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my hero academia

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Why is there so little good fanart (or fanart in general) of any characters besides Frogger?
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bumping with art
best girl
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>That twitter icon


I hope Pikadude wins da earbowls, lightning is my favorite power.
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Place your bets.
I like both. But I really want Gravity to win, it would be hilarious.
It's not going to happen though
Either Gravity Wins or Bakugo wins barely with Gravity stealing the show. They didn't have that "I'll see you in the finals" bits only to get her blown the fuck out.
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>trying to beat gravity
You kidding nigga? For the series with 35 chapter it has absolute shitload of fanart. I would say even too much.
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You wanna fuckin' go mate?
>Gravity reveals power to increase gravity as well
>increases Bakugou's gravity to ridiculous amount while decreasing her weight until she's at a very high altitude
>increases her hand's gravity to knock out Bakugou with a Detroit Smash while vomiting all the way due to nausea from using her quirk on herself

I can dream.
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I thought we were past having daily threads
Just stop these are slow anyways, we've already discussed the chapter
Gotta make room for those scholarly pantsu threads and 83 iterations of my waifu is best!
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>my waifu is best!
speaking of
her belly button is ridiculously low
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Thats not Femchan
Previous thread: >>122951632
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Alright, since we've all kind of run through the bracket a billion times and have a decent idea of about how it's going to go, here's a thought experiment that's a little different:

We've seen that some people have lost in the first round purely because of bad matchups; like Shinsou being doomed against Deku, or Sero drawing Todoroki in the first round. Ignoring plot armor for a bit, try and stack a bracket to achieve a particular winner.

Here's a Mina bracket as an example; it has some really shaky stuff like ditching Todoroki to Tetsutetsu (I mean, *maybe* he'll be able to be iceproof in steelmode), and Navel's win is kind of predicated on Tokoyami's shadow getting nerfed into oblivion by the beam, but I think it's at least vaguely reasonable.

And here's a shitty template, for all your shitty template needs
>Secret move is increase the objects gravity
>Use her powers on self several time so she hover over the ring
>Start to spray gravity enhanced puke like a ceiling fire extinguisher
A bit sad that the only way Mina can win is if all her hard counters face their own hard counters early on.

Although I doubt Tokoyami would go down to Navel since if all that Mina needed to do was avoid lasers until she could get a solid punch in, I think crowbro can play the defensive game as well until that moment.
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I'm so fucking torn about this series. On the one hand, I like how there's pretty much no romantic overtones so far aside from Deku's beta MC blushing. On the other hand, there are so many good girls.
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>no romantic overtones
That's because they're using the standard fujo frequency common to shonen manga.

For fuck's sake dude. Wait until Thursday.

>Draw like the Metapod battle.
>Bakugou wins the arm wrestling match because Gravity is fat and needs to lift weights.
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30 seconds in paint.png
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>Bakugo not being able to easily get near Navel and has to think creatively
>Rematch but Bakugo is thinking more smartly about it this time relatively speaking
>Early Crowbro vs Deku match. Deku despite knowing it's weakness can't make full use of it
>Assuming Mei doesn't throw the fight has to deal with making sure her gear doesn't short circuit
>Metapod battle is a perfect matchup and remains untouched.
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