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Gakkou Gurashi! 34

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So who's ready for the new chapter? (I guess nobody since we still didn't get a translation for the previous one)
Anyway here are the dump threads for
https://archive.moe/a/thread/121474470/#121474470 32 (with translations)
https://archive.moe/a/thread/122174264/#122174264 33
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Also Yuki will be an assist in the new Nitro+ fighting game coming out in arcades this spring.
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So here we go.
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I wonder if we'll see another girl breaking this time~
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What do we have here?
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She´s losing it.
N-no translators for 33? ;_;
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Dat glare doe.
>Kurumi is slowly turning into a zombie.
>Ri-san is slowly losing it.
>Yuuki is a retard.
Their future sure looks bright, huh. Poor Miki.
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Yuki is the one who's keeping them together I guess.
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translator for chapter 32 here, I might look into this after I get back from dinner

also, apparently I missed 33? when was it dumped?
Link in the OP. Please do ;_;
Anyone typesetting? What happened to the group that was doing this? I hate to steal their stuff if they're just backed up.
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Typesetter here. If no one doing it I can help. Anyone can help cleaning the pages?
Welcome back! Of course everyone was waiting for your return. There's a lot of important stuff happening in these chapters.

I've seen a comment on deel's blog that somebody has actually done typeset and was asking him if it's OK for him to upload it.
I suppose Deel refuses to work with chink scans and there was an anon yesterday who said he bought the volumes and will provide him the scans, so we need to be a little bit more patient.
Then I say we wait and see. If it doesn't work out, I can help typeset and clean pages.
I'll start with chapter 34, as it's being dumped right now

Chapter title: Imouto/younger sister

>sfx: float

>sfx: falls
>sfx: rolls

>what's the matter, Yuki?

>I've stayed up during the night a bit

>is that so... don't push yourself too much
>sfx: huh ah.. (yawns)

>big sfx: SCREECH
>scream sfx in the speech bubbles

>every thing alright?
>oh, it's fine

>maybe someone else should drive?
>I suppose so...

>l-let me drive!
>I want to learn how to drive

>that so? then I'll leave it to you

>ahh- I also wanna drive!
>l-let's leave that for another day

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>sfx: clack

>sfx: leans

>sfx: sigh...

>sfx: step


>ri-san (here she also says 里姐, in which 姐 means sister, or "Ri-nee", I'll go with ri-san for now)

>it's dangerous out here, ri-san


>sfx: suddenly wakes up

I also mixed up the names, it should be miki, not yuki
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>let's go?

>I'm home/back~
>I'm home/back
>oh, you're back

> I'm in charge of driving from now on


>I'm looking foward to your driving skills
>leave it to me

I fucked up again,
where yuri talks to yuki she calls out her sister's name, 小留, which I'm not sure what its called in jap, that's why yuki goes "eh?" in the scene
Thread posts: 33
Thread images: 19

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