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WSJD - Ultra Battle Satellite + others

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WSJD for Ultra Battle Satellite, Gakkyu Hotei, and Cyborg Roggy! Roggy is on its last chapter of Jump Start for this week, so unless it gets through during voting time you'll have to look for new chapters elsewhere from now on. For the record, Black Clover is most likely to make it through. My personal favorite is UBS. Black Clover is tired crap.

Anyway, I'm still quite fond of this series! Really like the humor.

Boku no Hero Academia >>122292213
Shokugeki no Soma >>122293144
World Trigger >>122294163
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Momocchi is a good girl.
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nice face
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>even her friends are taking pictures
Man, they're all scumbags.
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Reminds me of Tsuyu-chan.
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I guess this counts as a spread, with that sound effect.
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Really glad to know she can fight as well! Although it was clear she had some kind of involvement and was potentially a fighter in chapter 1.

>no pantyshot
Damn you.
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I find it refreshing how none of these people are like "bluh, this new guy is SOOO gonna lose because he's new and I've never heard of him". That shit bugs me so much.
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I am actually really enjoying this. Along with Kagamigami, I am rooting for this too.
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Dang, over already ;_;

Alright, on to Roggy!

Excellent, we shall root together!

I should mention that Kagamigami got picked up by a scan group, it seems, so it's likely to still be translated even if it doesn't pass.
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Okay, Cyborg Roggy chapter 3. Last we'll be getting for a bit, I imagine. A shame, because this seems to be the first chapter that ends on a cliffhanger.
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You know what? I actually like this chapter? I felt nothing about the last two, though.

I do have one problem, however, and that is that I'm not really sure why I should care that Roggy took this job.

Oh, also, chapter's not done, just wanted to comment.
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>riding the toy car
Based Roggy
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Yep. I'm interested. Roggy actually seemed really likable to me this chapter, and I want to see what's in that cage.

DDL: http://a.pomf.se/gdayqq.zip
Obviously a cute little girl.
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Next is the latest Gakkyu Hotei. Last one for today.
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Thanks for all the updates as usual viz-kun.
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What the fuck are those guys even doing?
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I didn't even notice them, just busted a gut.

Reminds me of Beelzebub students.
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Dem legs man.
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So many twists...yeah, I didn't predict any of this stuff.
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I know, right?
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It's guy love.
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Can you upload the new Nurutu as well?
File: 184.jpg (271KB, 784x1145px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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All in all, that was a downright nice arc.

See you folks next week.

no, since it's not available officially in English anymore

unless you're talking about something else, which I doubt. At any rate, nothing like or related to Naruto is in this issue.
wait, i need to ask if you're still using fiddler to save the images or are using the viz url zip download
I see. Thanks for your hard work.
Thanks for the dump OP
Thank viz. What I do is simple.
i'd suggest to change over to the zip url method since it's a lot easier/faster then

Basically while logged in use this url:


And the URL that's displayed on the page can be used for a direct download for the entire issue in a ZIP. It can be used for any issue or volume that you own, just change the "3272" with the number after the "http://www.vizmanga.com/reader/" or "http://shonenjump.viz.com/reader/" part of the URL of any reader page.
This didn't seem to work for me before but I think I was just doing something wrong. I'll probably just do this in the future.
Yeah, the only reason I think it wouldn't work is if you're not logged in or if you mess up the manga_id, as you'll just get no data in either case since you don't have authorization to download it.

I have to go back and download all the issues they've released using it one of these days.
Why the heck does this URL thing exist, anyway?
I think it's how the IOS apps send requests to download the image files. It'll probably be closed if it catches on like the flash inspector method, but its definitely the easiest way now.
Hm, I see. Well, thanks for explaining it. Hope it doesn't gain traction.
If gets closed then it'll probably be because I just decided I'll try to download all the issues now before it can be closed. Easier than fiddlering through more than 150 issues. (I think, in terms of number)
It actually only takes maybe a minute less time using the full issue .zip. Getting through an issue is incredibly easy.
Yeah, but in bulk i figure it'll be easier since I won't have to click through 150 some issues. Fiddler is definitely fine for an issue a week though, especially if you read the whole issue anyways.
Ah, I misread and though you wrote "150 pages", which is technically the amount of an average issue given each click reveals two pages. If you're bulk downloading, using the url thing is obviously the better method.
Is there a dl of the whole issue?
No, and I'm not about to do that personally. Worried enough as is just grabbing series I like.
I don't think anyone would want to do that. Most of the other series are already available the Thursday before, and the only one that i can think of that isn't is Seraph of the End.

First year of issues (alpha) are now pretty much all downloaded...
>and the only one that i can think of that isn't is Seraph of the End.
That's what I want actually
I could dump it a bit later if no one else will, as I have to go eat now.
Holy fuck, UBS was so forgettable I don't even remember the first chapter.
>Exactly the same art as those cellphone survival manga
What manga?
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Okay, gonna start dumping it now, but i'm not joining the 2 page spreads.
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sorry for being slow
File: 252.jpg (365KB, 784x1145px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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okay the extension's being a dick so here's the whole chapter in a zip, someone else can dump it

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