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Lazy, laid-back GochiUsa thread?
Syaro-chan is my waifu.
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Why is Chiya so perfect?
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Laid back threads are the best

Me too buddy.
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I want to fuck Cocoa
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New endcard from the author of Sakura Trick.
File: 1416853166196.webm (699KB, 1280x720px)
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>that huge Akiba billboard for season 2
I just had some quality coffee. Peak comfyness.
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sweaty usagis
File: Bully Bunny.jpg (69KB, 308x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Bully Bunny.jpg
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I wish I was the little bunny bullying Syaro-chan.
File: ayaya 2.webm (355KB, 768x432px)
ayaya 2.webm
355KB, 768x432px
Well since you asked nicely.
File: 1422281709437.gif (443KB, 500x281px)
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meant to quote >>122991537
but that kind of works too, I think.
File: 49421122_p1.jpg (2MB, 3035x2149px)
2MB, 3035x2149px

I have the one with Rize too, but she's not as sweaty.
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>Is the order a Poi?
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>sweater bunnies
I started drinking coffee because of this show. It felt like the thing to do to watch with a cup in my hand.
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A /c/ thread while this is airing will be glorious.
When will season 2 happen?
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Chiya is so sexual.
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I want my comfy thursday back
also my 1 year of life back
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And some ice cream!
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It was only announced as "green-lit" earlier this year, for what it's worth. Autumn at the earliest, I think.
Despite Chiyas boobs being so big and in the center, Anko somehow manages to somehow be more prominent to the eyes.

Must be because his black fur clashes so well with the white robe.
Afterwards they fucked like rabbits.
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Your opinion on Rize's big guns?
>eating ice cream on the sofa while watching S2

You are an anon of godlike taste.

Or maybe because it looks so retarded like it's missing its nose.
Something about the angle on her face doesn't seem right.
Well, yeah, I admit that Anko looks weird. But that probably adds to his charm. That, and his silly little crown.

It's all
>Wow, it's a picture with some kind of weird rabbit with a crown
>Oh yeah, and I can see that girl's boobs
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S2 when?
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File: never_forget.jpg (317KB, 1280x720px)
317KB, 1280x720px

Anko is evil.
File: 1402600538752.webm (372KB, 1280x720px)
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Thread needs more blue mountains.
>dat text
Why? Is this legit?

I think Gochiusa and Kinmoza are the only manga from this image that are still running.
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Freshly brewed /c/offee. Please hop in, if you like.
File: 44652101.webm (1MB, 800x800px)
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I wish I had still a pass.

What does it say?
It's a meme.
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Oh that.
This image is more appropriate for that.
>60-second cooldown
The new admin(s) wishes you still did, too.

Ah well. Dumping anyway.
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Must put dick in Sharo-chan.
I like my fuck like rabbits translation better. Because ... rabbits.
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Do you think there will be cameos in the second seasons of both shows?
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Honest answer no. Hopeful answer no.

Why not?
I'm not expecting they do an actual episode with the other cast, just like some background appearances or something.
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File: 1426689334359.jpg (144KB, 880x624px)
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File: beautiful_chiya.jpg (615KB, 1924x1443px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Karen & Chiya

Best girls gotta stick together.
I just really don't think they will.
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Not enough art of her.
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Aoyama thread?
If you like Rize, you are a CUCK.
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Gochiusa 100.jpg
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Which Gochi has the strongest unintentional sex appeal?
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Holy shit, the first chapter of the manga looked completely different when it was published in a magazine.

Compare to the same page from volume 1. Rize's design has changed a lot.
Artists improve and their style evolve. Most brutal example is AA Megami-sama. But ToLoveRu also changed a lot since chapter 1.
What an improvement.
Sasuga Koi-sensei.

Would you take responsibility or force her to quit school and work full time as a waitress to make ends meet?
Of course you have to take responsibility by committing Sudoku.

Because one way or another, you're dead anyway. You'll be killed either be Rize, or by her daddy, who won't allow a close friend of his daughteru to be soiled before she is ready.

So regardless of how this is resolved Syaro quits school and works as a waitress full time.

[Spoiler]Tora Dora takes place fifteen years later
You are now trying the Ctrl-s function.
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Chino's ass is like an industrial-strength magnet to my cock.

I'm on a phone, so I can't. I think there's probably some problem with the brackets being the right ones for ascii or Unicode, if I had to guess.
Use clover.
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Thread images: 52

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