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One Page Thread

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Comfy edition?
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many OPT thread archieved :(
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This was great
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Dis was sum srs shit nigga i tell u
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>can't write properly
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>illegally consuming chinese cartoons and comics is the only thing in my entire life I ever put some effort into so everybody must know

>Girl hairclips on boys

What the fuck is it with manga and this shit? Do jap boys irl wear women's accessories too?
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Shieet when did Retsu lose a leg?
he lost his leg in his fight with Pickle
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in son of ogre I take it?

It's the only one I haven't got around to reading.
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Thanks for this one, it was really amazing. The guy with the flute was the best story.
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Yeah I found it going through series scanlated by Hokuto no Gun last night.

Haven't read the last chapters yet but I really enjoyed the others.
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2 moe 4 me.
You should still read it
This O-S was so damn stupid, but the ending was perfect.
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It's her fucking nipple!
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I did, yesterday.
DYN Freaks a shit.
Kancolle a shit.
Both a shit.
There are more than 2 examples of this?
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>hating on the adventures of the Lovecraft crew
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Updates never
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friendly reminder that there is 8 new chapters of Shamo out today
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10/10 cast save for Reika's dumbass
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God everything this guy does is amazing.
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I could tell who it was just from their eyes
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My one page/one panel thread disappeared, drat
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Fuck Yeah
the plot seems overused
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Stop fapping to VNs then.
It's based of a LN, don't expect so much.
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that's fucking weird
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OPT archieved soon
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Is it worth to read?
it's decent

if you like silly teenage romance then go for it
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premonitions of suffering
Will you allay my fears or add to them?
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>found source
never mind
Significantly better than Rape Namek.
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16 chapt so far. they havent had sex right?
No, he still hasn't given her the thorn.
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If it's vanilla
>Based on a Novel
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vanillaaaah taimu
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Did someone say vanilla?
HA. Gotcha.
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I think someone said vanilla
it's totally vanilla, but it's also now a harem

also updates never
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New chapter is out
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how vanilla should be done/
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>building a relationship on LIES
anon no
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