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Commissioning Subs?

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I just found about Konpeki no Kantai (Deep Blue Fleet) series from 1996 and about the related Kyokujitsu no Kantai OVA. It's an anime where Japan and Germany won WWII and are now at each others' throats, battling it out with suped-up WWII tech. I'm a major WWII aircraft history buff, so I was immediately intrigued, especially since most military anime series seem to be about mechas. (I don't have anything against mechas specifically, I just like realistic military action.)

I downloaded all the episodes I could get my hands on, but it seems there are no English subs available. Even the Blu-ray box is intended only for the Japanese market and hence no subs there either. I can watch the kickass action scenes, but I'd love to be able to understand the whole thing instead of relying on Wikipedia episode descriptions.

Is there a way I could get somebody to translate the series (possibly for a fee)? Or do I have other options?
You might be able to find someone if you go looking in the IRC channels sub groups use.
Just randomly asking on /a/ probably won't amount to much
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Google collectr blogspot, 4chan doesn't let me post links.

That guy finds people willing to finish old incompletely subbed shows. I don't know if your thing is up his alley but it is a starting point at least. Maybe he or someone else knows a translator.
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I didn't expect to find a translator here. Just trying to get an idea where I should go next. I actually haven't used IRC for almost a decade now, so I'd have to do some searching. I'm open for suggestions for good chat rooms.

I'll do that. Thank you so much for that, Ser Anonymous.
For everybody else: I'm still open for any and all kinds of suggestions. If you'd like to add to my collection on good military animes, that would be appreciated too.

Here's what I've already seen and what I've thought of them:

-Stratos 4 (dat TSR.2)
-NGE (short instances of good military action)
-RahXephon (same as NGE and dat JG54 Gr├╝nherz)
-Ghost in the Shell movie, SAC 1&2 (realistic future armaments tech)
-Last Exile (airborne CVs + steampunk = WIN)
-Steamboy (again, cool steampunk weaponry)
-Full Metal Panic 1&2 and Fumoffu (do I even need to comment?)
-Zipang (WWII tech against an Aegis destroyer)
-Yukikaze (too much romance for me, but very cool action)
-Sky Crawlers (air war with suped-up WWII-style aircraft, absolutely wonderful but not enough flying)
-The Cockpit (dat Ta 152 against Griffon-Spits)

Strike Witches & Girls und Panzer are too cutesy-wutesy for my tastes. Gode Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion shows promise and I've seen some cool scenes from Eden of the East.

P.S. Hope the picture doesn't fuck up my text.
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Area 88
Oh damn, I forgot that off my list. Seen it already, but thanks anyway. :)
Also forgot Porco Rosso, one of my favorite films (not just anime) of all time.
Also forgot Wings of Honneamise/Royal Space Force. Combining my fascination with aircraft to space exploration. A superb film.

Don't be a faggot.
Patlabor? Jin-Roh? Gundam? Gasaraki? FLAG?
If you haven't seen Patlabor it is by the same director as the GiTS first film, watch the seven episode OVA first and then the first two films, those two films are some of the best anime films ever made.
>Welcome to /a/, no fun allowed.
I'm sorry. I'm used to WWII aircraft forums where being nice to people is a requirement if you're going to have a long discussion about Spitfire wing spar strength OR if you want people to let you inside invitation-only sites that are frequented by actual Ph.Ds, industry experts and authors.

I've seen Jin-Roh but everything else you mentioned is new to me. Thank you very much.

Sounds good. Thanks for the instructions.

It's surprising how nice people usually are on (for example) gun forums compared to anime/vidya/tech/etc. sites. Maybe it's the MAD-principle of deterrence in effect or maybe it's just 4chan.


I've been looking at some Macross videos on YouTube. Looks very interesting, although the CGI looks a bit sketchy at times. If it's worth trying, where should I start?

Also, please feel free to recommend manga. It's been a while since I've ordered something from Belgium or across the Pond to the frozen hellhole I call home. The only (somewhat) realistic combat-oriented manga series I own are Gunnm/Battle Angel Alita and Gunsmith Cats.
Macross Plus the OVA is very high quality, the original show SDF is a classic and a great show but it is kind of hammy rather than serious and military.
There is also Girls und Panzer which may seem like a some run of the mill moe show but it is fun I know a lot of people that are into military stuff tanks especially love it.
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