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Deathless Chapter 1 Translation Thread

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Who here remembers Excel Saga?

Tonight I bring you all a taste of Koshi Rikudou's current series, Deathless.

It's a super interesting supernatural series that dips a bit into sci-fi and I figured it could use some attention. I repeat, it is super interesting, so be careful if you're not alone.
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Page 2
K: Anesama~ Anesama~
S: What
K: My stomach is feeling empty.
S: Really now... Who doth thee think is to blame for that...?
K: Oww~ That hurt~
K: It was thy squandering that led to this, fool!
K: Hmm~
K: !
K: Anesama! I smell something!
S: This far out in the countryside? How unusual... Let us go... None shall learn of this...
File: DEATHLESS01_003.jpg (451KB, 1091x1600px)
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Page 3
Title: A Pitiful Person
K: Such a pity
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Page 4
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Page 5
M: Right from the morning, today has just been a horrible day
M: Not only did I get left out from the trip because I have to present my report again
M: Now I also have to deal with some persistent guests while I'm on my own...
M: ...I think you've made a misunderstanding.
Thug: We are representatives for the people who intend to buy up this property for land development.
Thug: This is definitely not a bad deal. Won't you please think it over?
M: Ummm... My grandparents aren't here so I can't even...
Thug: They're not around?
M: Yes... They went to a hot spring...
Thug: How nice. Refined even.
Thug: So those old geezers aren't around then!?
M: Like I said, even if you come to me about it...
M: No. You'll do fine.
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Page 6
Thug: Miyanomori Mizuki-san. You are the present owner of this land are you not?
M: What?
Thug: Did you not know?
Thug: We can just get on home if you'd just take the deal!
Thug: I'm still hurting from when the geezers here beat down on me you know!
M: That only happened because you went after grandma...
Thug: What did you say bitch!?
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Page 7
S: What an eyesore thou art.
S: We apologize for interrupting ye gentlemen while ye art enjoying threatening the lass
S: But we have business with the occupants of this residence.
S: We are Suzaku.
*The royal We. She talks classy old.
M: Wha...
M: She's really beautiful...
M: Umm...
File: DEATHLESS01_008.jpg (374KB, 1091x1600px)
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Page 8
M: What business do you have with us?
M: This is first time I've ever seen her.
S: Oh...? Thou art an occupant of this manor?
Thug: Errghh. M-my hip...
Thug: Aniki! Can't we just do them in right here!?
Thug: Be quiet Taka.
Thug: It seems...
Thug: You have a guest to attend to. I'll be taking my leave for now. Let's go.
Thug: H-Hey!
Thug: We'll come again after lunch. You have till then to think the matter over.
M: Again...!? You're just causing trouble!
M: I told you guys we're not going to sell this place off no matter how many times you come over!
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Page 9
K: Yahh
M: What!? Who!? An accident!?
M: Oh no!
Thug: I-I...! I didn't...!
Thug: She just came outta nowhere!
M: Forget that! Hurry up and call an ambulance! We have to help her!
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Page 10
S: Oh dear. What a thing to happen our companion.
K: Anesan... I think I'm in pain~
S: What a boon for this to happen this way. This companion of ours has a dull and hard top as well as an abysmal memory to go with it.
M: How mean...
S: Good sir.
S: Would it not trouble thee in many ways if thine companion were to come under investigation?
Thug: I am envious of you for having such a good companion.
S: We cannot apologize enough for our thoughtless companion.
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Page 11
Thug: What can I do to ease away this troubling memory?
S: It is but a simple thing...
S: We would like for thee
S: To keep away from here for the remainder of the day.
Thug: ...
Thug: Is that all?
S: Is it too much?
Thug: I have no reason to say so. Take care now.
M: Ah! Excuse me! According to road traffic act 70... What was it again?
Thug: I'll drive.
Thug: Tangetsu-aniki! I...!
M: You have to report accidents and... This makes it a hit and run!
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Page 12
Thug: Owowow... I've had it with geezers and strange women. We just keep running into problems here.
Thug: Why do we even gotta take this out of the way place anyway? I don't see why all this other land around won't cut it...
Thug: You sure have some gutsy opinions for your sponsor Taka.
Thug: Weren't you supposed to kick your weed habit?
Thug: Huh?
Thug: No. It was only a little...!
Thug: I'm sorry but that lady really did just come out of nowhere...!
Thug: I-I'm really sorry! I am! Aniki!
Thug: Taka
Thug: Seatbelt
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Page 13
S: That's enough Kamado.
K: Alrighty then
M: Whoah!?
M: A-Are you... okay? That was a really loud crack...
K: No need for worries!
K: My body's soft!
K: ?
M: This person's also
M: Very beautiful...
S: Girl
S: Girl
M: Y-y-yes!?
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Page 14
S: Dost thou reside here by your lonesome?
M: No... I live with my grandparents... They're not here today though...
M: Oh. If you have business with them, they'll be here tomorr-
S: No. It is fine if it is merely thee.
S: Those things shall not be coming again today as well. Be mindful of the remainder ofthine life.
M: Thank you... Those guys were really persistent... You really helped me out there... Umm...
M: My name is Miyamori Mizuki!
S: Suzaku and
S: Kamado
M: Genji names? Did grandpa Enju go to another weird bar again?
*Names from the old Genji Story.
M: I'll tell my grandparents you came by!
M: Ahhh...
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Page 15
M: I didn't get anywhere with my report at all.
S: Suzaku and Kamado...
M: Such flashy people... They sure were something...
M: If I were as pretty as them...
M: I'm definitely going to lead an ordinary life.
M: I'm no. 1 at being plain.
M: Hmm...?
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Page 16
S: So it will be some sort of event then?
S: She's young and healthy so... I suppose that's just how these things are.
K: I smell something oily.
K: It's okay if the criminal shows up righ?
S: You may do as you please.
Thug: Fuck'em! It's because of them that my mug's all beaten up like this! This ain't no joke!
Thug: Who gives a fuck about promises!? Those shitty geezers aren't around so it's the perfect time for it ain't it!?
Thug: If I don't get something done, Tangetsu-aniki's gonna kill me for real!
M: Excuse me...
M: I'm sorry to interrupt you in the middle of things but...
File: DEATHLESS01_017.jpg (441KB, 1091x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Page 17
Thug: Oh for fuck's sake! How did find out!?
M: I just smelled the kerosene...
M: Erm, penal code 100... What was it again?
M: Setting fire to presently occupied buildings would earn you 5 or more years of imprisonment with hard labour and possibly even capital punishment so you won't get off lightly.
M: That really doesn't seem like something that would be worth a property like this...
Thug: Don't get smart with me...!
M: No... If you'd just go home...
Thug: You're just showing off! You're also looking down on me too ain'tcha!?
Thug: Just because you studied a little!
Thug: You're looking down on me!
S: He seems to be drunk... Drugs perhaps?
K: Looks like we'll be eating tonight!
M: Crap...
Tome for some cpr
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Page 18
Text: Interrogation & Coercion Model Modus Operandi
Text: Act together as a the hypothetical enemy and ally. A form of mind control.
M: I thought he was just playing the bad guy... But he's actually a dangerous one.
M: Against armed opponents I should... err...
M: Aim for the weapon? The head?
M: What did grandpa Musashi say again?
M: Ah... I remember now...
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Page 19
M: "Call
M: The cops"... that's what he said.
K: Good!
M: Someone...
M: Said...
M: "Good!"...
M: ...
Doesn't seem so super interesting yet.
And Viz still hasn't released Excel Saga digitally. Fucking faggots.
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Page 20
M: Ah...
S: Thou hast awakened... A pity
M: ...? The person from... this afternoon...
M: Huh... I...?
M: I was stabbed...!
S: Worry not. There is no wound.
M: Huh!?
M: It... doesn't hurt...
M: Good... I wasn't stabb...
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Page 21
S: Thou most certainly hath been stabbed.
M: Umm... I'm very grateful for your help but why are we naked...!?
M: I-I don't swing that way!!
M: I don't want my first time to be abnormal!
S: Oh? So thou art a virgin then?
M: Then it truly is a pity.

You came just in time my friend.
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Page 22
S: It shall be done with very quickly so please bear with it.
S: It would be troublesome if the extent of our contact were not great enough
S: We shall be taking in your Passage.
*It's actually written as SHIDA in hiragana and the kanji used later for it means time. Figured passage was a decent fit for the term.
M: Passage?
M: What does she mean by Passage?
M: Bear with what? What a twisted first time is this...
S: Today, thou hast ended.
M: No...! What are these people doing?
M: Noooo! Today's just been full of #$#$!
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Page 23
S: We hath saved thee from that
M: ...?
S: And so we shall take thine Passage in return.
S: It is a pity but thy fate shall not change.
M: ...I can't see clearly without my glassess but...
S: It is a pity but we are not at fault.
M: That man...
M: Is disappearing...?
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Page 24
S: Passage
S: We hath saved thee who was meant to end today. Therefore
S: Thine passage of time had thou lived to old age shall become ours entirely
M: I'm scared
M: Even if it wasn't him...
M: Something bad would happen...!
M: No
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Page 25
M: I'm scared!
M: I'm scared!
M: I'm scared!
M: I'm scared!
M: This kind of thing
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Page 26
S: Mmm?
S: !?
S: Wait!
S: What is this!?
S: I'm the one being...!
M: I'm scared...
M: Help me!
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Page 27
K: Brr?
K: Yaawn... Ate him so there's none left.
K: Thank you for the meal!
M: Huh...? Nothing... happened?
M: I'm not... afraid anymore...
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Page 28
M: That was a dream...
M: It seems like I was attacked by a deviant...
S: Hmmph... I was tricked...
S: What balls behind that plain appearance... We were in a dangerous position.
*Suzaku uses TAMA in katakana here. That could either mean balls, soul or possibly a series specific term that'll get explained later on that. She's classy and crude.
M: The deviant!
S: Wha...!?
S: We cannot take this any further! Withdraw Kamado!
M: What kind of remarks are you giving your victim!
K: Alrighty!
K: Ane...
S: Kamado...! Thou presume to mistake me? For a fellow such as this to still remain to this age is just...
M: I don't want to be called in a such a strange way by some pervert!
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Page 29
S: It was we who was about to be eaten was it not!?
M: I don't have that kind of preference!
M: I don't even know what's going on anymore! Just get out of here!
S: Thou needn't say such to me! We would not stay long in a territory such as this!
S: Let us depart Kamado!
K: Ummm...
K: Ane-sama... That's...
M: First I get stabbed then I get violated, what a day! I just want to get in the bath and lie there... Where are my clothes?
S: Where are our garments?
S: Why is our body so heavy?
K: Ane-sama~
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Page 30
S: We did think that there would be merit in savoring the passage after so long. However, the absolute balls on one so flat!
K<mutter>: Ahahahaha
M: Sorry for being flat and a virgin! I can't get you on rape since we're both women but I sure can get you on coercion!
K: Say~ Suzaku-anesama...
S: Enough grinning! Go fetch our clothes!
S: We did think this forest was somewhat gloomy to begin with...
S: Huh?
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Page 31
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Page 32
M: What is this!?
S: This is...
M: My body's moving on its own...?
S: Ey! Don't just move however thou pleaseth!
M: Kyah!
S: Calm thyself.
M: Agreed
M: This is a hallucination. It's a dream.
M: Maybe I really do have those kinds of interests? Am I sexually frustrated?
K: That is just escapism.
M: I can hear something in my head!
M: Nooo! Doesn't that make just like a mental patient!
S: Thou hast taken the words of our mouth. It seems though that we were the one who was captured.
I like Deathless.

Young grandma is the best.
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Page 33
S: Hello! Thou!
M: It's Mizuki!
S: We do not know what manner of being thou art as thine unremarkable form hid away thine nature. We apologize for slighting thee so would thee find it in thy heart to release me?
M: She apologized to me snidely! I can't help being so unremarkable!
M<mutter> She even brought that up
M: I don't know what the heck is going on but I'm fine with being plain!
K: Ohh~
M: So please change me back to normal!
M: ...!?
S: Well, Kamado?
K: Can't do a thing either way~
S: Hmm... It does not seem like Mizuki-dono knows nothing about it herself.
This crotch looks very strange.
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Page 34
S: We know nothing about what caused so there is nothing we can do about the matter. For the time being could thou stop acting in that manner? ...hm?
M: Please don't just talk like you've given up okay!
M<mutter>: Fixit spirit!
M: My grandparents are going to be home tomorrow...
S: Look out!
M: ?!!
M: Huh? The roof?
M: What? Did I...
Mu: Wretched burglar! Come out now!
S: ?
M: No... Why are they here now...

How young we talking here?
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Page 35
Mi: Your skill and blade have rusted away haven't they?
En: That was lame
En<mutter>: You missed
Mu: Shut it you two!
Mu: What a shady pair of women burglars! Did you come here to bring disorder knowing full well that this house is ours!?
En: Oh. How cute.
Mi: Don't go killing them.
Mu: Depending on your answer I may have to cut you down!
S: Who are these dried up prunes overflowing with such vigor and have no intention of listening?
M: Grandpa...
M<mutter>: No, listen first
M: Why?
M: You said you'd be back tomorrow...
M<mutter>: Ah. He jumped.
Mu: "Grandpa"? Why is some burglar acting so familiarly with me!? I am going to cut you!
M: Wait a second! Grandpa! Listen to meee!
M: That was how that horrible day started.

It gets even stranger later on.
Don't tell me she get herself a huge futa cock later on.
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160KB, 1091x1600px
And done. Hope you all enjoyed that.

Unlike how I usually do things though you can expect a few more chapters of this from me in the coming weeks. Probably a volume's worth to lure in people to pick it up.

Volume 7 young but 20 yo like on the beach and something is good too.
It's a funny story. How things goes from there is even funnier.

You have exquisite taste my good man.
thanks TC, that was a good 1st chap.
Paste for any wandering typesetters interested:

Thanks for doing this OP
This needs a quality scan group immediately.
I am willing to commission a volume or two. Problem is willingness of the scan group(s)
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