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Light Novels

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So what series have you moved onto with both Tate no Yusha and Mushoku Tensei reaching to a meh point in the story?

List series, etc and also if it's being translated. A short description might get others interested as well.

Here's the ones I'm following:

Kansutoppu! (かんすとっぷ!)
>girl flees from village that gets burned down, ends up stuck in a dungeon. she's finally able to escape it after clearing the bottom level and escapes to look for civilization

It's being translated at http://9ethtranslations.wordpress.com/kansustoppu/

World Teacher
>old man master agent dies and reincarnates in a fantasy world. OP things happen.

translations at http://defiring.wordpress.com/world-teacher/

Konjiki no Wordmaster
>guy plus classmates gets summoned into fantasy world, guy leaves for own adventures.

translations at http://yoraikun.wordpress.com/knw-chapters/

Sage Disciple (賢者の弟子を名乗る賢者)
>mmo beta elite player who had a badass old gramps character falls asleep while fiddling with character editor and making a loli, he wakes up in a fantasy world that's the exact same as the MMO, as his character but in loli form only to find out that 30 years has passed in the fantasy world since he fell asleep. his character is renown as sage and one of the heroes who vanished, but he's stuck as a loli now

translations at http://oniichanyamete.wordpress.com/%E8%A6%8Bsc%EF%BD%83%E3%82%89%EF%BD%90/she-professed-herself-the-pupil-of-the-wise-man/

Loli Wartales (幼女戦記)
>Elite Businessman reincarnates as an orphaned girl in parallel world pre WW2 german empire, the timestream seems to rather closely follow history except hitler isn't around and there's magic in the world. 10 year old loli becomes Kampfgruppe field commander SS Major

No translations as far as I know, 3 vols of the LN is out, WN can be found at http://www.mai-net.net/bbs/sst/sst.php?act=dump&cate=tiraura&all=24734&n=107#kiji
WN events seems to differ from that of LN
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For people who didn't know, BT will allow vol14 and 15 to get translated before taking down series from their site. Vol 1-13 has already been re-uploaded on google docs.
Just started reading volume 3 of HakoMari. Daiyan seems to be a bit of an asshole. And Kazuki is just getting creepier.
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>tfw you perform amazing feats and people start calling you by a nickname
>tfw nickname is cringeworthy, you didn't get to pick the nickname yourself, as it came from gossip and rumors and it's impossible to change it as you're already known by the nickname everywhere
One of these days I need to get around to reading that one about the guy who gets killed by some guy targetting his co-worker over a woman and reincarnates as a slime. I was several chapters in and dropped it to do something else, thinking someone might start translating it, but nope.
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Reading Otome Game no Burikko Akuyaku Onna wa Mahou Otaku ni Natta

>MC gets reborn into the queen of hearts a rival character from her favorite otome game, to prevent her own bad fate and the fate of her favorite character she delves greatly into magic.

kinda has the same in-depth first person narrative as Mushoku Tensei and the best part is All the other queens and the game's heroine are also reincarnated The heroine did nothing wrong
Reading Magicraft Meister

MC finally began using magic crafting (every chapter he created a whole messload of non-magically technological advancements).
>Loli Wartales (幼女戦記)
Oh I remember that. The art is ridiculously good.
>Kansutoppu! (かんすとっぷ!)
37 chapters translated. neato.

everything other the konjiki is no translations ever though.
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Yeah it's real harsh. But then if you look at them a lot of those translation blogs only started some months ago.

Degarchev-chan is my waifu
I can think of one
Oh and also, just began reading vampire princess


>first chapters

moe overlord
What does the picture say?
A day in the life of good orcs.
Neat, into the backlog all of this goes. I just finished Baccano vol. 5 and started the most recent Index volume. Getting the essentials out of the way first since I'm new to this LN stuff.
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before and after.jpg
542KB, 1580x1125px

They all have rather few chapters translated, probably a good idea to read later as you'll have more chapters to read in one go.
>Loli Wartales
Anything more like this? A story where it takes place not in medieval-fantasy setting but more modern-fantasy (not futuristic)?
So it's like what if Otome games were multiplayer games? As long as they don't act like typical OG heroines, I'm in.
I love overpowered characters in a lighthearted setting.
>reading tokyo ravens
>its literally several volumes behind and the translators are dead.
finally caught up,
it was pretty entertaining, and they are just editing the next few chapters so more soon.
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I've actually just began reading something like that called リアルでレベル上げしたらほぼチートな人生になった. Not translated as far as I know or care, and I'm not even through the first volume yet.
To summarize it, the MC is a hard-core RPG gamer who literally only plays RPGs to reach the max level in them. Beating the final boss means jack shit to him; if he gets max level, he's beaten the game. And one day luck fucks him over and ruins a game he was near 'completing', and afterward a fairy pops up and gives him a way to grind in real life to level up.

It's a bit absurd at times, though. He gets pretty strong by leveling up, but can casually talk with a girl immediately after she tried to cut him up and dispose of him since she's a professional assassin(?). Or when the wire-puller is right in front of him, he makes no effort to capture her, beat her up, or report her to the authorities after she just tried to have snipers shoot his limbs off and kidnap his triplet girlfriends.
I like to think this ideology is due to his harem stat, though. It's randomly stupidly high, which I like to pretend/assume it makes him make stupid choices regarding women.
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I read through the WN. Prepare for tweeeeest.

Reading through vamp princess right now. This shit's too kawaii. It's bad for my heart
>Prepare for tweeeeest.
I don't want to be spoiled but I can guess what happened. But wait, is the WN translated?
I'm pretty sure there's just the WN of it and that the translator is translating from that.

I read the raws
Oh so it's over already? Well damn.
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Don't you dare to spoil it
Who that level 999 guy? at ch 40
chapter 205 was released yesterday so its still ongoing.
>chapter 205
>only 37 translated
More than 37 actually, laggy in editing
I hate these teaser thing, it turtored me
Fucking Yen Press.
I keep reading Reika-sama over and over again. It's a shame that the translator is a bit shitty and massive drama queen, but at least it's easy to understand with online translators
ssst, another drama going to happen if they saw your post.
Considering the non-existent amount of discussion, I suppose that translations for Kamisu Reina's vol 2 will come in about fucking never.
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Thread images: 10

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