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ITT Write An Anime Plot

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Hardmode: It must be an ORIGINAL and creative plot related to MMOs.

Easymode: Write a better harem than World Break.
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Going for easy mode:

MC-kun was a normal highschool student until a mysterious girl who claims to be his childhood friemd appears at his doorstep. She reveals that MC-kun is actually the son of Satan and God at the same time and that several angels and demons will appear to seduce him. He has the freedom to choose which one he wants to make his girlfriend. From this point on several mysterious transfer students/ girls falling from heaven and so on appear in MC-kun's life.
Some of the more persistant ones even forcefully move into MC-kun's house.
A human tsundere wins
Generic yuri harem set in a MMO the tweest is every character is male in real life
The twist is that real life is actually the game
Sentient monster makes a deal with the creators. If he can beat the end game boss before players, he can become that world's ruler. Will appear as human in towns but a super rare event monster everywhere else.
The deal was rigged from the get go so he dives into towns to learn every trick and exploit the players know. Glitches and all.
a NEET trapped in VRMMORPG game, but the game has really serious bug. He can't left his house in the game, and in the end he became NEET again. Both in real world and game.

And he created 4chen in the game.
A boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, he is gifted by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.

Now with its own OP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NShEKYoPXw
Add one more reincarnation
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>In a world where munchkin min-maxers rule the multi-verse of tower-shaped domains, one unfortunate newbie thief gets killed as he leaves his newbie hunting ground. With no one nearby to resurrect he lays down to die... but WAIT! He suddenly find himself back in town with starter equipment and a different class(bard) and screams I REMEMBER! It seems that people in the multiverse don't really die but go through a cycle of rebirth which wipes out their memories, gold and possessions, but leaves most of their stats intact. Somehow the ex-rogue can remember all his past-lives and the knowledge that goes with it; it also unlocks specialsnowflake traits that allows him to relearn skills from all his previous classes, making him the ultimate onion knight. With his newfound powers, he rallies up a raid team to take down the wicked munchkin tyrants.
>It's called ROGUE-LIKE.
>Plot twist: The munchkins are god-tier facets of Buddha's imagination made real after he dumped them after attaining enlightment. Season 2 is random fedora-tipping symbolism everywhere as MC tries to figure out the meaning of life after killing Buddha.
>every thread
You didn't even bother to add MMO in it.
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>Now with its own OP
How about an MMO plot?

A crossdressing girl fights along a hero in order to rescue a kingdom from the clutches of an evil wizard. Turns out she's actually the amnesiac princess of the kingdom betrayed by the prince with the wizard she was supposed to marry when she refused his hand in marriage. After making a deal with the wizard, he then double-crossed the wizard with the help of the princess in order for him to regain the throne and be heralded as a hero.
Easy mode here.

>Kissless Cinderella

MC attends a school costume ball party, and he meets up with this chick dressed in an Etedli (sexy villainess from a current sentai show) costume where only her lips are visible. She gives him his first kiss, and it was an unforgettable one.

Like in Cinderella, he never sees her again and the only clue to her identity is her full lips and the facts that she's the same age as he is and attends the same school.

Now MC gathers a harem full of full-lipped beauties and he must at least get to first base with every one of them to find out which of them is the one who wore that Etedli costume that fateful night.
>The Macae

Thanks to an invention called the ionspneu, the MC successfully clones a crush of his, school idol half-Japanese beauty Macy. However, the ionspneu malfunctions, so instead of just one Macy clone, there are many, hence Macae.

There's a tsundere Macy, a loli Macy, a yandere Macy, a kuudere Macy, a yamato nadeshiko Macy, a megane Macy, and a stalker Macy.
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A comedy anime about a group of friends who play an MMO together somehow get transported to the MMO world and assume the role of their characters.

MC - the generic self-insert male tsukkomi. Plays a wizard.

Tank - a tomboy, the only RL female in the group. Also plays a female character but everyone always assumes it's a guy playing a female character. Plays a paladin. The only somewhat dependable member of the group besides the MC.

Healer - a guy that plays a female character. Unlike 99% of the guys who play female characters, he's not gay and he doesn't wish he was a girl, but is actually sincere in using the "staring at character ass" argument. Huge pervert, wants to use this opportunity to spy on girls by getting them to assume he's also a girl, but constantly gets in trouble with guys assuming he's a girl and hit on him. The other half of the troublemaker duo, alongside the next member.

Melee DPS - a genki, somewhat chuuni, Kirito-wannabe. Dresses in black and dual wields katanas. Believes himself to be the MC and constantly gets the group in trouble in various ways, either by upsetting other players with his hijinks or convincing the group to go on adventures that are way above their level.
The legendary sex move known as in-rooms clutch has couples and bathroom stalls in high school buzzing since the invention of the Dirty Sanchez. However, nobody actually knows how to do it. MC, a virgin nerd with nothing better to do, goes on a quest to research what the in-rooms clutch truly is along with his childhood fujoshi friend who friendzoned him.
World Break OP grew on me. A lot.
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The MC's name is Sonlo, and he's the son of the founder of his high school, Sonlo High School. Pressured with his reputation and the shadow of his ancestor, he almost never attends school and becomes a hikkimori, until one day, a mysterious beautiful transfer student girl enters Sonlo High. It turns out to be him. He has decided to become another person, which is to say is a trap.
Threadly reminder that you should stop posting that because it's a thing.

Is this gamebook any good for some tabletop fun?
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>Historically Inaccurate: Jesus Assassin

Our protagonist is shot and killed by an assassin.
But not just any assassin: a magic one.
He's cursed so his bullets turn his targets into famous historical figures, but because he never missess the vitals, this is inconsequential.
However, this time the bullet turns our protagonist into Jesus Christ, so after three days he resurrects and swears revenge.

He tracks down his killer by following the bodies of dead famous people, but finds out that because he's Jesus, he's not allowed to directly kill anyone.

So he has to get a magic spear that has the power to kill the main character of any book it impales, then follow his killer around and write a biography about him
To finally kill him
>Expectations versus Reality

The story of an nice but eccentric guy who simply wants to live an extraordinary life but always finds himself restrained by normalcy. Half the episode will be what could be, second half will be what actually is.

He kills himself in the final episode, in the first part it's all 'heroic sacrifice' style, in the second part he just ODs on sleeping pills but dies with a smile.
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>Cross Play CirCra ♂chan

MC-kun pretends to be a girl in an MMO to get free items from lonely virgins.
One day his guild members invite him to come to an offline meeting. MC-kun is still pretty sure of himself and decides to go to the meeting. He steals his sister's school festival clothes and buys himself a wig.
When he gets there nobody seems to notice that he is actually not a girl. He keeps on teasing his guildmembers until they suddenly reveal the shocking truth: they all actually knew that he was a boy all along.

What will happen to MC-kun in this sticky situation?
>MC has been playing videogames, especially MMOs for almost as long as he remembers
>finishing low-level college he finally gets hired as developer/helper for famous MMO
>he has high hopes and can't wait to realize his dreams and MMO ideas
>but soon he realizes nobody gives a shit about his ideas
>he can barely keep up his work talking to players on forum and ignoring crap that is happening in development
>the show is about him slowly dying inside as he slaves his day away
Guy finds a magic knife. Guy goes crazy and ends up stabbing a bunch of people as some serial killer that becomes known as the Knife Man. He skateboards around and does stab-by's. One day the cops are all up his ass and before he finally gets caught he stabs himself. Turns out the knife stored the souls of his victims where they walked about aimlessly and interacted with each other in some weird world that he only gets a glimpse at.

He gets shunted out of the world and back to life in reality since he's the holder of the knife. With him, one of his victims end up appearing with him out of the knife and busts him out of the jail with radical as fuck powers, as thanks for "showing them a dimension that no one could possibly dream of". He later finds out that this shit's kind of like Pokemon, all his stabbing victims have become sort of his servants in return for sending them to a blissful, personal "Heaven" and help him commit crimes and shit.

Each victim has sweet ass fighting abilites based on their personality and shit (high school student soccer star is all about sweet kicks, up-and-coming chef uses an infinite amount of knives and other kitchen ware, etc.) At first the Knife Man guy starts stabbing more people to add to his "army", but later he finds out that the Knife was originally made by Heavenly beings to defeat and capture demons that had broken into Earth. The Heavenly beings thought it'd be a good idea to instead of killing the demons, they captured them and brought them into their own "Heaven" and end up using them as servants.

God or some shit ends up forcing Knife Man to carry on the task of using the magic knife to capture the demons, using his previous victims/servants as battle buddies to help capture the demons.
fa/tg/uy here, anything is good as long as you have a fun and engaged group...

...and you aren't playing fatal...

Not OP, but ask /tg/. GURPS or LARPing systems should cover everything anyway.
Title: Damaged Goods
Genre: Drama, Psychological

MC is (gang?) raped by group of students from another school.
She informs police a week after the attack due to the shock. Her family, friends and teachers (society) begin treating her different, and as though she was a broken, damaged and dirtied thing.

The rapist(s) deny the attack, and due to the time delay in reporting the attack no physical evidence can be recovered outside of a few bruises. Without sufficient charges are dropped.

Cue the impact and damage that occurs.

Or alternatively it could be about a male that breaks up with a girl whom then accuses him of rape, no charges are filed but rumours and public opinion lead the MC to depression and an attempted suicide attempt.
There is no battle harem better than World Break.
A boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, they graduate and never see each other again until they're already working.

One day, at their class reunion, he sees this shota little kid wave at him. He reminds him of his crush he never confesses to and they hang out without him asking his name, thinking he's the little brother (or worse, son) of his old crush.

He meets the guy's girlfriend, they hang out, have drinks, do Karaoke, and when all is said and done, when they're alone, the guy reveals himself to be the butch version of his flat-chested crush who discovered she was a lesbian.
combined with

MC gets massive butthurt.

Minako is a stay at home mother of two bickering high school age children. When she was a child, she didn't have many friends and was otherwise unpopular. Her marriage, while arranged, has been a pleasant one, even though it happened so soon after highschool that she never got to pursue her own aspirations.

She spends her days taking care of the household and without much to do until one day, while shopping, she sees an add for a new version of a game she used to play as a girl.

Hesitantly, she buys it. If only to relive a happy piece of her own childhood in these lonely days when her children are to busy to notice her and her husband works dutifully toward a slow death as many salarymen do.

So begins her journey into reigniting her passions in life and confronting her past. Making friends in game when everyone is busy with work and school between short bouts of her usual housework.

Using her experiences in the game, and revisiting her own past, she reconnects to her children and hammers against the difficult shell of her husband to try and get him to open up.
Imagine living through a story book romance only to find, at the end of your life, that it was all just a dream. In the year 2025 a new illicit drug called somnium has become popular in Japan. When taken it puts the user to sleep and gives them lucid dreams that center around their deepest desires. The dreams feel much longer than they are, typically a few days and up to two weeks, with regular doses, Increase the dose and the time spent in the dream increases as well.

Our MC is a 23 year old lonely, depressed salary man who recently graduated from Uni with a somnium addiction. Slowly his doses would increase until one day he nearly overdosed. The dream produced by his near overdose felt like a lifetime to him and it was a lifetime he spent with his ideal love, a woman who only exists in his dreams, his waifu.

After this close encounter he is forced to start attending regular meetings with other addicts. There he runs into a 19 year old aspiring guitarist and singer who also had a somnium addiction with a similar near overdose experience. One day she asks him for a ride home(her parents couldn't pick her up) and from there the two get to know each other while fighting the temptation to return to the world of their dreams.
I prefer SAO.
in summary

Slice of Life secret gamer mom gets back in touch with the things she cares about by gaming. Expect Milfy fanservice.
>Origami Orphans

An anime produced by Shaft with artwork by Masaaki Yuasa, OO tells the story of 12 orphan street dancer delinquents, who in two groups have a friendship rivalry and for some reason here's TK from Angel Beats(don't worry, we work out the rights from Key to tell his backstory in this) living on the mean streets of Tokyo in the early dot com boom.

After seeing how much online content and media whores are taking up their income which is mostly pity money from dancing in front of they decide to take action and launch guerrilla operations against the internet to bring it down with drastic results ending in disastrous failure. After a well liked senpai among them who dies, a lot of members in the group question why they are even bothering at all and some decide to go and live with relatives in other parts of the country while others end up fallen further into a worse situation than they already are like drugs or Yakuza.

However, some members with a crave for fame are determined and willing enough to try and continue for the top but like all their attempts it comes crumbling down. After earning some pity money the second oldest member of the group, who liked the senpai that died uses a video streaming site to try and copy current break dancing trends but ends up seeing a video of the senpai and other members using parkour against street thugs who attacked them in an early episode is contacted by a recording agency who want to use the orphans in a new advert which would potentially make them millions.
Would kickstart if it was more like
TEKwars; More whores and Shatner
>What Goes Around Comes Around

A boy gets cheated on by his girlfriend and grows up to be a teacher who can't get it up.

Then one day, he meets this sweet fifteen year old young girl who's his student and reminds him of his cheating ex before she cheated on him; to be more specific, when she was still an innocent.

They go on a whirlwind romance. However, when everything is said and done, the pederast discovers that the mother of the girl is his ex and the father is the guy she cheated with all those years ago, which explains why the daughter looks so familiar to him.
>The final boss is PewDiePie.
This makes my dick hard. I'm not even moot.
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>Bait and Switch

Story takes place in a JRPG parody world (with stats, EXP, skills, quests etc...) where everyone is assigned a role and class (like Hero, Swordsman, Farmer, Villager, Mage) from birth and lives with it for the rest of their lives.

Main character is a Fisherman, a background NPC type character, and is not quite content with his life of irrelevancy and fish. He has average to mediocre stats and skills aside from his Fishing skill that is absurdly high even for his class because he's been grinding it like crazy since he was a kid.

One day on one of his fishing trips at sea he ends up killing Leviathan (very high level ancient monster) using his Fishing skills to save a girl.The girl in fact turns out to be the Demon Lord who doesn't want to be the Demon Lord and wants to be a Baker instead. To do this she plans to overthrow the class system and let people choose who they want to be.

The Fisherman, seeking adventure and tired of his current lifestyle, decides to join her on her quest as her right-hand man. He uses a fishing rod as a weapon, refuses to use anything else as well as having only fishing related attack skills but because he killed the Leviathan he gained an enormous amount of EXP and skyrocketed up in levels to become incredibly strong and turns into a very formidable opponent because no one has a counter or defense against high level fishing skills.
>ORIGINAL plot related to MMOs
I think an anime related to MMOs is already beyond the point of originality, but whatever.

Yadayada trapped in a fantasy MMO, except it's augmented reality. The players can't leave, and can only hazard guesses at what is real and what is not. Various factions arise with different goals - escape; live life normally by ignoring the augmentation; play the game anyway, etc. - and hijinks ensue as the players, the police, the general public, and the one lone dev/moderator who wasn't told about the plan and didn't go into hiding struggle to adjust.
bretty gud
>I'm a Super-Boring Guy, But Now I Have to Become Interesting Or I'm Dead!

Our MC is a super-generic protagonist perfect to be the lead of a harem. He has no interesting traits or flaws whatsoever.

Then a giant mecha bulldozes his house down.

He get saved by a magic loli who throws a sword at him and tells him that he is quite literally so generic and boring, that the world was getting out of balance, and it's now throwing wacky and insane stuff into the mix solely to offset how generic he is. Unfortunately, said stuff is also fucking everything up.

The only way to stop it is for the MC to grab that sword and take down all this insane shit himself; or, in other words, become an interesting character.
I think MMO-plot anime hasn't been traversed enough.
Things like SAO, Log Horizon is treating MMO as any run-of-the-mill fantasy world, there's so much more potential to MMO than just that.

I love .hack for this, .hack acknowledges the existence of the "real" world and it's relation to the "fantasy" world.
Unfortunately .hack tries to make the world relation balanced by doing a digimon theme, namely that all computers in the world is using the same OS and that OS is affected by whatever is happening in-game.

I hate MMO stories that uses such a cheap trick, making the users die, shutting down technology in the real world, I hate it.

The unbalance of the worlds is the real treat, that what you do in the "Fantasy" doesn't affect the "real" but not vice-versa, why don't people understand that?
If they really want to bring real into fantasy, why not do it more subtly, relationships affected by in-game activity, obsessions, and so on instead of "oh no, you get hurt fo real if you get hurt in game yo".

Sorry for ranting.
MIO is the name of a notorious female serial killer who is especially popular among Internet subcultures. There are many rumors about her origins, the most popular being that she was a former nurse or aspiring female surgeon who inexplicably went mad and buthered an entire hospital ward...but her true origins are never explicitly explained. Each episode would have at least one brief moment where someone gives some theory about who she is or how she started.

Anyway, MIO is psychotic. Her preferred method of murder is to drug people and then slowly dissect them while they are still conscious. She also practices cannibalism, and has filed all of her teeth to sharp points. She has a genius-level IQ and a level of surgical skill and precision that would make most surgeons envious. Despite her sadism, she has a bizarre code of honor that dictates who she murders. She considers her work to be both science and artform.

She often looks into requests for those who deserve to be made into her art that are posted on her various fan websites. One day, she sees a post from a young woman who believes her long-term boyfriend may be cheating on her and plotting to leave her without money or a home.

MIO, being someone who particularly frowns upon infidelity of any kind, looks into the matter...only to discover that the man in question is honest, loyal, hard-working, and doesn't seem to have any intention of cheating on his lover.

The woman who made the request, however, is almost the opposite. She steals money from his banking account without permission, flirts with other men, often performs sexual favors for gifts, and is a deceitful person all around.
MIO, infuriated, decides to murder the girl. Feeling particularly cruel, she skips on the drugs and performs surgery on her while she's perfectly lucid...reviving her every time she faints before continuing.

Days later, as the boyfriend grieves, he is left a gift on his windowsill...a bouquet of 'flowers' crafted from his girlfriend's flesh. Along with the bouquet is a sealed letter...a confession of love from MIO.

The man, now being stalked by the infatuated serial killer, must struggle with the pressure of being constantly watched and the danger of anyone around him being brutally murdered.

Yandere horror/drama.
Thread posts: 47
Thread images: 10

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