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Rage of Bahamut : White Day is Early

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File: B_-Cf_kUkAAhH40.jpg (73KB, 600x450px)
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So wait who gave them chocolate? Each other? Are they just pretending they were not snubbed on Valentines?

Demons, so tricky.
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Aw she seems so happy only on the official twitter was Favaro able to protect that smile
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Previously on valentines...
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dear gods.jpg
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Oh god that event. The animations crashed so often I gave up days ago.
>huh did Azazel get chocolate from someone after all
>oh was it ME
Official account a best. Lucifer is so sparkly people around him sparkle too.
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Has to keep Azazel up a bit every once in a while to make up for the bullying.
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While we have a thread up

Favaro's official height is 175 cm and the afro adds five.
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Huh interesting. Jeanne looks so tiny.
>Lavalley finally gets a porn doujin
>it's a modern AU where he drugs Favaro into being a cat
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Spot the demons
That must be a strange work environment.

Does the doujin even say what kind of office it is? Like what do they sell? cardgames?[/spoilers]
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Doesn't seem like it. Who wants to fly to Japan before Sunday to find out. Other than that there's four Bahamut circles attending.
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tap dis.jpg
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Oh neat. Sadly I have work. Hope they show up eventually on the internet.

Glad interest in the series hasn't totally dried up.
So, did we actually get a full op?
Cool beans. I hope we eventually get stats for the other characters as well.
I have everything cleared except for the last one in the middle fork and still haven't found GOOD END. I guess lucifer is doomed for always suffering.
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do fish lie.jpg
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Of course we did!
No happiness allowed for Lucifer.

Arbiter a shit. A SHIT.
>closest dousing we'll get of favarape
>he's some kind of ooc cat
Nevertheless I want this scanned so bad. Kill me.
I meant doujin damn autocorrect.
File: 1424582303162.png (486KB, 481x850px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>>closest dousing we'll get of favarape
Hey you're right, it's always Kaisar getting raped. What's up with that?

Unless this counts
I don't even like rape shit, but I want this doujin all the same.
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>taking a drink from Lavalley
Kaisar, you just goofed
Poor Kaisar. When will he learn.
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I'm sure everything will be fine!

Lavalley will just tuck him into bed and won't even touch him. I'm sure Kaisar won't be sullied.
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Of course, that Lavalley, such a kind caring fellow.
File: A true gentleman.png (3MB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
A true gentleman.png
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A gentle soul, honorable to the end. And so well-mannered.
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This seems familiar.
He is only here to help
>He grew a cat beard as a call for help

It all makes sense now. The deepest lore.

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Thread images: 28

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