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Fate/ Grand Order

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Last Thread is dead

This is a new character, her name is Four

People have been speculating that's she's possibly the wizard of the Fourth Magic, hence her name.


Also Fate general, I guess.
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Why did people say the guy was supposed to be Rin? It looks more like Kerry than anything.
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It's the eye color and the fact that the FeMC looks like a genderflipped Shirou

But I personally think that Male MC looks more like a genderflipped Ayaka.
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>2015 AD.
>The final era, when sorcery still existed.
>Society had been build by human hands, but it was magi who grasped the truth of the world.
Sorcery, which governs the skills of past humans that science cannot explain, and science, which gathers the technology of future humanity that sorcery cannot reach.
>Though the two disciplines are absolutely incompatible, they are similar in just one respect.
>Whether sorcery or science, the pursuers of both seek continued prosperity. Or in other words, to protect the future of humanity.

>The Chaldea Security Organization.
>A secret agency founded to prevent the certain extinction of the human race, by observing both the world unseen by sorcery as well as the world immeasurable by science.
>Researchers from every field, both magical and mundane, were gathered under a single goal: to extend the reign of human history, above all else.

>1950 AD. Phenomenon Recording Cyber-Daemon "LAPLACE" completed.
>1990 AD. Pseudo Global Environment Model "CHALDEAS" completed.
>1999 AD. Near-Future Observation Lens "SHIVA" completed.
>2004 AD. Heroic Spirit Summoning System "FATE" completed.
>2015 AD. Spiritual Computer "TRISMEGISTUS" completed.

>With one promising success after another, Chaldea was able to guarantee the security of human history for the next hundred years.
3th magic is the grial, so what about 1&2?
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>However, in 2015...

>Without warning, the future that had been observed by SHIVA vanished.
>Through calculations, it became clear... or rather, it was proven that humanity would go extinct in 2016.

>Why had this happened? How had it happened? Who was responsible?
>The researchers of Chaldea were plagued by questions.
Third magic is not the grail. It's soul manipulation.
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>But in the midst of their doubt, SHIVA observed a new anomaly.
>2004 AD, Japan, a certain provincial city.
>An "unobservable region" that hadn't been there before suddenly appeared.

>Assuming that this must be the cause of humanity's extinction, Chaldea decided to utilize the still-untested "sixth experiment".
>That is, time travel.
>A forbidden ritual that converts the practitioner into spirit particles and sends them into the past, allowing them to interfere with events to locate and destroy space-time singularities.

>Its name is the quest for the Holy Grail: "Grand Order".

>The name for those who would rise up against human history for the sake of humans, and fight fate itself.
First is related to Denial of Nothingness, Second is the Kaleidoscope (Operation of Parallel Worlds).
Is that Angra Manyu hatching?
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Will Jeanne's NP be changed? Having only a suicide NP for offense is not fun
I think Chaldea traveled back in time to 2004 to seal and measure Angra Mainyu or something. In the CM there is a battle occuring in the cave with Angra Mainyu behind and everything.
So, what party of Servants would you use, /a/?
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So chuuni,
The PVs look great. I'm glad that they seem to try and get as many servants as they can.
Heaven's Feel is actually soul materialization but close enough.
I'd rather they changer her voice, I imagined it more warm and youthful.

I like being scolded by her though.
1st magic: I dunno

2nd magic: Connecting to parallel dimensions. At lower level of mastery you can borrow knowledge and mana from parallel dimensions. At higher level mastery you can physically? travel between dimensions. Might also be related to time travel.

3rd magic: The materialization of soul. This the same magic used to create heroic spirits.

4th magic. I dunno

5th magic. This one is hard to explain since I'm not that sure either, but it seems to temper with cause and effect. Normally for each action needs a energy. With 5th magic you can use all the energy you want and "pay" the price much much later. So it's kinda like a credit card in which you buy now pay later.. much much later. You can also borrow knowledge and power from your future self. This process will cost a lot of mana, but as said, with 5th magic, the price can be paid much much later.
1st Magic is related to Denial of Nothingness as it was said. So, creating things out of nothing?
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>that amazing new saber by huke

What's her identity?
So when does it come out?
We don't know. She talks about holding the power of the god of war and being a killer machine.
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I only need one
gilgamesh, ramses, and archa. I'd play as femshirou and let them sheath their weapons in me
Could be Attila because Sword of Mars.
This june, or july.
Will this last for 6 months only? Ynow, apoclypse in 2016 and stuff.
Probably not.
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