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Koufuku Graffiti

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I think it's time for a Koufuku Graffiti thread.
I'd ittadakimasu and dig in to that socially inept christmas cake so hard there'd still be icing on my crotch come New Years.
Best character.

Rest of the show is boring as fuck, don't know why I'm still watching it.
I like it. I remember it's pretty common to say lucky star is good past the first episode but this whole show is the first episode of lucky star. It's a niche, and it fills it quite nicely
File: ryou_machiko_oo.jpg (293KB, 1600x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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More sexually repressed chubby girls who use food as a substitute for erotic pleasure please.
I hated the first episode of Lucky Star, but this show is my AOTS.
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>Last episode today
Why would she need food for that when she got a cute niece?
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Ryou is so pure she doesn't even masturbate.
Her foodgasms are caused because the greatest sensual pleasure she has ever experienced is eating food.
In her world, the greatest expression of love is not even kissing much less sex, rather its feeding someone or being fed by them.
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everyone is nuts.jpg
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>make an entire pornographic anime but with food instead of dicks and body fluids
>by shaft
>it's actually good
i bet ryou fills all of the food she gives to kirin with semen

animal semen
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2nd cousin.
Kissing, much less sex, are lewd, improper behavior in her mind. Only suitable for married couples in the privacy of their own homes.
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Who /shiina/ here
>Move to Europa
>Get married

Its not that hard for Kirin.
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Ryou is not chubby. Please do not bully the Koufuku.
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If anyone has a cleaner version of this, I want it
I think I just got the joke of this series. Pretty much everything they eat and make a big deal out of every episode are fairly common foods.

Feel free to mock me for slowpoking now.
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Have you prayed to itadakimasu today?
File: 1411988731462.jpg (212KB, 600x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I think this one is my favorite
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Pick one
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Artist seems to really like the stuffed cheeks, still shoveling food in pose
I do as well
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Kirin is so impulsive that she might be the one who breaks the other two out of their shells.
However, at the moment, what we have here are three girls who's families-in spite of some very strange circumstances- have so successfully taught them to protect their purity and abstain from even sexual thought much less acts that their need for gratification and contact has been displaced onto food and the acts of cooking and eating.
In Ryou's case it was because she was a only child raised by her grandmother.
In Shiina's case, its because her mother and Tsuyuko have gone to such great lengths to disguise their lesbian relationship that Shiina has grown up convinced that lack of close contact is proper behavior. Not because of anything Mom and Tsuyuko have said but because of what they don't do or talk about in front of her, and she has simply grown up copying their behavior.
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So i'm out of Koufukus by that artist. On the plus side, SHAFT girls still going strong
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Happy New Year, guys
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that health.jpg
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She is pretty tall so she carries it well.
But she is definitely very soft and round.
I would kind of worry what would happen to her if she got pregnant, since she is already this round as a jr high student. What is going to happen when she stops growing and her metabolism slows down?
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I'd say the entire theme of the show has been eating food, mundane or not, with loved ones. It's not much of a joke. Many of the dishes they've made aren't all that mundane like flowing somen.
Stop bullying. Ryou has a healthy body fat %. She is a normal weight.
File: 1421490769905.jpg (104KB, 500x740px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Found another
They have never published what her body fat % is. And she is definitely at the upper end of the normal weight range.
She is in the same condition as a certain Amigami. Ok right now, but if she gained any more weight.
You have to think about the future anon.
File: 1424133954937.gif (1MB, 368x392px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What about her height and three sizes?
Also, this is important, does anyone else have gifs of the other two girls? I have webums but I'd like gifs specifically.
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kind of close.jpg
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Chibi Kofuku best Kofuku.
A series of 5min shorts drawn in the chibi style would be adorable.
Nendos when?
File: 1424270935190.gif (2MB, 600x368px)
2MB, 600x368px
Also have they released the Taberu~ ect on a soundtrack yet?
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What emotion is this face supposed to represent?
Is it lust or greed, I cant tell.
I think she wants you to scramble her eggs
File: 1423723031194.jpg (21KB, 249x229px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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with what?
Your chopsticks of course
Raws where.
Commie fucking when?
Subs when

Are you excited yet?

Yes and?
Do you really think I'm not aware about the nature of this website?
I really think you're not aware of the nature of /this/ website

Ryou is the husband?
Please tell me this is a joke
Well, it's over.
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They didn't even show pizza-chan sensei.
Now I'm sad.
She was in the last preview?

Second season.
Thread posts: 70
Thread images: 44

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