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Name a better robot gril >protip: you can't

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Name a better robot gril
>protip: you can't
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That was easy.
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>kawaii mascot alternate form

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None of you guys NAMED a better robogirl, you just posted some (not many by the way).

So I'm just gonna go ahead and name F6-402 because Dotty can't compete with her fluffy hair.
but they are machines they have no fuckin gender
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If they are sentient enough to understand the concept there's no reason they wouldn't be able to identify as one.

Alternatively, they could be programmed to do so.
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she is not robot tho
She is. She's a reprogrammed, upgraded sexbot.
still worse than Dorothy.

At least this version.

Manga version can compete.
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My waifu is the best beep boop
I think Nano's moe!
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Yaya kawai yo
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Outta th' way, suckers! Puma sisters coming through!

>I suck cock daily
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>I hate all the good things, and like the bad ones instead
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I kinda wish we got to see their inner clockwork more often.
Knowing Papa Shirow, it's a wonder that he never drew them damaged more often.

No it's not the dumb purple slut in the foreground.
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>People actually posting the anime version.
>even in her dreams she's made out of metal and plastic

see? she's a robot through and through
just one guy earlier.

I was talking about the Puma in the background

look closer
>robot girls
>no mechanical joints/details

This kills the boner
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Don't worry I got your back
Nano is best because she's got snacks, and a rocket toe USB.
Come on guys, we all know who the best really is.
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Besides, she's also a 7km long airship, with 8 sisters and tons of automatons under her.
oh look, a boring, bland-looking girl whom we're told is a robot as if that was enough to make her good.

oh look, a slightly less boring, slightly less bland-looking girl whom we're told is a robot as if that was enough to make her good.
I know.

these should be gassed.
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Dorothy is cool but there are too many better robots.
Hideki would disagree with you.
neither of those are.
at least Dotty acts like a robot.
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You've all lost
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>he doesn't know who Sammy is
I'm so sorry anon
oh ho you want robot girls who act like robots?

I'll see your Dotty and raise you a Chachamaru
Pretty much a toned-down, less sexy version of
maybe, but >>122689470 doesn't come with a complementary vampire loli
You know what? This one was absolutely awesome. While watching her you do not get dat feeling that you watch some random girl with mechanical parts. The way it moves is the one of a robot, unhuman and effective
No, but she comes with a complementary protagonist who's a combination of Ripley, Sarah Connor, Vasquez and April O'Neill.

So she wins on this angle too.
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fucking this
Yeah, the animation in this OVA is incredible. F6-402's efficient, fast and measured movements are incredible. Even when she moves more slowly due to overheating, she still has that perfectly controlled stiffness that's actually the result of good animation rather than the side-effect of bad animation. Her movements are really beautiful.

Especially since they're made to contrast with the erratic and frantic movements of some of the human characters, like when Sibyl is trying to tear off her cuffs. I mean where else would you get such a well-animated, dynamic and long sequence of someone trying to do that?

I've made a little research, and apparently Shirow was very invested in the project and oversaw most of the animation himself.

It's a shame there's no .webms snippets of it.
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Is this one robot enough for you?
File: 4.jpg (79KB, 996x814px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Or this one?
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more human than you.jpg
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What do I win?
Okay, then you have to tell me how robots act.
>being nice means that you're human
it's not a matter of behavior here, it's a matter of what it's made out of.
>Its a dude
But the girls I posted are all made of metal and stuff. Aiko doesn't even have a skin for the most part.
>and stuff
if there's a brain in it, it doesn't count
None of them have a brain or any other organs.
She has emotions, social interactions and acts more natural around people than anyone on /a/.
hence why she isn't human.

Café Alpha is cute girls doing cute things, but since it's post-apocalyptic it's also kinda sad, so we're supposed to think it's a masterpiece because bittersweet = deeply moving according to middlebrow standards.
>behaving like a human means you're not human
10/10 logic here.
>Café Alpha is cute girls doing cute things
YKK is about the beauty of life.
No, it's cute girls doing cute things, but in a cheap pastoral postcard environment instead of a highschool.
RyuZu from clockwork planet
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I'll fight you m8

seriously, your opinion is shit though
Hey it's okay to have middlebrow standards. Just not all the time.
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You're a louse, anon
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Supah hot fire.gif
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>draw a human
>call it a robot
>it also acts completely human

This is way too common now. What is even the point of it being a robot then? At least make them act the part.
But she's the worst Magipoka.
I agree. The other Magipokas are literally perfect, though.
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I came here to post blue robots
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Key not really
Thread posts: 83
Thread images: 43

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