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What anime soundtracks do you listen to on their own?

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What anime soundtracks do you listen to on their own?
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What do you mean by "on their own"? Is there any other way of listening to them?
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tfw i can't listen to k-on osts because they make me want to kill myself
Hard mode: no FLCL

I doubt they're available for purchase here in the US, but yes plenty of anime have OST's.
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i like haruhi soundtrack
aya has a great singing voice on intros and shit

and pic related is comfy/melancholy on a different fucking level
I enjoy a lot of OP's and ED's, but haven't checked out an OST's.
Nagi no Asukara's OST is fucking comfy.
Particularly 'Hikari's Waltz'. Listened to it for the first time on a bright winter morning and that's what I associate it with now, really nice.
Most of them
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Speaking as a K-On fan, K-On fans are frequently very, perhaps excessively, fond of the series.

It's okay. Time heals all wounds.
Aria (Choro Club ft. Senoo) + YKK (Gontiti/Choro Club) --> Choro Club --> International Bossa Nova
I'm still enjoying Ping Pong's OST.
Anything by Taku Iwasaki. Composer god.
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>Eureka Sevens

I listen to a lot of anime OST's so there would be too many to count.
Monogatari Series is the only anime with an acceptable soundtrack to listen to. Everything else is objectively wrong
Every post in this thread is right except yours
All of them.
But I guess Haruhi, Urusei Yatsura, Aria, and Melody of Oblivion the most.
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Spice and Wolf
Kino no Tabi
Zankyou no Terror


Kino no Tabi had a soundtrack? It had music but none of it was released on CD.
Goth save the queen.
yeah, its on bakabt
good shit
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If it's not full orchestral, it's bullshit, look up the soundtracks to Escaflowne and Red Garden.
I stand corrected. Weird that I never saw it on the stores, yet looks like the one with the most songs was only bundled together from one of the novels.
K-On! mainly, but also Spice and Wolf, Madoka, the occasional Death Note song. Usually when driving or playing video games.

And these don't count but I listen to rap/rock x anime song mashups on youtube all the time.
Kaiki's theme is pretty great at least
Guilty Crown, I haven't even seen a single episode either
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All I know from Guilty Crown is that German song
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If I was a professional fighter I would walk out to this everytime
Macross 7, Macross Frontier, and Initial D.

Most anime OST is just atmosphere music, but those 3 are actual songs.

I do have some of the ambient songs in my playlist, but I mostly listen to OP/ED, the previously mentioned OSTs, and a couple albums from artists I really like.
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Girls Dead Monster from Angel Beats!

My Song sends chills down my spine.
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there were some good songs to Angel Beats!, for what it was
Hyoka has a great soundtrack
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10 gigs and we still haven't found all the CD's
So far my favorite OSTs are

Eureka 7
Kara no Kyoukai
Madoka Magica
FMA Brotherhood
Gurren Lagann

I like the flamenco sounding songs from Code Geass too.

I'm ready for a Shingeki no Bahamut OST.
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Sato, Naoki_image.jpg
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>dat Naoki Sato string swell into a full orchestra blast

i love it. pretty much anything he's touched has great OST's, even the lackluster tv dramas he's worked on.
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I discovered Kokia and Supercell through OP/EDs, then found some of their albums.

I don't particularly listen to an individual anime OST.
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Anime soundtracks are for cucks.
Several, but the first that comes to mind is Panty & Stocking. I can never get tired of listening to D-City Rock.
I find myself constantly going back to Yuki Kajiura when it comes to anime OSTs. Especially her work on the .hack series.
It's usually that or Hideki Taniuchi, too bad he will never compose again. ;_;
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Thread images: 19

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