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Gundam Reconguista G-Reco FINALE

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Why aren't you watching Tomino's masterpiece?
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Welp... you know what time it is!
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Where are the subs?
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>Bellri didn't fuck Aida
Dropped harder than a colony
At least Klim is fucking Mick.
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>living in burgerland
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This show is still airing?

Tomino is as big of a hack as George Lucas, the second he's given free reign over anything he fucks it up massively.
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Poor Noredo...
Bellri was kind of a douche here, he should have let her come with him.
Anyone have the chart with all the MS updated?

He probably needed to do his journey alone.
>Noredo literally got Sochie'd, fish and all
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What happened to chuchumy?
That's not Victory Gundam.
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Doesn't matter how it ends. Civilization will eventually be nuked again anyway because pic related.
Its out

Thank you kind anon.
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>tfw Tomino even acknowledges that G-Reco is shit.
the episode was a clsuterfuck of random rushed shit. Much like the rest of the show.

Especially liked how Mask's character went back to his original self out of nowhere in the epilogue.
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This was profound and stupid

It was profoundly stupid
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Sounds about right. For Tomino. I'm looking forward to it even more.[/spoiler]
fuck off >>>/m/
It sucks but I'm kinda OK with how that went. Noredo never had the guts to confess her feelings, so she gets left in the dirt as a natural consequence. It's not like that's necessarily the end of that story though; they're both alive and well, and she's perfectly free to chase after him and correct her mistake.

After being AWOL for like a dozen episodes, Chuchumy finally showed up in the end. Bellri left 'em in Noredo's care.

I'm not gonna say you're wrong. Show definitely felt rushed, like they squeezed a 50 episode show into 26. But it was still a whole lot of fun and gorgeous.
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>People are still watching this monstrosity

I don't how the fuck you can keep going on without losing the last braincells you have left.
>I wanted to stop my allies
>So I killed all of them

This shit is beyond retarded
I'm so glad I only watched the first five episodes and then jumped to the final. The whole thing is just pure fucking trainwreck. This show really solidifies Tomino's reputation as bad anime director beyond saving
I'm more confused than when the show started.
See >>123104700 and >>123104791
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>eagle magically turns into a blood balloon
I want to ask a serious question. Do you guys honestly think this anime was meant to be this bad? I know what we all think of Tomino and all that, but forget about that for a minute. Was everything about this anime done this way completely on purpose? Like, were they being serious? I can't believe something so incomprehensible, nonsensical, and just plain lazy was allowed to be produced and air.
>all that SHADING
It's sad we won't find that level of attention to detail anywhere else except by Tomino these days.
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Still waiting for Sage to pick it back up to make it bearable, stuck on episode 3.
Of course it's intentional. Anyone who's seen a few Tomino shows would know this fits right in with his style of visual storytelling that rejects exposition. It's not necessarily "bad" storytelling, just not very accessible to anyone outside japan.

The language barrier is a HUGE problem because the things his characters say are often meant to be HEARD, not read. For example information flies by so quickly that I literally had the pause an episode every few seconds just to keep up.
*had to

Addendum: If G-Reco ever gets a dub, I have a feeling it would probably go over much better with audiences. I had a similar problem with King Gainer, where the dub really helped me to make sense of what was going on.
This whole finale felt so disjointed and rushed. Wasn't satisfying at all.
Thread posts: 42
Thread images: 20

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