scale proxy wars, disrupting unsympathetic operations/governments, etc).
>given the resources to recruit a larger crew and improve his ship at his discretion, but if he's captured or killed he'll be disavowed and left out in the cold.

>primary antagonist is a naval officer from a rival nation that's on very cold terms with the MC's government.
>The two meet several times over the show, constantly either outfighting or outwitting the other.
>eventually the MC is exposed, and all out war is declared >MC devotes his time to figuring out how to lead his crew to safety when the entire galaxy wants them dead.

>the MC is a lech and staffs his ship almost entirely with cute girls
>the ship's AI is a yandere loli.

The main antagonist is going to be a dark skinned woman with cow tits. She falls in love with the MC over the course of the show, but won't admit it until the climax when he lets her stab him in the belly so he can steal a kiss. I haven't decided if he dies or not at that point.
>the story follows a hot blooded mecha pilot MC, years after generic hot blooded mecha show
>life goes on so he becomes a salaryman
>he nevers lays off the hot blooded so he is very obnoxious and scary to his coworkers and bosses
>they never dispose of him due to being an excellent worker
>he applies his logic and attitude to everything on work
>whenever a competition with another branch or company arises he makes them win with sheer motivation and hard work
>tl;dr. the office with koji kabuto as the main
Like clockwork.
A slobby but brilliant aspiring LN author and a straight-laced well-sorted woman live next to each other.

Each hates what the other stands for.

Over the course of the show they learn lots from each other and both manage to improve their lives.

They don't get together in the end.
>Sci-fi/Fantasy setting.
>The Dovan Kingdom, spanning many worlds, wants to challenge rival nation (Vertrukan Federation) over disputed sector of space. One particular objective is to release the Federation's grip on a frontier planet with interesting potential.
>Expeditionary force/Infiltration team is sent to planet. Unfortunately, most of the team is wiped out by micrometeorites or enemy ambush, I haven't quite decided how.
>Sole survivor is MC who attempts to gather allies to overthrow Vertrukan hegemony over the planet. Discovers that some inhabitants to be using what can only be described as magic.
>Most, if not all, of potential allies are women.
>MC befriends/seduces said allies in harem-esque antics
>Antics are merely a front. He's only using them to achieve his goals.
>Through the journey, slowly changes his view on the harem and the world.
>Once Federation has been kicked off, Dovan Kingdom eventually shows up to try and claim the world.
>MC is initially compliant, revealing his duplicitous allegiance. Harem obviously doesn't like this.
>Kingdom shown to be no better than Federation.
>MC and harem then decide to continue fighting and repel the Kingdom from their world.
>Leave cliffhanger for next possible storyline, probably for when either of the two space nations come back.
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Anime about politics, but all the politicians are ridiculously hot-blooded.
A cat goddess comes to Earth and takes the form of a tsundere loli. She plans to take over the world, starting with the local high school, but keeps getting distracted by cat-things like lounging around in patches of sunlight, playing with balls of yarn/feathers, perking her ears up when she hears a box of cat kibble being shaken.

To avoid the distractions and help keep her plans moving she enlists the help of the school's doofus MC.

Now I sit back and rake in the millions of nipNEETbux
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>The Demon Lord has risen, and he is stirring up the animosity between different races so that they will fall into war
>The Hero, prophesied to be the only one who can kill him, died
>The Hero's sidekick. whom he handpicked and trained specifically in case something happens to him that will make him unable to do his job, also died.
>MC is a cunning guy with no powers, aside from his extraordinary charisma, who decided to kill the Demon Lord
>He tries to kill the Demon Lord, but he fails at every opportunity. He succeeds in foiling the Demon Lord's plans though
>Over the course of the series, he travels to kingdoms of different races, and he slowly becomes more capable, as well as gaining allies in the people he meets
>Due to his plans always being foiled, the Demon Lord forgoes his plan of slowly plunging the world into chaos with their own deeds, and instead goes for a straightforward approach, turning dead people into demons and so forth
>Initially, none of the kingdoms want to deal with the Demon Lord, what with him being invincible and all
>MC unites the kingdoms under one banner with the allies he's made over the course of the series
>Final confrontation
>MC fights the Demon Lord, and is able to keep up with him despite having no special powers. In the end, MC is still defeated and killed
>The first ally the MC makes, a wizard, is the one who finally seals the Demon Lord
>Series ends with the different races being more open to coexistence
That's actually a happy ending.

So they have mecha paid with taxes?
File: Skateboarding Loli.jpg (11KB, 228x221px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Skateboarding Loli.jpg
11KB, 228x221px
Little girls skateboarding competitively against other little girls.
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highly talented protectors that stand on the top of a speeding train that goes around an alien world transporting people, weapons, and other things

it would be a daily life of a protector as they protect the cargo and train from cowboy indians, bandits, eco terrorists. They also deal with a train murder, and i guess class wars or something

the MC would be a new protector trying to get in the swing of things he would have a trident to fight with along with a magnum revolver

most of the planet would be a desert and a huge sea no snow

there would be several trains that specialize in cargo and several protectors i can't think of a better name
>Regular student MC, 10th percentile for grades, potential for bigger and more GAR things
>lives alone with his mother, decently strict, but lets him off easy for non-violent matters
>she suddenly stumbles upon his secret copy of Urotsukidoji, panicked rage ensues
>starts checking every crevice of MC's room, finds about 13 other series
>confronts MC about all the porn, he confesses that they're all series that he's bought and finished, agrees to get rid of them as soon as possible
>mother wants them buried and forgotten instead, goes to backyard with shovel, hits secret steel door
>beneath door is a set of stairs leading to a fallout shelter, stacked from top to bottom with exactly 647 different specimens of pornographic animation
>MC explains the horrid truth to his mother: this is his backlog
>every series in the bunker was lent or gifted from a friend, left untouched from the day it was received
>mother has a PTSD moment of her parents berating her for her lethargic personality
>runs off inside, bursts into treats on the couch
>MC thinks it's about the fact that it's all porn, vows to give it all back
>mother grabs his wrist, questions his priorities
>MC explains that he simply feels overwhelmed at all of the porn he's been secretly gifted since he entered middle school
>mother wipes off her tears, makes a proposal
>if they can get through every single video before his high school career ends, while maintaining the same level of sociability at school, he'll be allowed to keep every single video
>MC agrees to the terms, but one point is brought up only afterwards
>MC's mom has to be sure of his dedication, so she'll be watching the series alongside
>unrealistically open-minded, happy girl

>grows aware of the fact that this world is inhabited by idiots

>Somehow has to make her way through a conflict-struck world of idiocity and ideologies

>Lesbian grandmothers support her

>her right arm is bionic and stuff. Maybe more of her. Don´t ask why as I don´t know

This is what my mind creates after an eight hour shift at the holiday job.
I shall get severely needed sleep now.
Good night, dear citizens, be you bright or not or greenhouse effect.
MC is the son of yakuza, next in line to be a head
He has a passion for older times, forgotten things and relics, especially since his family had the sizable repository of them.

They were handed down the generations and other parts 'acquired' to complete sets.

Girl in his class learns of this stash, foolishly blunders in on it. MC has no choice but to show force in capturing her.
On the run and afraid, the girl hides in the warehouse from her pursers when she find a Jinn sealed inside a container.

Out of fear and adrenaline, she makes a snap wish just as MC discovers her, too late. The seal breaks in an explosion of magical energy knocking them all ass up.

Inside the room was also a lot of ceramic stuff that acted like shrapnel, most of the group is hospitalized and the MC feels responsible for the girls condition.

The story details the wish she made, the corruption of that wish that all Jinns perform. Haven't thought of a particular wish but it must cause the MC enough guilt watching her suffer it.

The MC defeats the Jinn in the end using his families sealing techniques but not before the girl dies at the end.

non-bittersweet ending: he then seals her spirit in a preserved child satori corpse
File: 1388484771276.jpg (48KB, 622x584px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48KB, 622x584px
Holy shit I want to kill them.
>She didn't make him like her
It's a girl.

Remember, boys fuck things up. Girls are fucked up.
> Typical MC highschool Protag gets surrounded by harem in your normal high school set
> One day the harem suggests an orgy on the school
> Suddenly he reveals that his harem is nothing but a nasty demon hags from Underworld who tried to seduce him and leech of his vitality
> The harem reveals their true ugly demonic form and starts to attack the MC
> Awesome fight and Cat & Mouse chase ensues in the school (then revealed as an abandoned school)
> MC manages to trap them and send them back to the Underworld while burning the entire school
> Another reveal that our MC is a Omnyoji/Exorcist/Shugendo practitioners whose job to investigate these kind of things. He's also traveling alone, though sometimes he can get accompanied by his other investigator peers.
> Our MC then leave the area and travel across the Japan ala Supernatural style : Saving people. Hunting things. The family business.
> To be continued

Basically Supernatural : Eastern Style

No dense/perverted/idiot/marty stu/self insert MC.
No generic moe supernatural harem bullshit.
No shonen or nakama bullshit
But not too dark or edgy either.
Pure Eastern mythological exploration with drama, horror, action and a little bit comedy along the ride.
>pornographic animation
So it isn't even porn, it's all hentai?
Underrated post.
>in 1972 a high school club of 5 girls was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit
>these girls promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Tokyo underground
>today, still wanted by the government they survive as soldiers of fortune
>if you have a problem
>if no one else can help
>and if you can find them
>maybe you can hire the ア bu

Greenhouse Effect
Written by Anonymous 124291584
Phoenix Wright vs Lupin III
No, that's just all of the stuff that he finished. Though, I admit, there's always room for improvement.
Sakamichi no Apollon all grown up
I would watch it, but why not making out some weapons out of the monsters? If they are such a threat there should be some possibility to make out something out of them.
>MC lives in a fantasy world, the son of a great hero, descended from a long line of heroes
>MC is a total fuckup, completely useless and everyone looks down on him
>Determined to change everyone's opinion of him, he confronts a powerful wizard like an idiot
>MC gets his ass kicked, and then the Wizard banishes him to an alternate plane of reality. Ours.
>MC ends up in our world completely lost and completely out of place.
>Meets a genki tomboy who believes his story and says she'll help him become a hero of justice
>MC and genki tomboy become a crime-fighting duo, meet all the usual trope characters who become friends with them
>everything is happy and nice, until the Wizard discovers the technological marvels of our world, and begins wreaking havoc by combining magic and machinery
>MC and crew confront the Wizard, and just when they seem like they're going to win, the Wizard uses 'that', and begins to break down the divisions between the fantasy dimension and our world
>MC throws himself at the wizard, knocking both of them into the dimensional disruption, taking them back to fantasy world, and breaking down the spell.
>MC defeats the wizard, and gains fame and respect in fantasy world, but will never see his friends again
File: 1314034027754.png (16KB, 450x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 450x375px
You seem to have posted on the wrong thread. This isn't a "piss /a/ off" thread.
>MC punches somebody so hard they turned into a door
>finds out that's where ALL doors come from
>gets initiated into a murder club that makes door
>stronger punch = better door
>some super strong murderers punch people into Venetian doors
>MC has a perfect life
>then matrix shit his life is a lie but he is a pussy so he wants to come back to his fake life
>he discovers that the real life is actually a good place to stay on, but he is a nostalfag
>plot twist MC discovers that "real life" is also a fake reality and he is mindfucked
>in the end he discovers the real he lives on a futuristic world were he is mortal sick and that the first fake reality was a euthanasia stuff and the second fake world was a back up thing
> open end
>smooth jazz
ost when
A blind knight exiled and branded as a heretic by the very country he vowed to protect meets a little girl in a shoddy little caravan he was riding. The girl wore a peculiar red backpack, she called it a randsel.

Several bandit raids here, a ritualistic cult there, and the man discovers what the girl actually was.
It was a prophecy, people said. The prophecy of the world's end. Told to come in the most strangest of forms. Nothing stranger than this, the very manifestation of the apocalypse was sitting in front of the man, shyly eating a baked potato and berries.

The end of the world?, the knight thought. He was spiteful of that very world which betrayed him. It was a nice prospect. So just like that, he became the little girl's companion, swearing eternal loyalty to the cute little bundle of armageddon. Watching the world burn would be nice after all. If he wasn't blind, that is. A blind pissy knight and an innocent little girl versus the world. Final destination.

By the way, her randsel is actually a mimic.

Oh wait. Shit. ;_;
what a tweest
Kim Possible with Nurses
I wonder there's a continuation of these story? I hope that anon really regretful for what he did and make up with girl in the end.

If he didn't, well... consider that I'm gonna track him until forever then proceed to beat the shit out of him.
Koe no Katachi hardcore edition?
Mc is a cute girl she's a misunderstood teen with potential to be a great housewife. The entire show she does cute wife stuff no sleazy pantyshots. No fan service. She meets a cute guy and they get together.

The final episode is them about to fug when oh shit nigger that's a dick male like it though and goes down on MC, later on BF NTRs outfits MC and she commits suicide. With a note and a pregnancy test that reads positive.
non-/a/ content, fuck off elsewhere if you're gonna do that shit
>MC must battle and defeat his harem of obsessive lovestuck classmates for the opportunity to be with his pure 2D waifu
What are you talking about I mean for the character, is it porn with humans or drawings?
Yandere Harem
>MC quickly acquires a large number of violently yandere love interests.
>Before he can even declare his 'choice' (which girl is kept secret from the audience and the cast), the girls decide to battle it out to decide who wins
>Every day, from sun up to sun down, the girls all try to kill each other
>Each night, everyone returns to freeloading at MCs place, return to dere mode
>Every episode, at least one girl will be killed off
>Endgame; MC finally confesses to the girl he actually likes the most
>The 2-3 remaining girls gang up on her and she is killed
>Except she isn't actually killed
>Never found the body, in between shots food and plates disappear, hinting at someone else being there
>Last girl standing goes full on murder-mode, gets ready to kill MC so he won't look at any other girl ever again
>Last second save from the girl he confessed to
>Happily ever after.
Animated by Studio Madhouse
Salaryman Kintaro maybe?
>Bad things happen to good people
>Because life is just not fair.
>Tragic end.
SoL about a truck driver who's narcoleptic. Hilarity ensues.
>Schools Days 2: electric boogaloo
File: 1375945548135.jpg (61KB, 900x454px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61KB, 900x454px
>MC is shonen hero who finally finished his big quest and saved the universe
>Now has to try to settle back into ordinary life when all around he sees reminders of how his life his different
>Nakama dead, love interest betrayed him, world has changed while he finished the battle in another dimension, violent impulses/reactions to things that cause flashbacks
>Worst of all, no one alive knows what all he did, just that he basically vanished for a year or two and the few peers he had moved up in grades while he's stuck with a bunch of new people
>Story is slice of life focused as he slowly rebuilds his life and tries to cope with all he's been through while trying not to use his Mary-Sue, MC God powers to solve problems in the real world.
>Ending involves him accepting he's mind fucked for the rest of his life, but by thuis point, he's made some new friends and his family knows, so he has the support of these people.
>Highschool romance
>Guy and a trap
>Guy is the only one of the cast that doesn't realise it's a trap
>After SOL and romcom hijinks with lots of misunderstandings, he confesses
>They go on a date to celebrate
>Bring hot sensei because idk
>She brings sake
>Guy and trap get drunk
>Sleep in the same bed, end up cuddling
>Guy drunkenly notes to himself that his girlfriend has a penis
>Wakes up in the morning, everything clicks into place, starts being scared he's gay
>The trap fucks him to mindbreak
>They live happily ever after
File: 1318623532581.jpg (105KB, 740x740px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
105KB, 740x740px
>smooth jazz
>unemployed war veteran protects a little girl everyone wants to kill because they're afraid she's going to end the world
Chaika in the anime ideas thread!
Yes, Chaika.
MC works at an sour candy factory, and MC has an harem composed of several girls of the staff. In the end he has to taste the shitty prototypes that burn your tongue the heroines developed. It turns out that the candies had a a mutagen in it and the MC turns into a reptilian being that spits acid that tastes like strawberry,

If you want an s2, it might be about the workers and the heroine building a power armor to take the MC down, but the thing is so powerful that kills the user in Bokurano fashion.
>High school setting
>Lonely christmas cake teaches mathematics
>One of her students is a promisng young boy from a broken home that shows exceptional talent for math
>She takes a purely professional interest in him and signs him up for her advanced math classes
>He excells even in the advanced class
>They spend some time together after school discussing math, and eventually their conversations become more and more personal
>He sometimes visits her at home
>They fall in love
>They make love
>Their love is pure, but their relationship must be hidden because he's not only her student, but underage too
>A few years later
>Graduation ceremony
>While all other students are partying, the talented student meets up with his teacher one last time
>Tears are shed
>She embraces him and tells him that she's proud of him
>That he can achieve anything he wants if he just believes in himself
>They never meet again unless this movie sells well enough to warrant a sequel that totally ruins the tone of the original
File: 1369071697056.jpg (15KB, 229x221px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15KB, 229x221px
I've read this before.
-Magical girls are considered Walking disaster zones
-MC, looking for a job, end up in the Office in charge of dealing with magical girls
-Almost all cities around the world have a similar division
-Most magical girls and their powers are not that destructive, but there have been recorded catastrophes around the world
-Cities blown apart, floods, parts of a city being turned into candy.
-MCs job is to locate potential magical girls and stopping them from contacting "Benefactors"
-Benefactors are the little pets/fairies/pixies/etc giving girls powers in exchange of them doing some task like fighting monsters
-MC must provide help to both the girls and the benefactors (sometimes they send military or special forces to deal with the monsters magical girls normally confront)
>anime about a group of construction workers
>they're trying to build the tallest building in the world
>it's a herculean undertaking
>deals with the inner and outer struggles of the workers
>tackles topics like work ethic, alcoholism, camaraderie, depression etc.
>the tower is a metaphor for "shooting for the moon", never giving up high an all that jazz
The Illiad, the Odyssey and the Aeneid.
Hard mode engaged.

>MC is a horny omega virgin in high-school
>regularly fantasizes about fucking the girls in his class
>suddenly The Devil
>The Devil makes a pact with him and gives him the Gift of D (a 12" schlong and amazing sex skills)
>before leaving, he warns him that he'll regret it
>girls at school start noticing his huge bulge
>anime goes full-on hentai mode as he fucks the everloving shit out of most girls at school
>he realizes that sex is meaningless without love
>he realizes that girls will care about his dick and not him as a person
>in desperation he cuts off his own dick
>shortly after he meets a girl and they fall in love
>the girl is a futa and fucks him in the ass daily
Best idea of the thread.
>/a/non, a Self-Insert Tale
>Fast paced romcom/SoL with a lot of small timeskips
>Confession, first kiss and first sex in the first episode
>Couple deals with some couple stuff
>Couple moves to uni
>Couple discusses having a child
>Mother dies when her daughter is at the age of 5
>Father rises her by himself, his single older sister helps him sometimes.
>In the last arc father meets his daughters boyfriend and thinks he is a cool guy.
fosters home for imaginary friends the anime

>9 years later
>after madam foster passes away,in her will states that the home will be relocated to japan
>mac who still loves bloo moves out and decides to stay in an apartment in japan
>all the friends are also still there but can now speak Japanese
>franky is now the owner of the house and the cleaning duties are now left to katsumi. shes a friendly college student whos into mac.

After living there for 3 weeks mac meets his neighbor who is a 17 yr girl with an angry personality who despises imaginary friends. Her and mac are friends in a matter of days, but one day while mac sneaks over to the house, he is caught by the girl and she walks away from him hurt by what she has seen. throughout the story mac tries to convince her the is nothing wrong with imaginary friends. He also tries to makes a living so that he can stay in japan to see his best friend bloo and graduate college.
>normal MC beta-kun, no friends and sucks at everything
>one day gets raped in a nuclear power plant
>the day after he starts hearing perverted and sexual thoughts from nowhere
>realizes he has been granted the ability to read minds, albeit only when that mind is thinking about lewd topics
>uses his newfound powers to sleep with all the girls he wants and fuck with people
>everything is fine and dandy until he starts getting the shit kicked out of him by the guys he inadvertantly NTR'd
>develops a martial art that centers on parrying while revealing his genitals in order to read his opponents thoughts to take him out
>his only friend is a rei clone who apparently has no sexual thoughts
>she doesn't win.

also he has a giant dildo as a sword, his name is Maruchan-kun and he has a Pompadour.
File: 1416010464413.jpg (7KB, 167x144px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7KB, 167x144px
>Mac tries to convince her there is nothing wrong with imaginary friends
>Mac tries to convince her to convert to Mormonism
Evangelion tv only replace Rei with Mari and Asuka wins Evangelion with Shinji.
> the cast are all insects
>they pilot humans as mechas to wreck each others nests
Shingeki no Kyojin except the humans use Mechs with 3DMG and the Titans are the equivalent of DBZ Saiyans
Gritty war mecha about a squad of white cells that defend their human homeland from a viral invasion.

I think the French made a cartoon like that forty years ago.
File: aWZAX3x_460s_v3.jpg (77KB, 460x459px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77KB, 460x459px
>Slice of Life
>cast is a group of girls attending an art school or something
>each one of them specializes in some art form
FLCL: The Next Chapter?
File: 1414471646594.jpg (34KB, 268x415px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34KB, 268x415px
>she doesn't win.
>In this school the students in a particular class fight over a so called "legendary chair"
>its said from past students that sitting in this chair will allow the user to experience something they long for
>the students fight over sitting in the fabled window seat so a rota has been made by the class teacher
>the idea is based on each students life
>20 something students in a class
>20 something episodes
>each student could be a focus of a particular genre
>the geeky guy wants a magical adventure
>the shy girl wants to fall in love
>the tough guy wants to be the best fighter
>the music guy wants to be famous
>the quiet girl wants a stable homelife

idea 2

>12 episodes
>Jet set radio/nujabes inspired soundtrack think air gear
>MC's older brother dies (black sheep of the family)
>MC clears out brothers room discovers he was a graffiti artist
>MC takes up his brothers mantel and continues his work to keep his brothers memory alive
>episodes about why people do graffiti?
>different styles/tags/gangs
>underground matches
>end 2 parter episode mc tags heaven spot that took his brothers life

Harem anime but with a twist

MC is aware of his harem
Decides its too troublesome
Pairs each harem girl off with a friend/class mate

Thus MC inadvertently becomes know as the cupid and opens a school wide dating service

>Implying /a/ wouldnt go batshit as everyone gets a happy ending and each girl gets focus

Eventually more classes find out along with teachers and other schools.
>DBZ Hitler
Oh, Japan.
>Boy finds an American anime imageboard where he starts to shitpost
Reverse harem.
MC is a trap.
MC likes girls.
MC was cursed by a classmate who is secretly a witch and tired of all the boys flirting with him instead of her.
The curse makes him unable to tell the
guys that like him that he's a guy or that he prefers girls.
MC is in love with the witch, not knowing she's a witch and the one who cursed him.
Everyone fucks things up and is fucked up.

I read this exact thing but a reverse trap and a reverse harem. Witch is her best/childhood friend. All the guys are based off of fairy tales (Cinderella, Thumbelina, and Snow White(?) ) and she was the prince in their past lives.
>medieval times
>people have powers at birth
>Mc's power is the power of the strongest immunity system
>he never gets sick
>suddenly the strongest invaders go for Mc's village
>Mc's village is actually decent causing the invaders to use their trump card
>a girl who basically has the power of the plague and could wipe out an entire town just by her presence alone
>Mc is unaffected causing the girl to both hate him and find him to be her only chance of having a person by her side
>invaders retreat without the girl and MC decides to let her into his home
>as time goes on the girl's power becomes so strong that even if she's a mile away she still causes calamity
>Mc's power also becomes stronger and as such has unprotected sex with her
>they eventually have a child
>child has both powers but her venoumous aura is different from her mother causing her mother to feel pain as she hold her child
>she doesn't care
>Mc begins pondering about love
>his relationship with the girl is just merely a pair of people who tolerate one another
>he will never find a girl becomes of his useless power and she will never find a man who doesn't die instantly
>they're both stuck with eachother and not in love
>mc begins realizing this and spares his child and his mother for any more suffering
>he backpacks across the world finding different girls and having unprotected sex with them
>he eventually dies of ebola aids
>Everyone fucks things up and is fucked up.
Says the virgin who never interacted with anyone ever.
MC is a female psychologist at a fancy female highschool, she (and all the school staff) loses her job due to a bad advice given to a student.

Now jobless, a friend tell her about a group of 5 clients needing help to get their lives back on track.

Her patients are all females in their mid-late 20s
All is fine until she notices her patients are not ordinary women.

- A Goddess with powers such as animism and elemental control.
- A highly skilled ninja girl
- A carefree alien princess from a distant galaxy
- A too-young looking vampire girl with aristocratic behavior
- A very quite and intelligent bespectacled girl, most likely an android/artificial life form

All of them share a common trait, they fell in love with a typical human boy(not the same, a different one for each girl), but got dumped in the end because of a childhood friend.

They cannot return to the places they originally came from.

MC must help em to "move on" and make a life for themselves in this world, despite their powers and skills messing MCs everyday life
This is a working concept I've had in my head for a while but it was only thought of because of because Japanese copyright systems are more lenient and they love doing crossovers over there

>The MC is an Otaku who is working on writing his own manga after meeting Hayao miyazaki
>One day at an on his way home from school he finds a pen
>It looks cool so he keeps it and starts drafting when he gets home
>He draws a picture of the scene where gohan went ssj2 just to test the pen out
>The paper turns into a portal and he is sucked in
>He observes the fight from the background and realizes the pen allows him to go into different anime worlds

>As he continues to use it he finds that the pen has rules

-If he draws a blank portal he goes back to his own world
-Drawing a scene from an anime will take him to that point in time
-When he is in the anime world he can draw up weapons as long as it is in that worlds cannon
-He can intervene in events and finds out he can unintentionally caused plotholes and change events in many series
-There is a set limit to how he can change the world

>He goes on a quest to fix all anime that he thinks have problems but learns that sometimes things don't need to change
>He encounters others with pens in those worlds who try to change the stories to fit their own personal tastes
>It ends with him finding out he is in an anime himself and entering our world

If this was a series It would be cool to see what could be changed e.g.Deaths of charachters,Plot twists,cannon love intrests
A boy is doing his homework when his family calls him to dinner. "One more minute," he tells them.

He hears a crack in glass, then notices some of his written work missing. He brushes it off until his family calls him to dinner again. "One more minute," he says again.

Same sound, same missing work.

He has awakened as a Minuta, a person who can mentally rewind themselves one exact minute. Minuta tend to act spontaneously, because they know they could simply undo said actions.

He gets the devilish idea to spontaneously kiss a cute girl in his class who he thinks is completely out of his league; lunch, classes, gym, no matter the moment, she always manages to thwart it.

After classes end, he receives a letter from her to meet alone.

She is also a Minuta, one who doesn't exactly blame him for trying to indulge himself and is even flattered that he'd try to kiss her. Thus begins the story of a power whose convenience belies its complexity to the many people that wield it.

If this were an anime, the audience would pick up at this point that a nearby clock's hour and minute hands have been stuck in the exact same position despite the seconds hand being shown to tick normally as our two Minuta have their conversation.
1&3 are too generalized to grow an attachment to any of the characters since they each only get 1 episode/ little focus
Oh cool. New chapter.
would watch all three
Set in an industrial era, primarily based on World War I, tech-wise. The five main states of the continent signed a contract fifty years ago, in order to stop the constant warring over the resource heavy lands. Borders were set, and trade opened, giving the world a new prosperity. But they still wanted the unique resources the others possessed, as well as the technologies. And so began the open cold war. Sanctioned by an impartial body, one can become an assassin, taking contracts for anyone for incredibly high amounts of cash. Whether it's espionage, bodyguarding or (duh) assassination, they take on high level targets in the private industries, leaving out figures of state and civilians in a series of proxy wars. Of course, targets hire assassins of their own to protect them, as well as legions of hired guns.

In this world, meditation unlocks the power of 'intent'. Essentially ki, is protects one's body, rendering regular bullets/swords/punches much less harmful. The only way to break through someone's intent is to clad your weapon with the same. Naturally, an assassin usually specialises in intent.

The anime would be a sort of travel diaries account. It starts with a security guard for one of the big mineral firms. Only things go wayward when he ends up sleeping with a tourist. Of course, the tourist is actually an assassin, stealing his key and breaking into the building to gain some industry secrets. But she's discovered, with the company having hired not one, but two top level assassins. Outnumbered, she runs to the security guard again, who is being charged with colluding with an enemy agent and sanctioned as a legal assassination target. So he has to get on the run with her.

By chance, they happen upon a katana wielding assassin with an akita by his side. He has no contract at the moment, but he sides with them. The reason being that he's the woman assassin's ex-boyfriend and, despite being a very stoic, murderous man, is still intensely in love with her.
The man, with his incredibly powerful sword skills and his intent-wielding akita helper, and the woman, with the rare talent of infusing her intent into guns, and some gun-fu skills besides, manage to defeat the two assassins and the three run off.

The series would follow them, exploring the pasts of the three characters as the security guard learns to control his own intent, which begins to manifest in the form of electrokinesis, and learn the ways of an assassin. They meet plenty of kinds of enemies on the way, remnants from the long war, exotic assassins, those who would seek to tip the balance of the continent and make a few friends on all sides of the affair, too. There would be plenty of light-hearted party hijinks, as well, and a little love triangle developing as the plot boils down to a conspiracy within the five-state mandated Assassin's Guild.
File: 1372418444922.jpg (56KB, 836x698px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56KB, 836x698px
>Anime about an American weeaboo girl trying to start an anime club at school
>Deals with the hardships of being a weeaboo
>Speaks poor Japanese
>OST by Hatsune Miku
>Animated by Kyoani
>Titled "I Just Want To Be An Anime"
>Japs gobble it
>2 seasons and a live action movie
Literally All Quiet On The Western Front, the anime.
The bittersweet part is the MC is happy to get killed when it finally happens
>Small local imageboard
>Users decide to attend IRL meeting
>Anonymous mod says he will be there too.
>MC tries to figure out who the mod is.
>A lot of keikaku ensues
>Turns out mod is a shy and harmless looking girl
>MC goes home and prepares to publish all data he collected
>Gets a mail on his phone before he can press [Submit]
>Mail is from mod, she has a big database of embarrassing personal info on MC, and she promises to send it to all his friends and parents if he makes a wrong move.
>He is her slave forever.
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