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Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro Ch 1 TL Thread

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Found a neat new series to share with you all. The raws were rough and the badly cropped but here's hoping that it won't get in the way of your fun.
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C: Hah
C: Hah
C: Waaaah! I'm not gonna make it!
C: I'm gonna be late! I'm gonna be late!
C: Umm~ Okay. Cool your head..
C: I should be around here right now...
C: And school's right over there...
C: Got it!! I should just barely make it in time!
C: If I turn here and...
C: Go straight I'll...
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Title: Cause School's Just Right Over There
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C: If I turn here and...
C: Go straight I'll...
C: Hit a dead end...
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C: Hey... I didn't hear anything about there being any construction work going on!!
C: And why so thorough about it...? Did a meteorite crash here?
C: You've gotta be kidding me... Why is the detour that far away!?
Text: Tardiness Confirmed
C: What now...? I even ran all the way here...
C: Why... Why did this have to happen...? What did I do to deserve this...?
Text: 3 Hours Ago
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Man: Hah!
Man2: Hurk
C: Alright! Assassination Complete! Waiting carefully did the trick...
Little bubbles: Haa...
C: Now I just have to beat it... Ah! They saw me! Shit!
Little bubbtles: Clickity Clack
C: Jeez!
C: Damn they're persistent!
God I've been waiting for this
Do you have a cleaner and a typesetter?
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C: A dead end!?
Fuse: Sssss...
C: Don't
C: look down
C: On my skills!!
Rest of the bubbles: step
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C: Yeah! All clear!
C: Oh. This is exactly what they mean by reaping what you sow.
C: I gamed all night last night... And I figured I could go to school just like that...
Mom: What!?
Mom: Chio? Hey!
C: But I ended up dozing off at the entrance...
C: At this rate I'm gonna get it...
C: The school lines up the latecomers for everyone else to see...
C: Huh?
C: What's with the blood?
C: I'll get mixed in with the delinquents... Scary! I'll stand out too! That's going to suck hard!

Nope. Just a script and shitty raws. Go for it if you like.
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C: What do I do? I won't make it...
C: ......
Ok picked up then, I;ll probably update it to batoto, want me to make a credit page to give you credit?
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C: This... Telephone pole... Maybe I could...
C: Keep on going straight through...?
C: Nononono
C: I've been gaming way too much!
C: I'm just a highschool girl, not some legendary assassin...!
C: Oh no no no no! It's getting to my head...
C: Is this what being a gaming addict is like...?
C: Guess I'll just withdraw quietly...
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C: Hmph!
C: Hrgg!
C: Nggh!
C: Nh!
C: Nh!
C: I'm fall- NGH!
C: Eyyah!
C: Tess
C: Paaahhh
C: Haaaah
C: Haaaah
C: Haaaah

Sure. Give yourself credit while you're at it. Be sure to put a note that I'm not doing future chapters, just want to get eyes on this series.
So you'll just do this chapter?
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C: Not like what I had in mind at all...
C: Haaaah
C: Oh god!
C: Haaaah
C: Haaaah
C: My uniform's a mess...
C: But now...
C: I can go straight...
Person: What? Construction work...?
Person: For real?
C: Good thing there aren't too many people around...
C: I got past the the construction site...
C: Phew
C: School is still quite a ways from here...
C: I think I'll keep taking shortcuts till I get there...
C: Whoah
C: Scary
C: Shhhhh
C: Ho
C: Ho
C: Huh...

This is perfect. Wish the raws weren't so terrible.
It's always so weird to see hentai artists do regular stuff for a change.
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C: This is...
C: Kinda
C: Fun
C: Wow
C: So pretty...
C: Aren't I basically...

Yup. Just this one. It's a funny series and isn't one of those more difficult gag manga to translate so I'm sure someone else will step up for the rest.
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C: Just like the assassin from the game?
C: Hah...
C: Makes me want to do something I really shouldn't...
C: Su...
C: Cutting off our middle fingers to use our tools...
C: We are the fabled assassins...
C: An assassin is born!
C: Nothing is overboard, tardiness is not permitted...
C: That is my creed...
*I never really got into assassin's creed but this Seems like a line from the game

Wait what? What's their doujinshi handle?
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Don't bother with it, this raw is completely dogshit. Just compare >>123129005 and my ebook rip, which is quite shitty too. Elem is going to scan it and I planned to do first chapter. We already have first chapter translated, but we don't have a translator to do the rest.
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Man: !?
Man: It's bright out!!
Man: ...? I could have sworn somebody was up here just now...
Man: Guess I must have imagined it...
C: Good... He didn't see me...
Man: Hmmm~ The sun's sure giving its all today~
C: He's brushing his teeth...? In that case he'll go back in soon...
Little bubbles: Thump
Man: Ptuui
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C: Glasses Guard!!
C: Whoa!! Whoa!! Whoa!! Whoa!!
Bubbles: Brushing noises
C: I'll just move a little farther away... Should be fine now.
C: Just till I'm out of his range...
Man: Mmgh
Man: Gouff
Man: Pffft
C: Dad does it too but... Why does this old man have to!?
C: A brush and spitter!?
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C: Haaah
C: Haaah
SFX: Sounds of spit splattering
SFX: Slide
SFX: Close
C: ...
C: ...mh
C: ...mh
C: If only I hadn't gone through with this...
C: She took 5 minutes to regret it

I'm sure you'll find someone to do them in due time.
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C: This ain't the time and place to be playing assassins! Have to get down now...
C: Ah...
C: The school...
C: It's a lot closer now...
C: Where do I... get down from here...? Somewhere away from those eyes...
C: Away from those eyes...
C: Wait... Don't tell me that...
>Kawasaki Tadataka

Dis gun be good
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C: I'm stuck?
C: This gap...
C: It's not a distance I can take a leap at... Just no way.
C: I could just climb down from here but...
C: Righto
C: If I get seen...
Camera Zombie: Oh! Weirdo spotted!
Guy: Woah!
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Twit name: Scummy Trash
Caption: A wild school girl appe-
Comment: I can see panties!
Girl: Oh my Miyamo-san~ You're just like a monkey aren't you...
Girl: She really is~
Guy: Hey! Let's come up with a nickname for her!
Someone: Ah! It's the yellow monkey!
Someone: Yellow monkey's here!
Someone: It's yellow monkey!
Someone: Yellow monkey!
C: I can't let that happen!!
C: For the sake of a peaceful school life...
C: I absolutely cannot stand out...!!
C: What should I do!? Should I double back!? But time's running...
C: Nggggh... Hmm? What's that racket I'm hearing...?
C: ?
C: Turn
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Boy: Waaaah! Waaaah!
Woman: You're such a handful...
C: Oh... I see...
C: His balloon got caught up in the tree... I think I can reach it but...
C: I just can't let that woman see me...
C: Sorry kid...
C: Oh!
C: There's a tall man!
C: Wouldn't he be able to get it?
Woman: Um, excuse me! Err... My son's balloon got caught in the tree...
Man: Yeah... That one right?
Man: I see. I could certainly reach it can't I? Quite easily at that.
Woman: Oh? You can?
Woman: Umm... Could you do that for us, please?
File: 024[1].jpg (706KB, 2241x3456px)
706KB, 2241x3456px
Man: No, I won't. I don't have to do it just because I can you know.
Man: Oh. Are we talking business then? Are you going to give a reward for it? Will you pay for it?
Man: What are the fail conditions?
Man: What if this Armaaaaani suit got dirty? Would you reimburse me for it? Heck, can you even reimburse it at all?
Man: By the way this made to order item has a battle power of 530,000 you know? Ah. I'm talking about money you see? That's before tax too!
Woman: I.. Ummm... I'm sorry...
Man: Beh
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C: That asshole! Should I throw rocks at him...? The ultimate weapon of the modern age.
C: I can't really move around though...
C: I'm just me...
C: I have to find a way to keep myself from being late...
C: I've got nothing but rocks at my fingertips...
C: ...rocks
Man: It's so much fun to tease the poor~
C: Ah. He's coming this way...
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C: ...
C: Maybe...
C: If I use what I learned from the game...
C: Even if it looks impossible
C: I can just make myself a path
C: And then I'll
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Man: In one day I make what the masses make in a month~
Man: Oh yeah
Man: Bop
Rock: Fly
Man: !?
Man: Top Class Python Bag Guard! Defensive power 225,000!
Man: Ah! I'm talking about money!
Man: Before tax of course!
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Man: The high yen is awesome!
C: I'll beat that asshole
C: With this move!!
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C: My name is
C: Miyamo Chio
C: Tennis Club Assosciate(Soft Ball)
C: The #1
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C: Most hated thing is
File: 031[1].jpg (627KB, 2241x3456px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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C: Standing Out
File: Chio01.jpg (610KB, 679x965px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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C: Guh!
C: OK!
C: That went great!
C: And a perfect landing too!
*I think this might a reference to some commercial that I have never seen
C: Alrighty then!
C: I'll make it in time with this.
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Man: This guys just suddenly fell down...
Man: Why don't we call an ambulance for now?
Man: Is he drunk?
Woman: ...?
Balloon: Sssss
Boy: Takkun's balloon came down!
Woman: There's a rock tied to the end of the string...
Woman: Was someone up there?
Boy: Mom... I know who did it.
Woman: Huh?
Boy: I saw her. The one who helps those in trouble...
Boy: That was...
Boy: It was...
Boy: An Assassin! Just like the one from papa's game.
Woman: Yes...
Woman: What is that exactly...?
Hell yeah I recognise the artist, his H-works were often fun as fuck so that may be pretty intereting.
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C: I've got a good feeling about this...
C: Step
C: I"m finally back...
C: On the usual route to school...
C: This is... a parking lot?
C: I was wondering how this would turn out for a while there... But it looks like I made the right choice heading here in a straight line...
C: Nobody saw me on the roofs so my peaceful school life is safe...
C: Now I just need to steady my breathing...
C: And walk out with pride!!
C: So I don't look suspicious, but proud instead!!
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C: Huh!?
C: ...? What's with this guy...?
C: It looks like... he's looking my way?
C: Uwaah. He's got a kinda looking at me in a pervy way...
C: This guy's dangerous!!
C: Is he staring because he thinks I look weak?
C: In that case I just have to do it...
Man: ...
C: With pride!
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C: With Pride!!
File: 037[1].jpg (677KB, 2241x3456px)
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C: Phew... Well? Acting all cool like this...
Man: Shutter sound
C: It's only natural that even degenerates wouldn't call out to me, right?
C: Phew... Made it...
C: !
C: Oh... I see my kin over there...
C: Fufu... Rather than going to school...
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C: It's more like...
C: I'm making my triumphant return to school...
Guy: Ah... Ow.
C: Ahh...
C: Pa- Pardon me...
Girl: Hey... Hurry up will you?
C: Ahhh... Sorry...
Me with the phone
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C: Sigh... A lot happened but...
Student: Good morning!
Student: Morning!
Student: Good morning!
Student: Morning!
C: I'm glad I made it in time...
Student: Good morning!
C: I've arrived!
C: Today is going to be another day in my peaceful school life
Teacher: Good morning.
C: Ahhhh. Thank god. Thank god.
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C: Good morning!!
Teacher: Oh! Morning! You're awfully chipper today!
C: That I am!
Student: Good morning~
Teacher: Morning!!
Student: Good morning~
Girl: Hey did you hear? It seems like one of our girls came to school from a love hotel. That's what's going around.
Student: Ehhhh!? For real!!?
Teacher: WHHAAATT!!
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Teach: If I ask the students the rumours will...
Teach: Before it gets out of hand... I have to help her!
Search: Samejima Academy Compensated Dating BBS
Teach: Just you wait...
Woman: !?
Teach: Just you wait...

And done.
Thank you so much OP!
Nice, it was so fun. Thanks!
I noticed that right away too.

This niggas art is good.

I hope he hasn't stopped doing porn outright like many others. But I won't hold my breath on that.

Entire script in one convenient paste. Take note though a couple of bubbles towards the end were adlibbed cause I couldn't make out the kanji through the shitty raws.
>This artist

File: Screenshot_21.png (652KB, 1280x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Oh. I guessed it right then. Can you get this one's >>123130055 middle right panel?
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