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Shingeki no Bahamut Thread

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favaro ass.png
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New doujin.
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>mfw at first
Wait it's real, thanks for the heads up.
I'll have to mentally prepare myself for reading that.
>Favoros' dick has an afro
>Kaisar suffering
>That ending
Kaisar must always suffer.
So what did you guys think of the doujinshi?
It's good, but that Bacchus though. I want translations nonetheless.
I tried peddling the doujinshi around before releasing it publicly but had no luck. Hopefully someone will eventually do it despite of Bacchus.
It's Studio Tar and Bahamut so chances are pretty good. If it comes down to it maybe a resident translator could do it.
Yeah. I'm also banking on the Bahamut bit.
Real shame how few doujinshi ended up coming out for the series. I almost got this one http://www.doujinshi.org/book/767059/ but Melonbooks turned me back citing white pig go home
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Something interesting turned up on mandarake, b/a/hamut. It's episode 8 storyboards with one preview from the Amira flashback scene with Grigori still in Martinet's place.

The art is alright but I enjoyed the humor.
File: 0000927829.jpg (116KB, 354x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Oh geez the storyboarders are really having fun drawing Favaro.
With Grigori there it looks like the storyboarding happened well before finalizing the character designs for Martinet at least. Fits in with the interviews.
That's too bad, Japan and their xenophobia.
That was the Rita doujin I least wanted to get scanned at least.
I blame lack of doujins on the lack of sexualizable characters. The homo ones have no excuse, however.
What's surprising is that there's barely even any homo stuff.
I've only seen one homo doujin, that's it. It's quite baffling.
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I got this http://www.toranoana.jp/mailorder/article/04/0030/29/24/040030292404.html and while it's sfw it has nudity and ends in almost sex when they don't know how to do it. Plus there are some artists are drawing for supercomi/other coming events.

One of these is also up again. That detached sleeve like torn stockings cracks me up.
Yeah. I was expecting them to go all in with Azazel torturing Kaisar etc
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>MFW fujos I stalk talk about all the AzazelxLucifer doujins they're making.

>mysterious nipple, are you there or are you not
Those are auctions right? Shit, there's no chance any of those remain affordable for long. especially that ref set. At least there's the materials book coming along.

Any idea what scene is that?
I think the final scene (Amira turns around and asks "are you coming along?").
File: 0000927834.jpg (109KB, 354x500px)
109KB, 354x500px
I've tried putting in a bid for the last couple of 設定 materials, but they all ended up at far outside what I could pay.

However, I did end up getting one of the storyboard copys, for the moderate starting price no scanner until August unfortunately though

If these sets for 8/10 stay cheap, I might try to get them as well.

Rita: Good thing you guys were there, I wouldn't know what to do otherwise.
Favaro: Please, it's natural to help each others when we're in trouble. I'm really a good guy after all.
Bacchus: It's quite fortunate that I'm such magnanimous deity!
Kaisar: Wha? W-wait a minute you two!

Favaro: It's all good, Kaisar! Even though she looks like this, she's really a 200 year old grandma after all!
Rita: Don't call me a grandma.
Kaisar: That's not the problem here! She's a corpse!

Rita: Zombie. I'm zombie so I must regularly consume human flesh or something of the sort. This body can't last with just regular food, you know. Besides, are you saying you wouldn't mind if I went around chewing on people?
Kaisar: B-but what about the zombie infection?
Favaro: Well, I'm like this [a demon] so it should be fine.
Bacchus: And I'm a god and all.
File: 69679979.png (680KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>picture for ants
Is the text at least a little bit legible for moon-able anons? ;_;

It's on the design, but not in the show? Unless it's so pale you can't see it.

The bottom arrow is labelled "Nipple"
Favaro: Well then, without further ado... Here you go, the dick you wanted!
Rita: So impatient. That's why I hate brats.
Favaro: Even though she's an airhead, that demon girl is way too chaste. I've been waiting so long, it feels like it's gonna explode. So, how my dick?
Rita: Incredible! What on earth is going on with this hair!
Favaro: That's what's amazing?!
Rita: On the other hand...

Rita: This one is incredibly smelly.
Bacchus: Well, it's dick fit for a zombie!
Rita?: But why the hell does a god have a stinky dick?!
Bacchus: Well, how about cleaning up this divine cock then?
Rita: (So much dick cheese... If I lick all this my mouth is going to rot. Oh, but I'm a zombie.)
Favaro: Come on, clean up that dick! It stinks all the way here!
Bacchus: Shut up! Gods don't need to beath!
Rita: (Well, it doesn't matter.)

Rita: (Is it because I'm a zombie?)
Bacchus: Oh, not bad at all [?] Oops, watch those teeth.
Bacchus: Let's see... You picked up quite a lot. Haha, It must be quite a feast for a zombie!
Rita: (What's this filthy old man getting all proud for?)
Bacchus: Well, eat up.
Rita: (Now that's over with...)
Favavro: Hey hey, please don't forget this one!
That's so thorough. Why didn't they put it in the show then, I wonder.
Also, there really was an enchantment on the chest bandages, meaning Azazel applied those himself.
Favaro: Wait, is my dick too big for a kid-sized mouth?
Rita: It's fine, I'm a zombie after all.
Favaro: Wooow! Taking it this deep?! Zombies are awesome!
Favaro: Hey Kaisar, are you sure you don't wanna do it? She's amazing you know!

Favaro: It's like I'm being sucked iiin! Doesn't it hurt, Rita?
Rita: sh's fhine... 'm a shombie..
Favaro: That's right, don't just suck on it, play with the tip too. You're pretty good at this.
Bacchus: Oh, that's nice. Jerk it faster.
Bacchus: Oooh.. I can't hold it much longer.
Favaro: I'm going to come! Where do you want it, Rita?

Rita: In my mouth! Shoot it all in my mouth!
[various moans]
Favaro: Oops, I'm not finished yet.

Favaro: Phew.
Rita: Hey, what the hell are you doing? I told you to cum in my mouth, didn't I? You got my clothes all dirty.
Favaro: Sorry sorry! Haha.. Hm?
Bacchus: Hey, Bomber Head.
There is still meow meow I am cat
Bacchus: YOU DUMBASS!!! You got some on my dick too!!
Favaro: The hell is this god?
Rita: (Semen is being absorbed into my body...)
Rita: Hey, you two. This won't suffice at all, you know?
Rita: (This dead flesh is coming to life!)

Rita: Hey, don't you wanna do it? I'm a zombie so my body might be a bit rotten and small, but it will feel really good inside here, you know?
Kaisar: I... I...

Kaisar: I must perpetuate the Lidfard family! I cannot allow myself to become a zombie..!
Rita: Well about that... Is there anything wrong with your body?
Kaisar: Huh?
Rita: I told you right? That I regularly need human flesh to survive? [so every night..]
Kaisar: (Whaaat!?)
Rita: You didn't wake up at all, did you?
Favaro: In short, it's fine as long as you don't get bitten, see! Well, what do you say now, Kaisar?

Kaisar: ...want...
Favaro: Huh? What was that?
Kaisar: I... too... want...
Favaro: Eh? I can't hear anything!
Kaisar: I WANT TO DO IT TOO!!!
>Rita has been raping Kaisar in his sleep the whole time

Poor bastard she stole his virginity
File: 1424507702556.png (70KB, 439x789px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70KB, 439x789px
His virginity can't catch a break.
Assaults on his purity at every angle!
Can't find shit
File: 1427327456014.png (973KB, 827x1098px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
973KB, 827x1098px
>covering himself up
That's a lot of decency for a semen demon.

So, how are the preorders for vol. 3 coming up? It's less than two weeks before release and they still haven't announced the card bonus.
Bacchus: Oof! Woo!
Favaro: Hey, what the hell are you doing all of sudden, Bacchus!
Bacchus: This girl truly has one fine hole!
Rita: Heavy... (It's like I'm getting raped by a pig...)
Favaro: No fair! Let's switch up!
Bacchus: Shut up! The early bird gets the worm! If you wanna do it that badly then use another hole!

Favaro: What!? Look pal, I just can't do this.
Bacchus: Not my hole, you moron! Zombie girl's hole! Of course I'm talking about this one!
Bacchus: Here you go, Hammer Head. Use it as you wish.

Kaisar: I... I'm a knight... Are you telling me to put inside her ass?
Kaisar: OW! Rita?
Rita: Are you gonna do it or not? Make up your mind.
Rita: ... I'm a zombie but this position is still pretty embarassing.
Kaiser: ... Yes.

Kaisar: Here I go, Rita...
Kaisar: T-tight...
Rita: Ah...!
Kaisar: Rita? Can you feel it even though you're dead?

Rita: O-of course I do! If I lacked the sense of touch then it would be very hard to grab anything, right?
Rita: Well, I can't feel as much as when I was still alive...
Kaisar: But...
Bacchus: That's how it is, Hammer Head! You can do it as roughly as you want!

Kaisar: Th-this is! Such tightness! I'm sorry, Rita... I can't hold back either!
Rita: Incredible... With two cocks churning my insides, it feels as if my rotten entrails are being pulled out!

Rita: (My mouth too... My chest too... That place too... My ass too... My entire body...)
Rita: (Even though I'm a zombie...)

Rita: (It feels so goood!!)

Amira: Hey! When are we going to leave for Helheim?
Favaro: Hel...heim...
Kaisar: I... huff...
Bacchus: Itchy... itchy...
Rita: (Oh, it seems it takes some time for symptoms to show up after they get infected after all. Didn't know that.)

This took longer than I thought.
>【2015年 04月 13日(月)】 **2,608
Has to be too high.
Is this amazon or stalker points?
Stalker points.
Meh, these can't be trusted.
Also, I thought Favaro was asking Bacchus to switch with him at first, but it's so ambiguous he might have been asking him to let Kaisar take a turn. What a pal.
How does it compare to the second volume?
Volume two's points were 3,104 the day before the release.
So even less than vol. 2 then? Dang, time to stop bothering with sales is way overdue.

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1399462939990 (1).jpg
59KB, 266x294px
It would be better if SnK never existed, we know.
Thread posts: 46
Thread images: 14

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